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  1. Honestly I think every club is a selling club unless you are Man City, PSG, Real Madrid, Barca, or Bayern. They are the only ones so flush with cash and so welL positioned FFP wise they don’t have to sell. Every other team in the world sells their best players to those teams so yes we are a selling team. Nothing to be ashamed of with that. Even with SAF United was a selling team offloading Ronaldo and Beckham.
  2. He can play anywhere across the front 3 just like richarlison and he has.
  3. Then we are in the gylfi situation all over again. Massive fee and wages and were stuck since we bought them at the end of their prime.
  4. I played growing up but then stopped being involved in high school until I was in college and would come home every day and watch the World Cup while I ate my lunch. I fell in love with the sport all over again and with players like Klose, zidane, Ronaldo, Christiano Ronaldo, etc. once club football started back up I looked to see which US players were in the PL. Dempsey at Fulham and Howard at Everton we’re the 2 I followed. I watched Everton and Fulham games for a couple years but Everton grabbed me and I just kinda stopped watching Fulham matches. I really loved Howard, but I always say he brought me here but Baines is what kept me. He and pienaar were electric. The more I’ve learned about the club and how it gives back to the community has only strengthened my appreciate for Everton.
  5. that's 21m pounds rising to 25m pounds if those fees are correct. that's actually pretty good for a player of his age and supposed calibre. i'm for this deal. i think the price and age are right and we need a RW badly.
  6. is his worth 35m? every time we have played them i never noticed him, is he good? i get he has bayern pedigree, but we need a player.
  7. 42m? hell no. that's the whole transfer kitty. just get a loan or something to get us through to summer. this guy is 29 there is no sell on, his positino players don't last very long, could be done in 2 years time and were stuck with the costs. a no from me.
  8. Oh wow, didn’t know that, thank you. Well not sure how likely it is then. He doesn’t fit the brands 26 and under profile either.
  9. 10m is cheap but he's 29 so i would say that is understandable. i know very little about him but he sounds like what we need. the gana replacement.
  10. Haf everyone knows you rate DCL, no need to post that mate. at one point you said you'd prefer him over lukaku, so we get it man. DCL is a nice player, bought for a pittance too i think 1.5m or something. i'm very happy for him and i hope we extend his contract.
  11. yep looked up deloitte money league and even though they are shittier they made 50m more this year. crazy. at some point the results will drive the bus and the heritage will fall away (like it did with us).
  12. he was excellent under koeman. i was surprised he was sent on loan i thought he was going to be our starting CB.
  13. i thought they were losing money since they aren't in CL anymore?
  14. bloomberg is a rich guy, so are you. shoe fits i think you are a lefty Palfy, i would say you are more left than democrats are (obama was pretty centrist), so a Sanders or Green party might be more your thing. But the green party here is non existent, just Dems and Repubs sadly, so you're a dem. the thing is the questions are put in a way where you they are kinda the outlier opinion of most of these candidates. universal income is only yang, but it gives you yes or no, most would say yes, that's a Yang and no for everyone else. It's a more nuanced issue than that. But overall fun quiz, thanks for posting.
  15. I got sanders then warren, no surprise for me. they hold the gun thing against Bernie but people forget he’s in a very rural state so his views on guns are different than more urbane candidates.
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