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The Good Morning thread


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Good morning rubes. It's Mother's Day here in the states so I've got to get some coffee going and then take my son to get some flowers for my wife. Then I'll head over to my parents for steaks to celebrate the mothers (my mom doesn't fuck about with this holiday lol). The men get to cook the steaks and dinner for the ladies. I'm the best cook of the lot so I'll be doing my thing. Should be a lot of fun. Beautiful weather (70's F*), probably kick the ball around with my son and niece after lunch.

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Got my son down from York. Family outing yesterday with two daughters and their families and son from York.. Had to cry off as I had one of my atrial fibrilation 'do's'.

Heart beats at 230 beats a minute for 12 hours, then clicks back. Wipes me out for a couple of days, you feel as though you have just run a marathon! Still whacked out today but should be back to normal tomorrow. Have had it for about 12 years. The first three times I had it I went to A&E. They kept me in for 72 hours but never gave me any treatment, just wired me up to some gizmo's, so I don't bother going now.

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Are you on Amiodorone John, amongst other pills.

Beta blockers - Sotalol and Warfarin. I still get six or eight a year. Enquired about a pacemaker but the specialist I saw recommended against it. He said that half of his patients who have them, ask for them to be removed! Apparently, they kick-in with quite a jolt which most people find unnerving. Mine almost always starts in the early hours and wakes me up, wouldn't fancy being woken up by a pacemaker kicking-in!

Cheers Bill.

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