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  1. Running out of time to bring any in, looks like we're stuck with what we have.
  2. There are far too many of them, not only the Headers and Footers but if you scroll down a page there's an advert between every couple of posts, so f*****g annoying.
  3. Dr Who Maybe didn't start out on kids TV but it was aimed at kids, and still is.
  4. Another programme originally made for Kids, the minute i hear the intro i switch off. Not sure but i think it started off on kids TV, still for kids.
  5. Somebody has already put him on Wiki. 😊 Matías Vecino Falero is a Uruguayan professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Everton and the Uruguay national team. Wikipedia Born: 24 August 1991 (age 28 years), Canelones, Uruguay Height: 1.89 m Weight: 81 kg Current teams: Inter Milan (#8 / Midfielder), Uruguay national football team (#15 / Midfielder) Nationality: Uruguayan, Italian Parents: Doris Falero, Mario Vecino
  6. Newcastle and Bournemouth reported to have made offers for him. ffs they're cheeky bastards if they think he would leave us to go there.
  7. We were much better with Bernard on the pitch. Let's be honest this lad did nothing of any note.
  8. Dixie is not available. πŸ˜€
  9. Say what you like Mark but if we got a 25 goals a season striker, Richy would be playing his natural position on the Wing not in the middle.
  10. No, Richarlison is a winger being played as a striker, its a proper striker we need not another winger.
  11. Richy was a left winger when we signed him. Has since played right, left, and centre.
  12. Richarleson can also play R & L and does.
  13. I'm not a lover of these add ons, it would be much better to have take offs, so if they dont perform we send all our shite back and get refunds.
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