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Jay Bernard

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Right ere we go Reading is approaching. What do you think Everton's formation will be, and will there be any player changes???


4-4-2 and Na didnt think so :).


Still i have a lot of respect for Reading i mean come one a 0-0 draw v united is a good point right? So should we adapt to play them?

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Everybody sounds fairly confident of another away win.


I think we may drop a couple of points on this trip. No away trips are easy, and Reading under Coppell are no mugs.


A game on paper that should be easier than Spurs, but I don't think it will be.


Any points brought back from the Mejaski will be do me.


1-1 draw for me.


The result of Reading at home to Chelsea tonight will be interesting!

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It would help if tonight Chelsea give them a battle never to forget!....May every Reading

player leave that pitch thinking Saturday is to soon to take on Everton!

And may they be proved right.


Confidence is a wonderful thing,we(the players) will go there expecting to win.If they

put as much effort in as at Spurs,Reading will be lucky to get a point from us.


The ball will eventually have to cross the line for AJ!.....May as well be at Reading.

And of course expect "goal machine"Leon Osman to get his usual goal.


2-0 or 2-1 Everton.

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will be interseting to see how they do against chelsea tonight. but i would hope for another three points, though i can see it being an ugly game, can't see players like arteta or aj getting any breathing space.


I would like to see piennar and jags getting abit more action but can;t see us changing the starting formation too much as their isn't really to much point

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Ill hope we can keep the good results coming. Dont believe DM will change a thing. Reading were very good vs chelski at the first period. 1-0 lead they were pushing hard got ball to the post and couple other good spot to score. May be they are a bit crippled againts us but its gonna be tought game anyway. My guess is we cant keep clean sheet on this game and we will win 1-2 AJ gets his first and Ossie 3rd in a 3rd game :guitar:

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I would expect moyes to keep












^^^ I wouldn't blame him for playing that team because its getting us goals and results but If we get Manny before the game what about a real attacking line up they wont expect?











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are you crazy?

moyes wont drop stubbs, i understand people want to see a new signing get a game, but stubbs has played great in the last two games, why drop him?

if anyone is likely to be dropped maybe yobo if his injury is niggling, otherwise, if it aint broke why fix it?

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on the offical sight jags has come out and said that he doesn;t mind bidding his time. I think its good that he hasn't just been able to walk straight into the squad, can demeen other squad members. thought it was good that ferguson started with no new players on the first day of the season and only one on the bench.

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