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  1. I remember the lukaku deal when Raoila said kenwright was a gentleman and absolute pleasure to work with. Brands sounds like a worldie in that article. I agree Ste I love that 3 tier plan, very smart.
  2. and people call marco "martinez mk ii". he's so far from it.
  3. i didn't know the peaky's were back, i love that show.
  4. altered carbon on netflix was pretty good Sci-Fi if you dig that thing, @Matt have you given it a shot yet? anyone else into sci-fi?
  5. yep i still hate it, for all those thinking it would level the playing field i hope you see how it hasn't changed anything, its just more frustrating now knowing they got it wrong twice!
  6. DCL, no reason to jettison him yet, i think the Lincoln match you start Kean and if he tears it up scoring wise then you start him the next match.
  7. he will be just like gana, when he leaves people will be shitting themselves wishing they could take back all the things they've said about him. just like lukaku too. he puts it in the net and had a decent amount of assists last year, he will agian this year. he's a good player.
  8. yeah americans love stats, like really LOVE stats. most of our popular sports are super stats heavy (sabremetrics). But i've always felt soccer is the one sport where they just don't work well. i have thought about it and tried to figure out why, but the off the ball stuff isn't easily quantifiable and most of that is extremely important stuff to the game. positioning, movement, dragging defenders, blocking passing lanes, etc. that's why the stats fall short.
  9. you make a fair point Bailey that DCL could be the one holding back Siggy's usefulness. They both work hard and press, let's put Kean above Siggy making runs and getting in the box and maybe Gylfi will be threading more passes through.
  10. mike you are proving my point muh and mer sound very different in american english, in your fancy king's english you state they sound the same. that's my point. also everyone i've ever encountered in america pronounces the L in calmer and in calm. we pronounce things differently, who woulda thought?
  11. no they do not. we prounce them car-muh, and call-mer. my point exactly.
  12. they showed the replay numerous times and the contact was very minimal, not a pen
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