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The best and worst sponsor logos on shirts

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I remember Bonar, that was Saint Johnstone and Wang Computers was Oxford United, around about the time they won the League Cup in 1986.


I don't know the Wet Wet Wet replica, obviously some ill-advised release from the scottish leagues but don't know who the team was.


Liverpool had Candy for a while, perfectly suitable for Candy asses, although the Crown Paints one was actually decent.


I liked the Real Madrid one that simply displayed the club name and Ajax Amsterdam with the legendary ABN-Amro or whatever it was.


(third attempt now to submit this)

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Zulte-Waregem, 2nd in the Belgian competition this year has got 5 shirt sponsors that take so much space on the front and back side of the shirts, the players' names aren't even on it. They're not all named "Declercq" btw :D


Hah, thought this only happened in the French league then.


Here's Evian's shirts:




Not sure whether they're shite or genius.

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I actually quite like the Newcastle shirt bar the sponsor and why did you have to post a picture of that annoying fat shit!!


Surprised no team "that I know of" in the EPL has ventured down the multiple sponsor route?


Sorry I won't post a picture, I will post a video instead ;-)



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That was one of my favourite Everton shirt's ever. I remember getting the full kit for my birthday as a kid and going out in it for a meal with my mum, dad and brother.


Incidentally, on the way to that meal my mum got a case of road rage and almost punched a fella at a set of traffic lights. Fortunately, as she got out of the car to go and get him he shit himself and put his foot down and sped away :rofl: .

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the yellow striped one is one of my favs too..had a speed shirt as a kid..signed by the great man..still got it :)


(Probably told this story before but) I bought the NEC one on the day of the Wimbledon relegation game in 1994. I was skint and not working because of long term illness at the time and it was still full price but I decided if we went down I was going to get it to show relegation wasn't going to change my attitude. We won (you probably know that :P), I decided I still wanted it so drove the twelve odd miles to the shop (in Wells, Somerset) and got there just before it closed :).


Was a happy drive!

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You'll probably get what you envisaged now.


Mind you, what do you expect. The shirt logo's, go hand in hand with colors, designs, and all it entails, so of course it was going to deviate from the initial point of discussion.


It's 'poofs' not puffs, incidentally, but that's all I got to say on the issue.

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