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i saw arsenal play cardiff .. they look so inadequate at scoring goals... for all the injuries we're faced with right now, none are in our defense which is playing masterfully .. i just can't see arsenal breaking through ...


so if a clean sheet is a given, any goal will take it for us..


my guess is 0-0, but it's just as likely that cahill or fellaini give us the win.

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Guest Cahill17_Moe

I hope we have Mikel but it is quite probable that he will miss. We really need him for his tracking around the pitch and his excellent newly attained holding role. Castillo was pressured while Arteta does it all so smoothly. Anichebe was on one leg so god knows what will happen now. Maybe Cahill up front with Gosling for Anichebe like the closing minutes of the cup. Fellaini will make an impact, but then again he needs to be fed. Osman is in poor form and at the moment can't pass or cross to save his life; Mikel Arteta's fitness is an issue I will be closely following and if he is deemed fit I will have a much better state of mind.


Our defence will hold out though, if Jagielka and Lescott keep it up they can keep Adebayor at bay, Jagielka kept Torres at bay and Torres is rated arguably higher than Adebeyor.


If we can get Arteta fit to go with Fellaini I see us winning 1 - 0. Gotta hop for the best over the next couple of days, injury wise.

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With opponents worried and rightly so about Cahill at set pieces, added to the obvious threat of Lescott, then I know believe it's Jagielka's turn to sneak in at the back to grab the winner.





After all Jagielka has Fuc% all else to do during games these days! :rolleyes:


There's a new spirit in the squad, very hard to play against.Arsenal wont fancy it one bit.

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Feeling fairly confident again. Think we will do these. i am going for a 2-0 win. My cousin is a arsenal fan and the only game he has been to is when Rooney done them in. Lets hope it's a omen and some other youngster (Rodwell or Gosling) can pop up with a goal as he is coming again.


Realistically, 2-0, two goals from set pieces, Big Mo and Tiny Tim

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Arsenal are a shadow of the team they can be and at the moment are far from clinical infront of goal with our defense being rock solid at the moment i can not see them breaking us down very easily. If we have Arteta fit and with Mo back we should be able to beat them.




Van Persie

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I just hope that Mo doesn't fall for the Arsenal arsing about, he is likely to get a couple of yellows to add to his impressive collection. We will at least pose a threat and of course the Gooners are not exactly riding high. If we do beat them then we'll be right on their tails in the league.


As Efctaxi says, keep the faith....................................coyb

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i think if we have arteta fit we can do em, otherwise we'll get turned over


simple as that as he is that important, castillo isn't fit to replace arteta and noone else has the composure to bring the ball from defence and string things together...couldn't have been any more obvious sunday so i think it'll hinge on his fitness

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Any news about arteta's injury? coudn't find anything about him returnign for Arsenal :(


In te second half against liverpool it was clear we missed some players on the midfield, Liverpool sometimes just ran straight to our box to meet our brick wall-defense.

With Fellaini an arteta we have a good chance winning against arsenal i think

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I cant believe people here are saying Assnal are gonna win, come on guys ffs have you seen how they are playing this season


Cardiff - Assnal 0-0

Burnley - Assnal 2-0

Man City - Assnal 3-0

Stoke - Assnal 2-1

Assnal - Tottenahm 4-4 would have lost if played away defo

Sunderland - Assnal 1-1 bitch slapped us 3-1 in our ground off the back of this draw

Assnal - Hull 1-2

Fulham - Assnal 1-0


Fact is there a bag of shite this season, and we play them in our ground. We should be confident enough from the 2 Lpool games to come out strong


Easy win for us, defo

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Everton have defensively been outstanding - witness the two games against Liverpool.


The problem with David Moyes' side is that they can't keep going into the game with the hope of nicking a goal.


Arsenal are on a good run and going about it without too much publicity.


Verdict: 0-0


We don't. We go in with the expectation of nicking more than one :D .


But seriously that's a ridiculous statement. Even if there were any truth in it it would only apply to the last two games, so how he can say we can't keep doing it is beyond me. Dumbass red <_< .

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i read that too. It pisses me off, but i suppose we have come to expect nothing less from the media. Unless you are one of the 'Big 4' (soon to be big 6 with us and villa) you wont get any praise from the media. They dont watch and games and just comment on the results, i had to laugh the other week at Garth Crooks, he put Tim Howard in his team of the week when Howard didnt have to make one save (v Hull).


Just dont listen to the media, and the only website to get news on EFC is the official one.


Rant Over

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Our defence is becoming a bit of a talking point at the moment.That should make the lads in question..ie Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka, Lescott and baines feel very proud of themselves.That in turn creates a feeling through the midfield and into where the attackers used to be :rolleyes: that if they can perform then the defence will help them win.......must be a great feeling!


If Fellaini slips back in and continues where he left off, and Arteta is fit, then I see no reason why we won't win.


Tight game with Cahill causing mayhem.....and scoring.

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Guest blueboy122

Really tricky game this, however confidence will be high and i really believe that we can win this althoguh dont under estimate arsenal and say it will be an easy game because there are no easy games. after sundays defensive performance we look pretty formidable at the back but what worrys me is castillo we can clearly see that he gives away possesion and isnt good enough to replace arteta there so maybe bring in gosling or rodwell io would prefer rodwell as if gives us more defnesive cover. il go for a 0-0 or a 1-0 everton. cmon you blues!!!!!

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Well if I had to bet, I think Arteta will be withheld and either Gosling or Rodwell will come in. Gosling does a good job going forward and I imagine would fit in well with the Fellaini, Cahill combo, but would he be able to do enough defensively? Rodwell on the other hand should be able to do Mikel's defensive duties, but can he offer enough going forward? I'd guess Moyes starts Rodwell and then brings in Gosling at around 60 minutes.


Arsenal are no mugs and have been playing well lately, this won't be an easy game. If we keep them out through about 60 minutes I think we'll take it.

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Wenger is no good at these "mind games" is he, he's just trying to lull us into a false sense of security. :)


Attempt at psychology I agree Bill, but I think it's directed at the teams above them rather than us.


Nobody at Goodison's daft enough to take it seriously....he's just making the point that Arsenal aren't out of it yet by stretching it a bit.


Think Arsenal will be out of it though if we beat them tonight :) .

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From the OS (Fellaini article)...


"Going into tonight's clash, Everton find themselves four points behind Arsene Wenger's men with Aston Villa, 1-0 victors at Portsmouth on Tuesday, just two points further ahead."


...or even six points further ahead. Wish I was looking at the same league table as them....needed Villa to drop points last night, they're getting away from us.

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