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  1. Bill

    Oumar Niasse

    Having a medical.
  2. Bill

    Edin Dzeko

    Who's a loan player, ?? Charlie's ours and Bernards ours, I've already said he's the deal of the season on a free.
  3. Bill

    Tyias Browning

    Born in Liverpool, been with EFC for ten years and he doesn't look chinese, but you never can tell there's a large Chinese quarter in Town.
  4. That means McCarthy will very soon be joining him. 😁
  5. Bill

    Favourite player

    I'm in complete agreement with Rubes, Alex gave me so much pleasure just watching him play, a silky mover and so comfortable on the ball. Was also good with his head considering he wasn't a big lad. Southall my favourite goalie, and Latchford my favourite striker ⇑ 5. Alex Young “The Golden Vision” (1960-68) 271 appearances, 87 goals “I left Everton Football Club in 1968. But I can honestly say that Everton has never left me.” Alex Young was the beatific poster boy for the School of Science. Bought for £42,000 from Hearts, Young bewitched all with his skill and it soon became fluorescently obvious to Evertonians that they had someone truly special. “The Golden Vision” with his vicar’s collar and blonde locks was an elegant, gracile forward who – for a slight man – had wonderful heading ability. So acute was his reading of the game that he could deliver exquisite passes without even checking where his teammates were. Young scored 89 goals in 275 appearances; his 22 strikes helped win the league for Everton in 1963 and he was in the FA Cup winning team of 1966. There was something almost ethereal about Young, who somehow throttled the life out of games with the lightest of touches, and he is probably the most beloved of all Everton legends.
  6. Bill

    Bournemouth (Home) Sunday January 13th

    Somebody should slap Pickford in the mouth, can be a bit disruptive in the dressing room if he carries on the way he is. Time for a new Right back, Coleman's going downhill. Midfield was average. Charlison is not a centre forward and I wish Silva would stop playing him there, Siggi was only average and I would like to see Bernard given a go there. Lookman had a good game . We need a striker badly..
  7. Bill

    2018-19 FA Cup

    When I lived in Peterborough I went to watch the Blues at Fulham, i got off the train and went to the underground and was met by hundreds of police on the station, I asked one why we Everton fans needed this show of police. He said its not for you its for the Millwall fans who had a game somewhere in London. I also knew a few Millwall fans in Peterborough, they do have a reputation and they still live up to it.
  8. Bill

    Lincoln City (FA CUP Home) Saturday January 5th

    Some flashes of excellent attacking play today and some flashes of panic in our defence. Not convinced by Mina at all, he needs to learn the basics of defending. Bernard did a lot of good work when he moved inside, Baines had a very good game, but I wouldn't go overboard about Ademola, I thought he was very poor and would have preferred somebody else starting.
  9. Bill

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka

    Can think of worse players to move on than them two.
  10. Bill

    Lincoln City (FA CUP Home) Saturday January 5th

    Davies, Baines, Lookman, start https://twitter.com/Everton/status/1081550903608516611/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-23694507361702499255.ampproject.net%2F1812131718380%2Fframe.html
  11. Bill

    Lincoln City (FA CUP Home) Saturday January 5th

    The games on potato today if anybody wants to watch it, the links don't open till kick off but you can check it now, it gives you all the info about the upcoming game.
  12. Bill

    André Gomes

    We have already seen what he is capable of, he's had a relapse in form lately but on top form he is a £50m midfielder. I think that asking price might just be paper talk but we should definitely table an offer in that region and see how its received.
  13. Bill

    Music quiz

    A new music quiz for the Musicians out there. its fairly easy so i'll see how you do and maybe go a bit more difficult. i'll leave it for a week before giving the answers. 1. In The Beatles' song When I'm 64, what are the names of the three grandchildren? 2. From which song do the following lyrics come 'I want the world to know I'm happy as can be'? 3. Which Irish group's 1st chart single was entitled 'Runaway'? 4. If you're going to San Francisco, what should you wear? 5. Pictures of Matchstick Men in 1968 was which groups first top 10 hit? 6. What British pop star changed his name from Thomas Hicks? 7. Which teenage opera singer recorded the album Voice Of An Angel? 8. Who had a posthumous hit with Distant Drums? 9. The late Jerry Garcia was a long time member of which group? 10. Who was 'Wired For Sound' in 1981? 11. Rod Stewart's "Sailing" was used for a documentary about which ship? 12. Which Steve Coogan show used an Abba hit as its title? 13. Which sports presenter recorded "If" to the background of Faure's "Pavane" for the 1998 Football World Cup? 14. Eric Idle and Richard Wilson charted with the theme from which sitcom? 15. Which song from the 60's introduced Absolutely Fabulous? 16. Which 1970's Hot Chocolate hit advertised Cadbury's Hot Chocolate? 17. Clannad's "Legend" was the theme from which TV series?
  14. Bill

    James McCarthy

    A loan to anybody is the right thing to do, he hasn't played for 12 months is it.?? Can't see him making it back to his former playing level, so its best to move him on.
  15. Bill

    André Gomes

    After a few good early games his form has slowly deteriorated, but he's a class player so I think he will improve once he's up to speed with the League and his match time fitness.