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West Ham Utd


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Might be a tricky game this one as they don't seem to bad of a side and Zamora's just begun hitting the net for them. Be glad to have Arteta back for this game although after the midfield performance yesterday will be hard to know who to drop. Hopefully we stick with 4-4-2 in this game we really do need to start getting a decent goal difference and Beattie needs a partner to support him.

Definitly a winnable game 2-0 with Faddy and Davies scoring

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These are the matches we HAVE to pick up 3 point in my view, a good result against West Ham would set us up nicely for the Xmas period.


It now looks as if we have 'turned the corner' since the well earned draw against Chelsea. But becasue of the really poor start we had - we still have plenty to do.


I would like us to be firmly in the top half of the table in the New Year,


With home games against West Ham, Bolton, Liverpool and away trips to Sunderland and Villa, between now and the end of the month.


I would hope taking our recent form in to these games we could expect 10 of the 15 point available. A very do able target (three wins and a draw)


That would put us on 27 points after 19 premiership games (half way mark). Considering we only took 4 point from our first 9 games, this would be a very decent return going into the New Year.


Counting my chickens a bit at the moment I know, but with Arteta and Cahill also waiting in the wings to 're-claim' there spots in the team - I can't help but be a little optimistic this Xmas.

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Think Davy might stick with the same team and 4-4-2, but Arteta could come in


Really looking forward to the next two games now ( I was dreading our home games earlier in the season, lets hope we dont slip on the old Everton banana skin


I can't help but be a little optimistic this Xmas.


Niether can I, as I've been a good boy, and the BMX I asked santa for sould be there on Chrstmas Morning

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agree with u there licker, same team for me too...there not bad west ham but if we mark out there playmaker (some isrealin bloke) then i think they will run out of ideas, hibbert shud be able to deal with ethrington and i dont see harewood bein a threat if yobo is up his arse.... YOU CAN DO IT BLUES :P

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3-0 to Everton.


McFadden, Arteta and Beattie scoring against Westham.










Bench : Turner, Osman, Ferguson, Kroldrup, Li Tie


NO MORE BENT for this game,

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Don't think you can change the team. It will cause more damage than good to bring in Arteta. All the players that played well on Sunday will be thinking that it doesn't matter if they play well or not they will be dropped when the frst teamers come back and will effect there performances when we need them to play.


Start the same team and place Arteta on the bench.


Everyone is banking on a home win and I think the Man U game has taken more out of us than we think.


Think we will lose 3 v 1 with Hibbo scoring our goal.


Saw someone that they only win at Goodison on average every 11 years and the last time was 1994!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Must win game and if we can get 3 points against Bolton then will give us a good chance going into xmas, however a couple of loses and all of a sudden we are back down in the relegation zone again.

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BIT OF NEWS.........


Latest Wire Update at 14:21 GMT




Argentina coach Jose Pekerman has given his reaction to his side's World Cup draw.






Team news ahead of Wednesday night's clash between Everton and West Ham.



Changing a winning team, whoever he leaves out will be a bit upset. Could have given Arteta a rest to make sure he's raring to go at the weekend.

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1-2 West ham....simply one word:Lousy Performance! we were not able to play with conviction at all! Valente,weir were super lousy today and the midfield was....errm what midfield was there? But beetie's goal was a classic...Osman is too light weight though he has some fine touches....Draw was the right result but no thanks to Weir and Company!

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i woke up early morning to hope that Everton will win. And when BT netted an early goal against Hammers, i thought they gonna win this game. maybe continue to net 1 or 2 goals and defend their lead. The first 15 minutes, they played well. But.....


Weir is too old and slow as we all know. He's experienced defender but his own goal really sucks. Wright also furious at that goal conceded. It was simply not a good cross from hammers, but a stupid easy goal kicked in by Weir. 1-1 now.


Then i started to think, a draw might be enough, and we just need to defend them from scoring.


2nd half performance was lousy, just like the Westbrom game. They couldn't pass the ball, almost half of them was long ball and dispossed by hammers players. Weir also responsible for the 2nd goal, cos he lost possession to that Harewood (watever) and lead to throw in later on that him and Valente didn't mark properly, Zamora should been marked. At the end, he netted that rebounded ball. 1-2 to hammers.


After that goal, the players simply had no ideas to attack. Just long ball and lost possession, and big Dunc had his chance to score but his header simply not good enough. Davies also...Arteta should have started, not Osman. He's come in too late to save the Blues from a defeat.


McFadden injured early, here came Bent.. so what can I say about him.... BENT no more.


So, they at least need to win 3 games and 1 draw from the last 4 fixtures in december to climb to top half of table.


DM need to bring in few quality players in january. A central midfielder, a striker and a centre back.

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Will Koldrup be given his chance now in place of Wier???? shocking own goal and from the highlights I saw we didn't seem to recover after that.


Lets remember though people altough I agree that we need new faces in the window that for most of the game we were missing 3 of our first team players in Cahill, Arteta and VDM. Also McFadden going off when he was playing well didn't help and also the goal that was disallowed was ONSIDE

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Guest fozzie22

One of the best own goals ive seen in many a day tbh,but now,if theres any justice weir will be put out to pasture.


I think we underestimated west ham,a couple of half decent results and that was it the season was sorted,personally i think its going to be a struglle and a rollercoaster ride for the rest of the season.


Koldrup has to be given his chance now,surely,you cant keep hiding him away saying he's had no match pratice,of course he hasnt,DM wont pick him

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all fell apart when Mcfadden went off.


we only had 10 men when they scored and therefor no one was marking the person that put the cross in.


it wasn't just weir's fault, whoever didn't deal with it in front of Weir was also partly to blame.


after Bent came on we then struggled for about 20 minutes but playe well for the last 10 of the half, had them pinned back around their own area and should have made chances. there was some good football in that time which was nice to see.


Second half wasn't goood, apart from Arteta who played some good stuff.


Beattie had another good game, looked very sharp, played the ball off well and took his goal very well.

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