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How Did You Find Us?


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I think it was google for me and once I was here I never looked back!


Ahh I remember now I got banned off kipper on my first day for upsetting the establishment there when I told everyone who never went the Bucharest game they should be ashamed and not to bother turning up for Chelsea at the weekend!


They didnt like being called part timers and the fish got the bullet with no warning or anything!!

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Don't remember to be honest...probably scanning EFC sites and got the link from BBTB. I joined Kipper first also but don't think I posted at all...like the "Thinking" tag.


And the most important thing I've learned from here is how to answer the question.."Why do you support Everton then?"


Used to go into a long explanation about '66 and '68 cup finals...family background and the 1969 Ideal Home Exhibition (honest) but now I just say..


"'Cos I was chosen...." :D

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I came across TT by complete fluke .


Was just typing in Everton related things on google and there it was at the top of the page , didn't register staright sway and just watched for a bit to see if it was as hostlile as kipper but it seemed full of bloodly nice chaps and chap-esses so decided to give it a go .


Little did i know what i was letting myself in for . :lol:

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