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  1. Anybody can do what he does Dunc, playing eleven men in your own half and having one shot at goal in four games is fookin disgusting, you or i and any Tom, Dick or Harry could do that every week..
  2. Theo Walcott

    Just had his medical according to SSN, shouldn't be long now.
  3. Jermaine defoe

    You might want to check your predictive text and change it. !!
  4. Martin Terrier

    I see my post further up went over everybody's head.
  5. Martin Terrier

    Is he the dogs bollocks. ??
  6. West Bromwich Albion (Home) Saturday January 20th

    Switch Jags with Holgate then, nothing weird about that team Matt, Holgate has played RB and Kenny has played LB and played well when he did. Getting fed up with all the drivel they are playing, and the manager keeps picking the same players.
  7. Since he came he spent nearly £200m on transfer fees, paid off the Club's debt, and is in the process of sorting us out with a state of the art new stadium. It's difficult to grasp exactly what people expect of the man. I think he's done ok already and it will get better, have some patience.
  8. West Bromwich Albion (Home) Saturday January 20th

    Not a chance of seeing this team picked but I think this would produce better football and better results than the load of shit he keeps picking. Horses for courses is the way to go, jags played RB for us when he arrived, Kenny plays better on the left than Coco does. Vlasic was played by Unsy and got motm 3 games running but has not been seen since, Rooney will always drop deep so we might as well play him there. McCarthy and Davies can do all the running, but its a toss up between Bolasie and Lennon. CF wasn't a problem cos we have to see what he can do. 4-5-1 Pickford. Jagielka. Holgate. Williams. Kenny. Vlasic. Davies. Rooney. McCarthy. Bolasie Tosun. Subs. Robles, Besic, DCL, Lennon, Niasse, Lookman. I think this team would win comfortably, but there's no chance of seeing it.
  9. Still don't think it's time to panic, Haf I still believe we can reach seventh place but it's the way we are being told to play that's stifling the team. We can still catch Burnley and Leicester just by playing somewhere near the form we know we can play, that's if they are allowed to go out and play.
  10. The honeymoons over for Allardyce and Everton, he started OK and got a few points but what is it now ? no win in the last 5 or 6 and playing with no sign of improvement. I hope the Board are already searching for a top manager to take over the job in early summer.
  11. Tottenham Hotspur (Away) Saturday January 13th

    Kenny has been one of our better players since big Sam came here, don't know how anybody can say he's not ready.
  12. Tottenham Hotspur (Away) Saturday January 13th

    I Agree. With that little change its probably our best team at the moment. Davies and Gana for fresh legs in midfield in the second half.