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  1. Holgate for me, always quick off the mark and makes Kean look very slow and cumbersome. If Holgate continues to play well I can't see Kean getting back in.
  2. Ref gives a yellow, VAR looks and decides its a red, an hour later its overturned by a panel.!! The whole fooking thing has been a comedy show. At this moment in time my thoughts are with Gomes.
  3. Come on lads your being a bit melodramatic, we've seen many men trip players to stop breakaways even some of our own. The ref gave a yellow card which i thought it deserved, then after seeing the injury decided to to go one better and give him a red.!! Piss poor refereeing in my mind and I'm not surprised it was overturned.
  4. Wasn't a red card offence it was just a trip from behind, yellow card at most. Was only after the ref had seen the injury that he changed it to red, that can't be right.
  5. Have just started the Second series of Jack Ryan, if its as good as the 1st series I'll be quite pleased.
  6. You can get live scores from live score.com. if you want a stream potato stream is a good one. https://www.google.com/search?q=potato+streams&oq=pota&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j35i39j0l2.7881j0j4&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  7. You can get live scores from live score.com. if you want a stream potato stream is a good one.
  8. Not if he comes back, but when he comes back I think he meant. He needs to be rewarded for a good performance or he will not be happy.
  9. When you go through all the players like that it seems impossible that they are in the bottom three so who is to blame, the players or the Manager.
  10. aah , I did think it was only the next international cos the Burnley one had slipped my mind. Cheers Mike.
  11. I really dont know Mike. 😕
  12. Thought it was just for the next international game. ??
  13. The fourth one along might get away with it, you salute with your right not your left. 😀 It does look a bit naughty tho, I can see why its being investigated.
  14. History tells us that we usually have the beating of West Ham, I expect a decent win this weekend or Silva is in real trouble.
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