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Man Of The Match

Arsenal away 2-2 draw.  

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    • HOWARD
    • NEVILLE @
    • NEILL
    • BAINES
    • OSMAN
    • CAHILL
    • DONOVAN <--
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    • VAUGHAN -->

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Here you go lads, Mike will update it when he returns...




Current Player of the Year standings....

Fellaini 169


Pienaar 126


Saha 107


Heitinga 95


Rodwell 94


Bilyaletdinov 77


Hibbert 71


Coleman 70


Howard 61


Baines 51


Distin 38


Osman 24


Yakubu 23


Cahill 23


Duffy 23


Yobo 20


Neill 15


João Alves Jô 10


Vaughan 8


Gosling 6


Nash 3


Baxter 3


Neville 3


Agard 2


Forshaw 1


Akpan 1


MOTM winners....


Carlisle (H) Marouane Fellaini


Burnley (H) Steven Pienaar


Sunderland (A) Marouane Fellaini


Birmingham (A) Leighton Baines


BATE Boresov (H)...Shane Duffy


Chelsea (A)...Johnny Heitinga


Tottenham (H)...Seamus Coleman


AEK Athens (A)...Steven Pienaar


Liverpool (H)...Marouane Fellaini


Hull City (A)...Johnny Heitinga


Manchester United (A)...Johnny Heitinga


West Ham (A)...Johnny Heitinga


Benfica (H)...Marouane Fellaini


Aston Villa (H)...Diniyar Bilyaletdinov


Tottenham (A)...Tony Hibbert


Bolton (A)...Louis Saha


Benfica (A)...Sylvain Distin


Wolves (H)...Diniyar Bilyaletdinov


Stoke City (H)...Johnny Heitinga


BATE Borisov (A)...Tony Hibbert


Portsmouth (A)...Tim Howard


Hull City (A)...Leon Osman


Blackburn (H)...Louis Saha


AEK Athens (H)...Diniyar Bilyaletdinov


Fulham (A)...Sylvain Distin


Wigan...(H)...Jack Rodwell


Sigma Olomouc (A)...Steven Pienaar


Burnley...(A)...Tony Hibbert


Sigma Olomouc (H)...Jack Rodwell


Arsenal (H)...Steven Pienaar

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not enough went donovan's way but i felt he made a real difference. he showed great pace and amibtion going forward, made himself available and took players on, no doubt much to the dissapoint of some of the usual nay sayers.


Fellaini also played well but i've come to be confident in what i expect from him week in week out now.


pienaar worked hard as did cahill but for me donovan was a player that made a big difference whenever on the ball.

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Felli was an absolute mountain yet again for me today! I dont think he lost a header and the number of times he nicked the ball away from an Arsenal player was brilliant.


Osman had a really good game as well, at times him and Felli were absolutely running the show.


Heitinga should be up there as well as nothing goes past him. A brilliant piece of business by Moyes to get him in IMO.


Howard, Neill, Neville and Baines all did well throughout the game.


Pienaar scored an awesome goal but I didnt think he had the best 1st half but he got better however Im sure he will get a lot of the plaudits because of that special goal which should have been the winner.


Donovan also did really well in his first taste of the Premiership. On the ball he is quality, real quality and he is direct and quick. He is a bit like Pienaar in that he is a good outlet so that if we need to hold on to the ball to get people forward then he can do that, which has been a feature of our right winger for a while. He also did well defensively and showed his strength at one point knocking Vermaelen off the ball which was one of the areas I doubted.


Cahill was better but by no means good today. He started well, drifted for most of the game and then got back into it when JV came on. On the other hand Saha was very poor all game and if he thinks he deserves 60k a week for shit like that then he has got another thing coming. To be fair I think he may have been carrying a knock from the start.


Vaughan was very good when he came on although he should have scored. That will come the more he plays and I hope he does get a decent look in. I also think he may have been carrying a knock because he didnt quite look as lively as he normally does which would explain why Moyes waited for so long to chuck him on, or it could have just been the cold!


Overall it was a good team performance and we should have won. If we play at that intensity, with that desire for every game for the rest of this season we could quite easily go unbeaten. Realistically it should see us get back up the table challenging 7thish and have a decent run in the cups.

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Dont know about going unbeaten but i've not been in love us with us for the past few months for personal reasons but im getting through it and today i have come full circle. Fuckin love the boys!! If we get through a tough month we will be the team to watch!

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Before I actually voted I initially intended to vote for Heitinga, then having watched it on Sky I was tempted toward Pip, then I thought Tim Cahill was having his best game of the season, I then changed my mind yet again and thought that the Pieman's goal was a thing of sheer class and beauty, in the end I voted for Mo, he was the best of a very good team display.................in future call him Mo the Motor, keeps going and if you get in his way he'll Mo(w) you down, Fellaini was a truly class act today

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Thought from front to back today we were very good, and really should've sewn up the win.


Howard was so unlucky with the deflections again (how many this season?)

Neville was awesome at the back. Great blocks and keeping the boys motoring.

Heitinga was again a monster, and think he will be starting alongside the Jags soon enough.

Neil was solid enough again without being spectacular.



Fellaini has gone from our player of the season to being our most improved player also. Reveled in the deeper role again today.

Ossie has had his critics on here, but quality performance today.

Like the look of Donovan and hopefully in a week or 2 he will be more accustomed to everything.

Cahill had his best game so far this year, but is desperate to get on scoring run (held on looking to score himself when he did Gallas)

Pienaar had a typical Stevie P performance and WHAT A FINISH.


Saha looked like he was struggling, but even still could have had a bagful today.


My vote goes to Neville (just) for marshalling the defence and leading completely by example.

Onward and upward Blues!!!!

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Fellaini for me , I thought he was awesome especially in the second half


Johhny H was a rock at the back and Phil Neville deserves a mention thought he was fantastic, glad he put in the performance he did because otherwise this site would have been inundated with people moaning and saying Coleman should have played instead


Also liked the look of Donovan he seems like a good outlet down the right it would be nice if we could extend his stay beyond March. Talking of which I heard an interview on the radio on Saturday and when he was asked about the possibility of staying he said it was out of his hands and was something the clubs would decide, but he definitely seemed open to the idea

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felli gets my vote said it during the match, just gutted vaughny never put that chance away, frustrating to see us play well and not get a win especially away at arsenal,need to keep it up now and we be back up there before we kno it, ps.. top finish from peanuts beautifully made by tim

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Didnt know who to give it to, whole team played very well. In the end i went for Pienaar, simply for the exquisite finish.

Best we have played for a very long time, and felli is 100% bettter playing in his proper position.

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Felli was awesome, i was sat with the arsenal fans and they thought he was brilliant!

Johnny H kept Arshavin in his pocket.

the rest of the team were very good too. Saha done well in the first half, but second helf he didnt turn up. Vaughan had their defence scared.

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Sick as a pig. The ultimate great performance but crushingly disappointing result where you don't know whether to laugh or cry. We are a match for anybody at the mo.


Can't vote because I was nowhere near a radio/TV/internet while the game was on; did see about thirty soundless minutes from the start of the second half on a Canal+ rerun in a café in Toulouse yesterday but couldn't follow it.


Read a lot of reports online and the matchthread on here and I'll watch the MOTD rerun in a bit so maybe I'll vote then.


Still thoroughly sick :( .

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