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  1. i know that. Palfy stated "he plays for derby county" i was simply being pedantic in that he doesn't play for them (until jan 1).
  2. he hasn't played at all for them, yeah he's a player/manager which is swiftly followed by the retirement. might as well be retired.
  3. still is, rooney had to retire, zlatan is still going.
  4. i would think disney/marvel could sue for using their film without paying royalties to do so.
  5. yeah ancelotti has won plenty too, i would be fine with him or Emery. Both with things to prove as well being canned recently.
  6. Would have him here in a. Minute. Trains like a madman and demands the players around him step up their level. He would be the striker we need. Granted it would be a year or 2 at most but the guy is a physical specimen.
  7. yeah the more I think about it the more I like emery and think he’s probably the best we could get.
  8. The thing with emery is he has won plenty of things. Sevilla and PSG. He just needs a staff to deal with the players. Maybe this time he hires someone. He’s not a man manager. He is a tactician. This worked at Sevilla because Monchi was so hands on. Same at PSG. Maybe it works here with Brands. we could do a lot worse than emery in my opinion. Probably the best of the realistic options we have.
  9. FFS we are everton. this guy literally has the same resume as Marco. Portugueses clubs, Olympiacos, etc. Why do i get my hopes up?
  10. i'm hoping that is made up journo stuff, i'm not gonna be impressed if that's who we land. he's the same thing as Silva.
  11. name a manager that has been successful in english football (recently) that is realistic for us? i don't know of any.
  12. 2 wins doesn’t make a campaign. He loses to the minnows far too often.
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