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  2. Welbeck is hardly shit. He's a good player when he's fit but that seems to be a rare occurence. His injure record is enough to swerve him, there's absolutely no need to be stupid and call him shit.
  3. Only in football could a player prove he's shite, with an even worse injury record, and get a pay rise. Jesus fucking wept.
  4. Everton are leading the charge to sign Arsenal forward Danny Welbeck on a free transfer, reports claim. Welbeck, 28, is leaving Arsenal after five injury-plagued seasons with West Ham, Newcastle, Crystal Palace and Wolves all credited with interest. But the Standard say Marco Silva’s Toffees are front-runners. It’s claimed the Merseyside outfit are prepared to increase his £100,000-a-week salary should he pass a medical. my main issue is his fitness. Well, it’s one of several main issues but I’m just baffled by this link. No way I’d have thought would be looking at him (if it’s all true)
  5. Brands isn'tt stupid enough to sign an injury prone player at his age on 100k+ per week. Shame about his career I like him as a player
  6. If I lock the thread, will it stop it happening?
  7. IN: Lossl OUT: LOAN IN: LOAN OUT: YOUTH: Sebastian Kristensen YOUTH pro deals: Ryan Astley, Kyle John, Anthony Gordon, Ellis Simms, Joe Anderson, Einar Iversen CONTRACT EXT: Davies Out of contract: Jags, Baines, A Williams, Pennington, Dowell, Connolly, Hewelt, JHilton, Foulds, Ouzounidis, Charsley, Lavery, Mathis, Mampala, Sambou
  8. We must have been starting as we mean to go on with the Lossl signing because now it's being reported that we're the front runners to sign this shit tip.
  9. welcome jonas, good move and a nice backup for the future.
  10. Shrewd bit of business I think, couple of seasons prem experience, albeit with a shit defence in front of him, 30 and an international, bit like getting Heaton on a free, probably worth 10-15m on a transfer
  11. great news. funny how older clubs get a little preferential treatment. you see us get more than wolves due to TV time, and newcastle get a lot more than many above it also due to TV time.
  12. He's 2nd choice for the national team after Schmeichel. I think that's a decent addition.
  13. Today
  14. Excellent post friend. Football is still a sport for me, not a business. I do t support Everton to see how much money they make, or how well they run the club..... but because I love watching them play football, I love the history of the club, the colour blue, the current players, the old players, the name, everything. Football should be judged on the excitement you feel and not the numbers. We have improved immeasurably in that respect, even if our league position has t changed.
  15. He’s so excited he could hardly type any words as a reply!
  16. Welcome Jonas. Decent back up keeper for us. Solid and dependable while not taking a huge wage. Im guessing Stek wants to move on to get a few appearances in his last year or two.
  17. I am sure you will not finish last mate and I hope you finish second I am certain to finish top you see.
  18. First one in. Losl confirmed. That’ll cheer romey up 😂
  19. Confirmed 3 year deal http://www.evertonfc.com/news/2019/05/24/lossl-to-sign-for-everton
  20. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/may/24/theresa-may-steps-down-resigns-tory-leader-conservative-brexit?fbclid=IwAR3CPOfrOpCgBk4ySuO77ZTLwfGg3oIod0yMyS4I-e0fIdwLkUuOHKskook May is resigning; two weeks until another vile manipulator takes over.
  21. Throw in an extra £5m cos United are selling lukaku.... possibly to Inter for under £50m....
  22. I suppose there are people that get off on shit.
  23. Neither would I, but only because we wouldn’t have a midfield. Ive never understood the hype about Delph
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