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Highlights Video 13/14 (EVERTON)

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Last year, I made the 2012/13 highlights which has had over 18,000 views!

So after that success, I've decided to make it an annual tradition to make a highlights video for myself & other Evertonian's to enjoy!

The main reason I do this is to show the whole season... pretty much all the goals, the new players, the players who left & also our beautiful stadium and bits including Christmas, Martinez's first speech & Bill Kenwright talking at the Memorial of The Hillsborough Disaster.

The video is here.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLjSrzwikak - and they'll be a link to Veoh soon'ish.

I love Everton & I hope you enjoy this vid... comments are welcome whether negative or positive responses. Thank you!

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Brings back how much I enjoyed last season. The football leading up to many of those goals was immense. So many players had a meaningful impact. In every position.


Sometimes, while debating on what we think we know and who is better etc like the deluded footy fans that we are, we actually don't see what is really happening on the pitch.


Brilliant season. Makes me look forward to the next one even more.

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Damn that brought a fuzzy warm feeling to me. Tears in my eyes.


Also makes me rethink lukaku, seemed to be a lot of really good goals and assists there.

And how many goals did naismith end up on? Scored more than o realised.


I just can't wait for press season to start now.

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