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  1. i'm very happy with the pre season this year. Some quality teams we are playing sure beats playing some third tier austrian side like last year
  2. Gomes and Malcolm would be amazing. Help them with their cash flow issues and we get them on the cheap.
  3. Agreed he is not a team player, he is like lukaku where he thrives in the setup being centered around him. No from me.
  4. probably best to accept and find an understudy next summer when baines leaves.
  5. hazard is gone from chelsea. sold to real madrid. i disagree and don't think they are loaded. old giroud, willian ross barkley pedro none of them strike fear into me.
  6. this would be so ironic wouldn't it? Inter need money to buy Lukaku for Conte. United wants 75m apparently. Icardi is the piece Inter can sell to make way. We buy Icardi which allows Lukaku to go to Inter. Boy oh boy would i love Icardi here.
  7. makes Brands look even better in my eyes. used that as leverage to lower the fee. should have been 30m, saved 8m.
  8. chelsea have no manager, lost eden hazard, and are in a transfer ban. i hope we can strengthen where we need to because this could be the year to try and get CL top 4. United are in disarray with bloated contracts and a mediocre manager and unbalanced squad. Arsenal don't convince me under Emery and their defense and midfield is porous. Wolves will be in the thick of it, thankfully they have Europa to contend with and that should do enough to derail their league campaign. Liverpool Spurs City the only ones i think will be locked onto the top 3 spots. this could be a big year for us. i'm optimistic.
  9. Brands has said before that he is a workaholic. i don't think he takes vacations, unless you consider South American on a scouting trip a vacation!
  10. ha a horse race, i thought you meant this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ascot_tie
  11. never worn one myself i always felt they were too cliche, but i'm not fashionable.
  12. nice day today, 1 out 1 staying 1 in. we still have players like pennington, galloway, dowell, sandro, besic, mccarthy, niasse, and bolasie that need to be moved on, brands has a hell of a job on his hands.
  13. great price and very happy with this.
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