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  1. Ramiro Funes Mori

    i'm laughing because that's exactly how it will go. damn haf you've got Sam down to the T
  2. Jack Wilshere

    im with you aidan.
  3. Bond 26

    the name is bond, janes bond close enough mike
  4. Bond 26

    sure why not, the series is so derivative you already know how the movie ends before it begins anyway, they are just the definition of cheap thrills nowadays.
  5. Cenk Tosun

    is he that tall? he looks small yet somehow gets up for headers. maybe just slight of frame.
  6. Jack Wilshere

    an injury free wilshere doesn't exist, so that "good footballer" doesn't exist. we spunked on junk this summer, i want healthy players of quality who can play a whole campagin. we already have mccarthy the injury prone CM, don't need another.
  7. Cenk Tosun

    confident as ever, just really enjoy this guy. i didn't know that sam wanted him with palace, maybe this wasn't a Walsh signing after all. gotta give sam credit where it's due then, because he has been a nice signing so far.
  8. Theo Walcott

    agreed and i didn't even want him here, wasn't a fan at all. he's really grown on me. a winger that can actually cross and score? we haven't had that in a while.
  9. Bond 26

    the wire is my favorite Tv show of all time. truly amazing script and underlying commentary on politics, drugs, poverty, etc. i never knew elba was english, his portrayal in that show is so spot on i thought he was american. when i first saw him on a talk show i thought he was messing around with an english accent, i was shocked when he kept at it and i realized he was english.
  10. Bond 26

    hiddleston would be fantastic, night manager was excellent.
  11. Antonee Robinson

    ?? Wow totally slipped. Congrats antonee hopefully you are better than the steaming pile of poop that missed out on the WC
  12. Bond 26

    Idris Elba for me, one of my favorite actors (the wire is a masterpiece) and about time bond is black
  13. Completely agree I had to call out a couple liberal friends recently for hypocrisy. They fault the right for it but it’s ok for the left. Youre right its rampant on both ends. The “believe whatever you choose regardless of facts” is so prevalent.
  14. @Chach i would say that perfectly sums it up. sadly i could show it to my republican parents and they would somehow say it's ok. they wouldn't see anything wrong with it.
  15. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 1 - 5 City tosun