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On the fiddle ...


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On the fiddle


No, not some kind of social-economic topic, or my dubious handling of any inter-forum game I organize, but daib0 here playing live on the cello ….



It's a small ask coming up – and I know it’s nothing to do at all with footie, but just hoping for a bit of extra comradeship, shouldn’t cost you hardly 3 mins!! Won’t pester again this year, promise.


You'll know I’m a cellist …. well, I’m happy to pass you the link of one of the most difficult pieces ever played on cello, just done. And I really enjoyed the challenge …!



YOU TUBE David Johnstone plays Sarasate Aires Bohemios on Cello





If you were able to share this link amongst a few friends & colleagues I would be very grateful indeed (‘cos it’s always the same, people think more visits = better, and to be honest that’s pretty hard to get on a ‘classical’ instrument like the cello.) … especially as I’m not registered for Facebook, LinkedIn etc. though I do make it on twitter. The thing is, people were asking for a close-up video to see for real, not the loads of audios which are already up on internet!!



daib0 / David

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well done. do you play in a symphony or orchestra? or just do solo work?


Yep, orchestral life basically - here: https://twitter.com/orquestanavarra?lang=es


now to be dead honest with you all, I took life a bit too comfortably between 35 and 50, where I had this routine-ish job to pay the house and bills in this regional orchestra in Spain that I'm afraid looks never destined to go on world tours - came to a point when I thought my time might be passing too quickly so the last two or three years I've taken the cello far more seriously, really thought I could push myself much farther and demand things from myself that most other cellists wouldn't attempt, though it might be just only be for personal satisfaction - and now? Just hope I haven't peaked yet, hahaha!!

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