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Just itching to get some banter and then the match started....well maybe the itching is because of the weather. :D




Dont think its anywhere as straightforward as some posts i read after yesterday and Hull suggest. Everyone seems to try their best during the derby and you have a very strong team. The football may not be very classy, but Yakubu upfront with Osman and Cahill supporting him have the ability to score against most opposition. Your defense seems to have faltered this season, but its a tried and tested one and the concentration levels being up there because its a derby could well mean that the mistakes are cut out. Plus, Moyes has always been a decent man manager.


From our side, even though we've got the results our performances havent been great except for in defense where Carra, Skrtel, Pepe and Arbeloa have been brilliant this season. Keane hasnt settled into Gerrard's role from last season and the partnership with Torres hasnt clicked. But then, he has the quality and the experience to merge in any team, so i'm not worried. Riera has started very well for us and will need to be defended against. Kuyt's just a battering ram who'll run all day no matter the score or the quality of football. Very honest player if not the greatest.


The first goal will settle this one. I dont expect us to lose, but if you guys score first its an uphill battle for us. And if we do, then we'll be in our element playing on the counter.



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I,m surprised this thread has been started by a red supporter, for a while now my red shite friends have been saying that the Merseyside Derby isn't an important match to them anymore. I guess this year is different, now they've got the stigma of not being able to beat Man U at home of their shoulders.

So what do I hope for from this game, a first home win of the season will have been worth the wait if it comes agains't our neighbours. "Can we kick start our season this weekend?" I hope so because this is a very important week for the future of our club. Perhaps its apt we should start it with a blast of nostalgia.

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I am worried about this game to be honest. Like I read in another thread the results we have got have been against average sides and we don't have anywhere near the consistency of last season. What has annoyed me about moyes is he has said every game the defence will get better but then if he keeps picking the same players then it will not et better.

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The Derby was the turning point last season after a bit of an iffy start (though not as iffy as this season :( ).


Even though we were robbed (or maybe because we were robbed) we went on one of the best runs we've had in modern times. Let's hope this is the point where the season finally gets going...but not after the same result.


If the Goodison Derby doesn't concentrate the defences' collective brain-cells then nothing will!


I'll predict a score when I see the team, but I'm confident that everyone (like me :whistle: ) will have tipped a home win in The Anusol :D .

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Just itching to get some banter and then the match started....well maybe the itching is because of the weather. :D


You're a red, maybe you're itching because you didn't wash properly :D


In all seriousness, the way things are going, EFC need to really tranform themselves for this match. I think liverfool need to really watch themselves, cuz everton got issues to prove.

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As usual form wont matter!...........Were not playing at all well, and luckypool are well kinda lucky at the moment, but not really playing to their full potential.So could go either way.


Funny thing is, most Evertonians are very dissapointed with how things are going, and probably wouldn't be at all surprised to lose, this could well be the inner fealings of the players.Which could perhaps cause them to play with passion and no fear.....obviously this could bring on a victory!!


I think after the Stoke game, they really would see a draw as another couple of points lost, so I would imagine the pressure is more on them, again could help the Blue cause.


IF it did go to form then probably an away win with a miss kick or own goal in the 93rd min!


Probably end up a draw...............A chance to regain some pride lads!

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Any chance Peanuts might be back for this?


Still three weeks according to the OS, but it's said that for a while.


Lawrensen's gone for a draw...


"Defensively, Everton are all over the place, but going forward they look like they've got real goal threat. Matches at 12.45 are never good games because both sides are half asleep, and for that reason I think we might get plenty of goals.


Both clubs have been up and down so far this season, and I think there'll be mistakes aplenty."


Verdict: 2-2

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neville yobo jagielka baines

osman castillo cahill osman

yakubu saha


Subs: nash, lescott, valente, rodwell, fellaini, anichebe, vaughan


Everton 3-1 Liverpool

Cahill 18 ---- Torres 39

Yakubu 64

Saha 77


Jesus, Osman is going to have his work cut out!!!! And couldnt you be a bit more precise with your predictions!!! :lol:


I'm usually an optimist and my glass is always half full but tbh, I can only see one outcome here. I'm going to predict a 3-1 win for the shite am afraid and it wouldn't surprise me if we went ahead only to lose three goals to school boy errors. Also, if I were a betting man I would throw at least 50 quid on Keane to bag his first league goal. :angry2:

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Thats if Arteta is fit, he's injured atm isnt he?


Saha & Yakubu have to start up front or we will get demolished.


If we had a decent backup keeper I would drop howard, its his fault for half the goals we concede.

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I really hate saying this but as neither an optimist or negative and being a realist I think the shite will win. Have been disappointed with the players attitudes in derbies during Moyes Reign. The shite seemed to want it more and I can't work that out. If a teams has better technical players then they need to be cancelled out and be ready to nick a goal

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pienaar's gettin back to fitness hes trainin again but very much doubt he will play maybe on the bench though who knows?

we'll kick start our season after this one way or another shame its taken til almost october but we'll win or lose here form dont count never has never will! cant predict a derby outcome i mean in the years we've almost gone down we still beat these lot who where right up there! we'll go on from this and get through against liege and the club will be bouncin again! and moyes is meant to be signin before tomorrow but we'll see eh! seein as you cant predict these i say 4-4 ;)

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