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Can opinions be wrong?


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Bit of a strange question and one thats going to start no end of trouble I imagine (as everyone is going to be giving opinions on a question about opinions) but what do you think?


I honestly think they can in certain circumstances but curious to see what others think...

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Some people are of the opinion that Hitler was a decent bloke and the holocaust never happened, some think the Earth is flat. Some people even believe that Joey Barton makes thought provoking contributions on Twitter!


So another yes vote from me, no question.

Can't really argue with this can you.


Lock thread and it's done :lol:

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Right and wrong are moral absolutes, so the question of whether an opinion (or having an opinion) is one or the other, depends upon whether you believe in absolutism. How are you qualifying 'right' and 'wrong'?


Getting far to deep for me at this time of night (unless someone has a bottle of something strong to share). Fair points; see you tomorrow.

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Facts are absolutes. If I give you a correct fact (e.g., "Tony Hibbert has never scored a Premier League goal") that fact remains absolutely true no matter how much anyone might try to spin it ("but he scored in his testimonial game!"), justify it ("but they don't need him to score"), ignore it ("not important!"), or even pretend the opposite is true ("He has scored 50 Premier League goals, comrade, and you will repeat that as often as the party tells you to.")


Opinions are not absolutes. They are rooted in personal point of view, shaped and modified by levels of knowledge, personal experience, personal biases, and individual maturity. They can (and frequently do) evolve and change as we learn more and broaden our perspectives. Therefore an opinion cannot ever be 100% wrong, nor can it ever be 100% right. Some opinions can certainly be more wrong than others, maybe even as much as 99.9999999999999% wrong, but which ones reach that level of wrongness is naturally a matter of opinion.


Of course, that's just my opinion on the matter. ;)

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