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  1. Dated 2016 that article, so if he was 26 then he's coming up to 30 now. Not sure you would get him for £17m now either, so a loan might be the better option.
  2. Of course we don't know what's going on behind the scenes, this might mean that Pickford is off somewhere for £60m.~~ we just don't know.
  3. With the top 4 in the finals of the Champs league and Europa league two of them will qualify as holders, does that leave extra places for Euro qualifying.??
  4. I agree with Rubes on this, if we don't win the League or the Cup I'd be disappointed if it didn't come to the city of Liverpool, its understandable for people not born in Liverpool to feel that way, but I'm glad if it comes to my home City rather than go to some other club.
  5. Ffs can somebody suspend Haf and Pete for a month or two to give us all a rest, my brain has gone numb coming on to this thread.
  6. Got to agree with Pete this time I think Gana did run around a lot as he normally does but he also lost the ball several times in dangerous areas, I'm going for Bernard today i would like to see his stats for this match, he seemed to be everywhere, and always did good stuff when he he was on the ball.
  7. Still cant understand Silvas subs, takes off the best player on the park to put Lookman on, in 20 minutes he touched the ball about five times and lost it on every occassion. Walcott should have come on for Richarlison not Syggy, he,s beginning to remind me of Barkley, runs with the ball but wont pass, then he loses it and falls to the ground crying for free kicks. Amazing how we failed to win that Game, i thought we played some good high tempo stuff and should have got some reward.
  8. I stand corrected. Its like all the other rules that the big nobs bring in, start off with a flurry and then get forgotten. Pulling and shoving at corners and free kicks, started with a few penalty's and now its worse than ever, there should be half a dozen penalty's every match but the refs always chicken out.
  9. I think it was Niasse, and he's the only one, I don't think there's ever been any more since. https://realsport101.com/news/sports/football/retrospective-action-for-diving-is-failing/
  10. It didn't go unnoticed that united had their best spell (if there was one) after he went off.
  11. I'm beginning to have naughty dreams about him. He's fast becoming my favourite player.
  12. Looking at that game today, you wouldn't buy Lukaku to replace DCL, he's looking like a good centre forward the last half a dozen games, i think he's going to be very very good.
  13. You see what I mean, you couldn't do that with strangers on any other forum. 😁😁
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