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What About Our Chances Against Reading?


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A tidy compact side. Organised by a Scouser what would 1 expect.


A long awaited Fixture in My clan this as Both My Bro & Sist are married to Biscuits. ( Ive got heavy inbred contacts in Berkhsire...LOL)


Was a time was derided as the fixture that wouldnt happen as they claimed theyd wave bye as they came up & we went down.


I dunno these 5 minute blow ins eh.


Good Roll model of a club for the aspiring & I insist we WIN this match, though it wont be a picnic.

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alot depends on when/if AJ starts scoring again..I predict this to be the day...3-1 to us AJ (2) and Osman


If????? Bloody hell that's a bit pessimistic..."when" surely!


Think it'll be a draw. 2-2, AJ and a seventy-fifth minute equalizer from Van the Man ;)B) .

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reading have just been beaten 2 - 1 at home by blackburn.


we are a lot better than them. in the chelski game we scored a couple so i would expect us to do the same here.


plus i hope we wont give their forwards the kind of space we allowed lampard and drogba. if we dont we should get 3 points here.


and its about time aj started earning his wages again..

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Its one of those games we could easily win, lose or draw.



Covering all bases ther rob :D


I am not feeling at all confident about this one cos whenever a team is in a slump and needs a result we normally oblige ,as we do when a striker is in a slump and needs a goal or hasnt ever scored for the club he plays for .


This is gonna be a fookin tricky game and with Arteta most likely out we've lost all the creativity we have on the park .


Aim low and anything else is a bonus i was once told so i'am gonna say Reading to win 1-0 .

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Someone on the Radio City football phone in was saying he got Beattie's shirt today and it was well sweaty even tho he was only on for about 5 mins. Anyway slightly amusing anecdotes out of the way do you think this means he will be gone in jan since Vic was ahead of him today and when he was ill we chose Mcfadden over him?

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What a fantastic result...and an away result at that!


I was fearful of an embarrassing defeat today at the hands of Reading, especially following the display we put up for Chelsea last week. However, I should not have worried. What a good day for us. Johnson started his scoring again - which will no doubt have improved his confidence and will start him off again.


I am particulary happy though that it was our two forwards who got the goals. It has been a while since I can remember both forwards scoring. Into 8th position in the league at Christmas...a couple of years ago this would have been heaven!



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