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  1. Whatever is best for the squad, if Carlo doesn’t want to use him then sell while his value and age is still high. We paid nothing for him.
  2. My son made 6 years old today. I’m so thankful for a healthy and happy son, I love him. Thankful for the wife and daughter too, but today is his day. Lots of Pokémon gifts and a razor scooter, even got some cupcakes delivered in the lockdown. Simple day but joy filled. Very grateful.
  3. For the non English help us out how is stamer different From Corbin and what are his pros and cons
  4. 1. He’s been horrible. But it’s all partisan, liberals think he’s been bad, conservatives approve of anything he does and tow the party line regardless. 2. This is a strange one. The people that are dying the stereotypically conservatives (aka old people). I don’t think he’s shifted opinion on him with the job he’s done but if it gets really bad all those “it’s a hoax it will blow over next week” sound clips will be playing constantly come election time. but another wrinkle is the election. My state Ohio canceled our primary and is doing only mail in ballots. This greatly favors conservatives As poor folks aren’t paying postage and going online to Print off a ballot (need access to internet, need printer, need post stamps). All those work against the poor and middle class especially in the depression we are about to be in. If the general election is the same way I think he will win no problem.
  5. yeah that was kinda my point. i figured i haven't been following long enough to find the brett angels and the like, but when i went through year by year i realized the amount of shite players we've had. lord, we have had a lot. i could have had a whole team of shite strikers, straq, leandro rodriguez, kone, etc. makes you grateful for some of the players we have now!
  6. he moved to china and is a naturalized chinese citizen now. he did this to try and get into that national team since he has no chance with england. https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/201909/26/WS5d8bf943a310cf3e3556d7e8.html
  7. i see your bet but i call, only been following everton for the last decade or so, my sample size is a lot smaller but i remembered some good ones, not an english player in my side too GK - Jan Mucha (Slovakia) RB - Tyias Browning (China) LB - Cuco Martina (Curacao) CB - Antolin Alcaraz (Paraguay) CB - Eliaquim Mangala (France) CM - Thomas Hitzlsperger (Germany) AM - Davy Klaassen (Netherlands) LW - Sandro Ramirez (Spain) RW - Magaye Gueye (Senegal) CF - Lacina Traore (Ivory Coast) CF - Apostolos Vellios (Greece)
  8. Harvard studies have shown working from home actually increases worker productivity. I have been petitioning my work (before this crisis) to allow full work from home (i work remote 2 days a week usually) as a way for everyone to be more productive and have better work/life balance. i'm hoping with this crisis and everyone working from home now they will see the benefits. Thankfully we aren't doing video meetings, just audio, i can understand how video meetings would be awful. have you seen the tweet going round about the lady who goes to the bathroom during the video meeting not realizing everyone is watching her? https://www.inc.com/scott-mautz/new-harvard-research-says-its-time-to-let-employees-work-from-anywhere-the-productivity-gains-alone-are-impressive.html
  9. the country you live in had people in similar conditions on Manus Island (might still have them there). USA has people in Guantanamo in cuba with no trial and torturing them daily. we still take australia and usa info as credible. no country is perfect (i'm not saying any of those actions are excuseable, they are not).
  10. as above i said only milik i rate, the rest i don't. bale is past it, ramsey can't string together games so he's worhtless. also rumor is not true so no big deal.
  11. Yeah I’ve got to spend a lot more time with my kids working from home permanently. It’s been really great hanging with them.
  12. sounds good @Peter H i like the acid track with the 303 doing it's resonance thing most of the stuff sounds like classic 909 4 on the floor trance which is familiar to me. i used to listen to ATB and Ulrich Schnauss growing up, my older brother is a massive electronic music fan, i like a good amount of it too.
  13. i wouldn't they are injured a ton just like mccarthy and delph. we don't need more injured players.
  14. If you look at credible sources on that site (Like NPR) you will see them only listed in the “very high” setting. National review is 2 below that. Not something I would trust especially on a China hit piece, but to each their own.
  15. they need to hunt for food mike, sadly there isn't an wild animal in LA (at least when i lived there) so they will all have to become cannibals.
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