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  1. Bill

    Ross Barkley

    Once all the Chelsea players are back he won't get many games.
  2. There's some shit stories floating about today, they have all of June, all of July and a week into August to do their transfer business, why do they want any longer. ??
  3. Well that's a load of nothing. !!
  4. I'd keep Besic and Vlasic for the bench but lose the rest.
  5. Bill

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Everton 3-1 Southampton. Siggurdson.
  6. Bill

    Wolverhampton (Away) Saturday August 11th

    Opinions lads, opinions. We all see things differently.
  7. Cheers Mike, every time he shows up he makes a mess of the forum.
  8. Bill

    Wolverhampton (Away) Saturday August 11th

    It's all about opinions Palfy, your opinion is different to their opinions, but your All wrong cos I think Besic and Davies should be playing. In my Opinion...😀
  9. Stop replying to this twat, or can the stewards take him away please.
  10. Bill

    Wolverhampton (Away) Saturday August 11th

    Supposed to be going out on loan.
  11. FFS get rid of this tosser.
  12. Bill


    It's Richie for me.
  13. Bill

    Muhamed Besic

    I agree but still glad he stayed.
  14. Bill

    Muhamed Besic

    I would definitely play Besic ahead of Schneiderlin, and maybe Gana as well. Too many pussies in midfield is the reason we get overun.
  15. Bill


    Yeah they're barking up the wrong tree.😉