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Technical Issue

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Search box has stopped working on my laptop, can still type stuff in but it won't find anything. Assured by Microsoft support it's a global thing and they're working on a patch but it's only happened in one of three Windows 10 devices in the house which I find a bit odd; anyone else have the problem?

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17 minutes ago, TallPaul1878 said:

Sold my PC for parts but I've had a couple of updates that caused errors on my PC that the only solution was to do a reinstall of Windows.

Just bare in mind that you might have to do a reinstall. Are your important docs on a separate hard drive? 

I can still access everything Paul so not a disaster on that scale, it's just the search function that won't work; and being something of a dinosaur all important docs are on paper in box-files fortunately.

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25 minutes ago, johnh said:

It was the switching off and on wot did it.😁

That was fix 1a John and it didn't work.

It's like if something ever went wrong with the old bangers of cars we used to drive fix 1a was spray the engine all over with WD40; normally did the trick!:D

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13 hours ago, MikeO said:

All sorted now according to them. Wasn't just us it was all the sites they host, minor upgrade which happened Saturday night threw a big spanner in the works apparently.

Excellent, thanks Mike for the update. I was just wondering if it was me! Glad it’s all fixed on time for the stampede of Everton transfers. 

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