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Davies vs Niasse

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Sounds like fat head has been getting on the phone to his media mates so stir up trouble at the club after we fucked him off.

I wouldn't be surprised if there some unrest in the squad, but I highly doubt this story is true. Can you see Niasse being a cause of a rift? Really?! More likely is that there was unrest due to who our manager was.

If it is true though, the pair of them can do one because neither one is all that good.

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Hope it's all bollocks but a major reason why we need to stop fucking around with the manager appointment and get a strong leader in to bang heads together and get rid of the wankers. 

To be honest we played like a divided team for a lot of this season - gutless, shambolic, no fight for each other. If that's the case I'd lay the blame squarely at Koeman's door, he's an arrogant, divisive figure, and also Walsh for bringing the wrong characters in. 

But let's hope it's all rubbish. Either way, main thing I want to see next season is a team playing for each other and the shirt. 

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You could tell reading it that it was a load of shit.

And fancy picking those 2 players!!! Fuck off.

The things that Niasse had been through with this club, the way he has been treat, and how he carried on like a model pro? A shite newspaper writes something like that...and people believe it! Unreal.

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