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Artem Dzyuba

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46 minutes ago, Makis said:

It's an obviously a made up rumour with zero credibility. And what's more, the player in question isn'tttt even that good so what's the point with these "nope, not for me" type of messages?

You said it, its a rumour that's why its here. 90% of all the rumours in here are made up by people who think they are  ITK or newspapers who have nothing to print so they start a rumour.

Its a rumourama thread makis, that's all it is so don't take anything in here so serious. 😊


Edit........  You beat me to it Shukes.

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1 hour ago, Shukes said:

Lets face it, 99% of rumours are made up. This would be a very boring place if we never commented on them.

But there are rumours that are at least believable. Why comment on one that clearly is stupid and would go against everything Brands has said? What's the point of those "Nope" messages exactly? 

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Because it’s a rumour page. True or false, fans like to look into all rumours. Personally I had never heard of this player before this rumour. 

So to me, I had no idea there was anything in it or not. I only know about this player doe to this thread, hence commenting on it. 

Think about it, your commenting on it yourself. Though it serves no purpose.... your still here 😉

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