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Fa Cup Draw


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ANy link to whole draw? It seems we will have to always get the hardest possible way. At leasti i think there would been easier chances aslong we will play well and beat reading next round. Old cliche is that you need to win all to win cup, but still pretty hard. Mancs can be tough for any1 and villa is always hard for us.

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Would easily picked for us v hammers/burnley or v fulham/bolton. But we need to carry on yesterdays fighting and win sunderland first at saturday and then be ready v reading. Also think scum united v arsenil will be exciting game. The road is open anyway, have to be ready and beat reading, then we will have really tough job away, but we can do it!

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If we beat Reading and i mean if, ive gotta feeling we may have a trip to Villa, anyway after yesterday as long as our performance doesnt drop we'l be a match for anyone! Just out of intrest who would you prefer to win Utd or Arsenal? Just incase we have to play them, i'd rather Utd myself!



Same here, we never beat Arsenal. I'm just worried about meeting Stoke and them taking us out. I'd never live that down with my mates.

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I suppose we have a good recent record against city but as someone said that has to come to an end soon. We beat Villa in teh cup 2 years ago but you can't really go off of one game. Either way we have to win against reading and confidence has clearly escalated hopefully this can spur us to win against sunderland.


By the way Romey 1878, i like your picture/video thing. Nice choice.

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