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If this is anything to go by this season then we are seriously fucked.Its f-ing Blackpool and we have our first fit eleven out there tonight,they totally out classed us first half so god knows what Arsenal will do to us!!!!!!!!!Jr is young and will be a world class player,but not at centre back.The usual Hibbert out of position and as for Leon Osman...theres no words!!!I know its only a friendly but after last season we have gone backwards.Jags out till nov and Arteta who knows??Greedy ungateful bastard Lescott off to City-probably!So we have Saha,Yak and Peanut to come in.Apart from them 3,tonight we have fielded our strongest 11 and look awful.We cant attract top players due to wage demands and cl appeal.DM is the master at bringing championship players through,now the yids fuck us at that game!!!

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Everton ALWAYS suck in pre-season


I'll vouch for that, I used to go to a few pre season games and compared to when we play in the league we are SHIT. I think we all now know we we are signing Senderos as Rodders is not a centre back, and playing him there must be hurting his confidence. Hibbo must be replaced, not good enough for a team with top 4 ambitions.

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Have any Americans got EvertonTV? I tried to get it for this game and it kept saying my phone number and address were invalid. I assume it's because they are US. Anyone know? By the words on toffeetalk, perhaps it's for the better that I couldn't see this one.

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