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Solar Panels


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Why would EFC be getting solar panels on goodison park, I mean we only get 2 weeks of sun if were lucky 2 and a half weeks



There's a "spin" machine within the walls of Goodison, it's power supply has been a little tempremantal recently and some of it's output has been pretty dodgy.


The club have deemed this needs sorting asap as it is in for some heavy use over the next month or so. They ringfenced the money for this from the money saved from the Yaks wages...

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Its a fiddle mate, my brother fits them and the Government give you a grant each year coz 'its green and enviromentally friendly'. Also the power generated goes back into the electric grid so you could end up in a situation where Manweb owe you money! Clever really.


Sounds good, maybe we can keep Osman after all! :lol:

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Looked at it for our home here too, the Gov't are sneaky and only give you serious discounts on the first 1.5kwh of the system... it gets very expensive.. oh and to cap it off even through they give you a reduction in your bill at a decent rate, you no longer have off peak rates.. in the end we deemed it not worthwhile, but who knows what shafting we'll all be getting as Gov't and power companies use Climate Change and Global Warming to charge us obscene rates :lol:

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