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  1. Exactly it took them what 4-5 years before winning stuff. Farhad has been here about 3 I think, still too early to tell.
  2. Usmanov doesn’t know shit, he never did anything with arsenal, he is the same as moshiri was there. Kroenke kept them on the outs and off the board. he would be learning on the job just like farhad, no difference. next
  3. anyone like that already owns a team. not like some big football guy with billions is sitting out there wondering when some team with court him. FFS you daft
  4. Yang has no chance, no one even knows who he is. People like trump and Bloomberg are in the public eye constantly, which is the only way to be relevant as a non politician running for a political appointment.
  5. Romey serious question were you brought up in what you call a nice British family ?
  6. @nogs will be delighted we are finally linked with him. He’s been saying we should get him for a while now. I know nothing about him except he scores goals and loads of them. We need a striker so if Brands and Silva approve I’m all in.
  7. cahill out the door, luiz is over the hill and not great, they have christensen (not proven much) and rudiger (also not proven much), zouma would honestly walk back into that side.
  8. perhaps it was pre-season but i saw him in matches at CB. he played a ton for sunderland last year, if he was good enough we would know is my point.
  9. no way he stays here, he is good and they need CB at chelsea
  10. he was given plenty of chances with martinez. he never seized them like he should have. he's simply just not good enough.
  11. Very happy with that. He improves his playing time and international team chances and we get another off the books and out of the squad.
  12. Yeah thing is sanders policies on the blue collar stuff is actually more beneficial for those people and those jobs. Plus hes not polarizing like Hilary who flip flopped on so many issues. SAnders has literally said the same things for decades. Only sketchy thing is his wife’s former arrangement with a university. Sanders is also the poorest or second poorest senator, so no rich guy taglines. The stuff the right wingers will attack him for is socialism (if you’re young this most likely doesn’t bother you, if you’re a boomer you flash back to the propaganda from your childhood commies), his wife, and then his Vice President If they have dirt on them. He’s about as clean as it gets in politics.
  13. Agreed. People seem to forget Jesus himself advocates for separation of church and state “give to ceasar what is Caesar’s, give to God what is Gods”. I’m a Christian and would have no issue voting for a Jew Muslim agnostic atheist etc. also the largest population is millennials, we outnumber the boomers so the issue is just mobilizing that vote. Stats on millennials show they care less and less about religion and voting for causes with it (abortion etc).
  14. yeah i don't want her there yet, she's too young and inexperienced. honestly i don't know who either i just mean to say he needs a VERY strong Vice president on his ticket because he is old, if he does get one the age will be a non-issue because people are comfortable with the vice. most vice presidents are just on the ticket to win one part of the voting block, i don't want that. he's not a practicing jew though matt, he has stated he is agnostic or athiest (can't remember which now) and is just jewish by birth in essence. i don't see that as an issue.
  15. depending on his Vice president choice it wouldn't be a factor for me. If he picks a strong candidate for Vice it would be in good hands. Someone like a protege, young and socialist.
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