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Ronald Raldes

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Would realy welcome this signing, gives us more strength in depth on our weaker right side. Must mean the end of Hibbo if he signs though. Sad as he has been a good servent to the club but is too inconsistant, and probably not up to the level we need to push on to challenge the top 4. Couldnt of got where we are without him.

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Never heard of him, but with such a brittle squad then why not. Though I hope there are a few midfielders (decent ones) on frees we can snap up, speaking of those what happened to Steven Appiah?


The the answer to Mr Appiah is contained in your own post. His knee is more brittle than a jacobs cracker

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"Think it's pretty obvious now that this is just newspaper waffle, he won't be coming as frankly we don't need another right back with the Het and dare I say Hibbert!"


in reply to this quote, SSN have said Ronald Raldes is having a trial at everton this week. moyes has been after him for a while and needs cover for the cb/rb position.


i think it would be a good signing for cover, we need to bolster the squad with numbers and competetion for places would give us a huge boost. even though we dont know what he is like, he is captain of his country (although its bolivia), free and we cant argue if just for cover because we had a guy called segundo castillo for cover last year! although his shin-roller against Leige was a classic and maybe my favourite moment of the season! he was utter garbage!


COYB lets get our 1st clean sheet of the season against Fulham!

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worth a gamble i think cost nothing and wont be on massive wages, could be a goo aquisttion to our squad, would have liked to see us keep jacobsen for another 12months like, COYB

I agree, thought Jacobson deserved another 12 months, wouldve like to have seen him more, he mustve been capable and we definately saw glimpses of it. feel sorry for the guy to be honest, he went to blackburn thinkin that he finally has a chance and they bring in Salgado!


hibbert gets to much stick, he has been one of the most reliable and consitent defenders in the prem in the past 6/7years, we should be sticking up for our team not slagging them off

Yes Hibbert gets a lot of stick, mostly down to the fact he isnt always good enough. You can be reliably and consistantly average, which he is. He puts everything in to the game, can cross a decent ball in and makes some great tackles i grant you that. But more importantly, he is slowand makes some big mistakes. An excellent servent to the club, but if it comes down to it now, who do you have at RB, Hibbert or Heitinga?


A lot of his bad performances have come from the fact that hes had no support down the right flank from Ossie, so hes not entirely to blame i know. What i hope to happen is he has a winger in front of him that helps out and that he steps up to fight for his place. maybe we will see him be reliably and consistantly good rather than average. and of course, hope he gets to score!

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Hello Everton Faithful,

I'm Bolivian and know Raldes' history. He was exellent at Rosario CEntral for all the years he was with the club. The highlights you see in Youtube from his days there are extremely accurate as to what he brought to the table. Towards the end of his days there, the club was going through financial issues and couldnt pay him. He stuck with the club for loyalty and in the end he got screwed by management, got his walking papers and left off. He played in Saudi Arabia for a while, then went to Cruz Azul who was horrid at the time. Got some playing time but didnt do well, as he was rusty from lack of playing time. Since then he has played for his old club in Bolivia - Oriente Petrolero where he has been getting back in form. I think, obvouisly biased, that he would be good for Everton as a reenforcement. His games as a starter for the National team were very good. I can honestly say that out of all the recent games he started in, maybe one was particularly bad and the rest were solid. He wasnt called up this last time as the coach is giving young players more chances as Bolivia is out of teh EC run. Any questions please ask.

Here's a clip of him


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Yes, just as VivaBolivar stated above, he is a good central, and right defender.



He was often credited in Argentina as one of the best defenders in the league, stopping the likes of Riquelme and shutting down many potent offenses in the league.


His style would work well with the EPL, as he is tough, a hard tackler and his touch on the ground is as good as many south american midfielders (same with his passing).


He captained Bolivia up until his drop in form (mainly his state of fitness dropped because of him leaving saudia arabia).


After rosario central, there were rumors his ex coach that went on to coach Boca, carlos ischia, was going to bring his captain to Boca. But things never came through, and he stayed at Rosario, and same goes with rumors of him leaving to River Plate too years before then.


He instead decided to leave rosario and head for the $$$ and messed up his career in Saudia Arabia by going to Al-Hilal earning close to 900k Euro's yearly. He soon left the club before his contract was up, because he was uncomfortable with the culture and way of life in Saudia Arabia.


He was on a free transfer then, and a terrible Cruz Azul decided to give him a go, letting him join the club.


He couldnt even help them, because of how bad they were. They were beyond repair and went down in flames, with him often being fingered as one of the reasons, they decided to let him go.


He basically from that point on to now, has been a work in progress, he was given a go vs. Venezuela last game before the one vs. Paraguay, and was obviously rusty and out of shape. He didnt have a great game, but showed flashes of his old self.


Hopefully since then, to now, he has improved his fitness and gotten back to his old self.


His old form at rosario, would be a great fit for your squad and league. I just hope he shows this to your team and gets a place on the squad.


Cheers from Virgina!

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