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  1. 18m is a steal in this market. they need to offload a lot of players in midfield, so maybe they are just having a fire sale.
  2. his supporters love it. right winger are anti-abortion and mostly very conservative Christians who believe it is immoral and a sin. they will all be behind this. honestly this is not surprising in the least, the party was hijacked by the religious right with Reagan and the Bushes as well. How do you think he gets so many old white people to vote for him? He does the whole anti-abortion line and church folks line up to vote because that's the only thing they care about. it's sad. i say this because my parents are those people. Trump loves the evanglical voters because he realizes they are so easy to win over, most republicans in office do.
  3. ?? you having a bad day or something? FFS i was making a joke because you love to correct people all the time, learn to take a joke man.
  4. look at the last line mike "jesus absolute wept", that's what i was correcting for you. unless you believe that's correct?
  5. agreed. i'm so happy they have been such a shit show since SAF, they really have no clue and the Glazers think Ed Woodward is amazing. i'm lovin it. long may their demise continue
  6. should be a y on the end of absoluteY @Zoo 2.0 mate, your welcome @MikeO 😂 zoo i agree with you, happy walcott scored, i still think he's shit though
  7. yeah that contract they give him was so premature. that squad is a mess and he isn'tt a great manager. showing clips of himself back in the day isn'tt going to inspire the likes of pogba and lukaku.
  8. romey we just don't like walcott. easy reason to moan about him lol
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