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I find them a bit hit and miss.

There was a really good speaker on there last night who was involved in the protests around the Rooney sale and he spoke a lot of sense about focusing on the message and what is really achievable (Basically Kenwright out). One of the hosts and another speaker from NSNOW just seemed to completely fail to take the advice which is a shame because he spoke a lot of sense and he was speaking from experience of his own failed attempts.

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Having listened to Evertonian's calling in every single one to a man condemned Kenwright, like many they were taken in by Bill's bullshit, like myself I hasten to add until 6 months ago when things started to become more clearer that he was the biggest problem in the club. I remember some time ago defending him when Haf was condemning him, for the record I would like to apologise to Haf, you have been spot on about him for years I wish I had seen him for what he really was back then. 
I have always maintained that this is our club and we are the only true owners, and the only ones who can bring to an end the mismanagement of the club by its owner and board, we will be supporting this club till our last breath, encouraging our kids and grandkids to live and breathe the greatest club ever to grace the game of football. By peacefully protesting you are not harming the club or the team as they would like you to believe, far from it you are saving your club from those who are destroying it. Go on the marches before the game be peaceful and respectful the eyes of the world will be on us, then go to the game and give Dyche and the players the biggest cheer as the enter the pitch, let them know you will always support them Evertonian's are class let's show that to the watching millions. Unfortunately I can't be there but those who can be there you will be marching for me and I genuinely wholeheartedly thank you for that, stay safe and god bless you all you are truly my heroes, even you Rom😇

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