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  1. agreed. also it was one good game for iwobi. he's been very inconsistent and has missed a bunch of sitters this year. i'm not ready to crown iwobi a solution just yet. walcott looked good when he came here for a couple games and we all know how that turned out.
  2. Another winnable one here, let's hope he keeps the same lineup as last time. hopefully i can find the time to watch this one. Pickford Sidibe Keane Mina Digne Davies Gomes Walcott Iwobi Bernard Richarlison
  3. missed the match sadly, glad to see the result
  4. game is 7:30a eastern time. sadly for me, my kids will wake me up and i'll watch this thing, not optimistic.
  5. surprise surprise.....eh not. 5 minutes on the training pitch, the rest in spain. big sam
  6. delph and lossl are the only average signings and they are meant for depth so that makes sense. gomes is a nice signing, brands has nothing to do with him hurting his ribs. kean is a nice signing, you have sadly written him off already. sidibe is a loan, he's been good when he's played and he's nice depth. where are the backwards signings? Mina looks class. give us a better argument
  7. the talent pool is awful, the last generation was truly our golden generation (yes i know they weren't that good but that is how bad we are as a country). the solid pros like tim howard, dempsey, donovan, fabian johnson, bradley in his prime, we don't have anything like that now. our reserves back then were tim reams and eric lichaj guys playing the championship week in and out. now we have some kids who play in europe but aren't great, we have MLS stalwarts who simply by playing in MLS prove they aren't good enough. our best player rides the pine at chelsea never seeing the pitch. we don't have talent. they will let berhalter fail, then next cycle maybe these kids will come good and the next manager will look like a genius. the bob bradley and bruce arena (the good years) methods of managing are missed, i get you on that. we are not technical, not skilled. instead of trying to look like Barca just because it's on trend, play like Fat Sam because that's the only thing that has brought us success. defend with blood and guts and kill em on corners and counter attacks. so in that sense, yeah maybe berhalter is in over his head. that's what bradley did so well, he saw what he had and made the system to adapt. physical gritty performances and the fans would get us over the line.
  8. saluting the genocide of the Kurds, no thanks. get rid of this guy, send him back where he came
  9. yeah and bale starts again every match. if money moshiri wants that attention grabbing headline, get mou in. i tell you this, if we get mou i guarantee we are winning a trophy. league cup, fa cup, doesn't matter, he's a winner.
  10. shouldn't matter to money bags moshiri. he loves a big name and media session with his best mate jim white. i would think farhad would be all over a mou signing, Brands the one probably pumping the brakes on it (Bill too).
  11. agreed, he gives an effort each match. and he presses and tracks back. honestly i think that's why seamus has been playing so well. meanwhile on the left digne and partners look lost because they are doing the opposite right now.
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