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The fourth official - post everton tweets


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I'd love Duffy to get a loan to Cardiff City. City being my second team, I'd love to see a young everton lad come in and develop, and with our lacking of strong central defenders and a new manager with a rebuilding job on his hands and a need to add some real steel to the back four, he could be just what Cardiff need. Plus City are always up and around the top of the table competing for promotion, and look at what a loan move to a promotion chasing side did for Coleman.


Alas, it probably won't happen, but a Toffee/Bluebird can dream...

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A loan spell is probably just what he needs. However if your other post RE Yobo is correct could we be leaving ourselves a little short at CB?



Don't be silly, we've got Neville and Hibbert who can play there, forget about a natural central defender playing there if we had a bit of crisis rofl.gif

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Would be a good move for us, while I too would prefer Sturrdige, Macheda seems like he could be good with a run of games, similar to what happened to Sturrdige last year on loan. Plus I could see macheda being a very good impact sub, bring him on for the last 20 minutes or so and he could get a decisive goal, as well as being someone we could run out against lesser teams. Hope this comes off...

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More from Fourth_Official


Think we've seen the end of Yakubu at Everton too.. few clubs keeping an eye on him #EFC


Believe it or not, I think Everton will sign someone, a late loan dash to keep the fans of the boards back #EFC




second one made me chuckle a little. Would be happy to see either Macheda or Sturridge, in fact any new faces would be a welcome sight. I also wouldn't be surprised if Yak left before the end of the TW.

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True, I also don't think Moyes himself would want to bring anyone in just to make up numbers and/or keep the fans happy. If we do bring someone in, I think it would be because Moyes thinks he'll add something to the squad. Yet, in all honesty, even though I keep checking the rumours circulation, I still very much doubt that we'll be seeing anyone coming in before Wednesday night, however, i wouldn't be surpirised movement in the other direction.

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