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  1. I’ll be camping in the mountains with no computer, gonna miss this one. Have fun blues hope we win
  2. I’m hoping for a reaction from the players to right the wrong is the awful spurs performance. I’m guessing holgate will be out for this Pickford coleman keane Mina digne bernArd Gomes Davies gordon DCL. Richarlison
  3. Gordon, one of the few that gave a shit and didn’t back down time the challenge
  4. Bad result and mentality by the players. Match was there for the taking.
  5. This is how I feel too. Midfield and RW need help
  6. It’s there for the taking. Just sucks that we can’t just give it a go
  7. Same, they are toothless we need to just go for it
  8. Coleman and Davies off for Sidibe and kean
  9. Finally we get Bernard on for gylfi COYB
  10. Son has done that move 3 times, just push him wide and block the inside lane and watch him be nullified
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