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  1. How many more total disasters can this man serve up before he is fired. ? If a stranger was asked to choose the player who cost us most money, Sigurdsson wouldn't get a mention. Koeman has no confidence to play Klaasen or Sandro so why fooking buy them. An honourable mention for Pickford although he was beaten five times, thought Baines was reasonable and DCL had a decent game, but my motm vote goes to Vlasic, we've got a good player there so let's get some decent players to play alongside him.
  2. Who should replace Koeman?

    It stinks of desperation Haf, and we are in a desperate situation.
  3. And Blackpool did the same.
  4. Q&A With Vital Lincoln City

    Ah right cheers Mark, i put an edit on my original post.
  5. Q&A With Vital Lincoln City

    Are we. ? I Haven't heard about this.!! If yes I'll volunteer, ask your questions Lincoln. Edit .... Thought that checkatrade thing was for non leagers.
  6. Q&A With Vital Lincoln City

    Haven't a clue what this has to do with Everton or the Fans.
  7. Ronald Koeman

    A poor loss and fans and players in scuffles to add to it, it all adds up to another massive embarrassment for the club. I can't call him a manager because he's not able to manage anything at the moment, but this man must go he's dragging our club into ridicule.
  8. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 0-3 Arsenal. None.
  9. Ronald Koeman

    Just seen this on another site, don't know if there's any creedence "This could be Unseys last match in charge for the u23s, he's taking over the first team on Monday.. NSNO.."
  10. Ashley Williams

    This player was bang average when he came here and has got worse with each game, he looks like a bloated pub player and how he is rewarded with the captain's armband is a complete mystery. Aah I forgot it's Koeman that's making all the decisions so I should have known, I don't think he's got one decision right all season.
  11. Fully agree with you Newty.
  12. What about now? Sack the manager?

    People must be past making excuses for him, his team is producing utter rubbish week in week out, he can't be allowed to continue doing that.
  13. Nikola Vlasic

    Not bad is it.
  14. Arsenal (Home) Sunday October 22nd

    Ha Ha, Koeman doesn't know how to beat anyone.
  15. We have to have a complete change in team selection and tactics for this game, he can't keep playing the same players who are turning out rubbish every week. I'd like to see a good attacking set up in this game. Pickford Holgate. Keane. Jagielka. Baines. Besic. Vlasic. Davies Sigurdsson. Mirallas. DCL. I don't think for one minute that we will see anything like this but it's time for a change Are we really bothered about this euro game, because we just continue to embarass ourselves and the club.