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Vs Brentford (home)


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5 minutes ago, Wall Writer said:

Definitely not seen any clear and obvious images to suggest that was handball. If anything it seemed to hit him in the middle of his chest.

Wonder if Lineker and co. will be talking about that this evening in MOTD - oh, wait!  

Had the game on mute. What did the in game commentaries say?

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An absolute must win today and a huge task given Brentfords current run. Not an easy game but I'm happy with the performance, we didn't allow Brentford any easy chances and the team were well disciplined and didn't make any silly errors today.

Out of the relegation zone, for now, with a game up on everyone around us. West ham and Southampton losing tomorrow will be hugely beneficial.

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9 minutes ago, Sibdane said:

McNeil MOTM. That second half was rough. 

He's (not surprisingly) been a different player under Dyche.

It's almost as if players attributes and strengths fit into certain systems, isn't it? How strange. Maybe if we'd have thought about that when we signed him under Lampard... Well we wouldn't have.

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94.5 minutes of stress yesterday, willing a 2nd goal for us and praying they couldn’t find the net. First half we were pretty much in control, second half they came out and played it around much better, tiring us out, giving them more time to find the gaps, which got bigger. We reverted back to a team that panics as the game went on, or trying to do the complex when simple was a better option.

Cant fault our spirit and energy, if we had better bench options we wouldn’t have looked so knackered at the as many did. So happy we held on, 3 more vital points on a day that went generally in our favour, except the shite conspiring against us that is.

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Just caught up with the highlights... how on earth did we not score more than one? Huge chances for Iwobi and Onana and the VAR decision looks dodgy as well. Unless they had a better angle, there didnt seem to be anything clear and obvious about it. 

Defensive effort looked sound as well.

We just need to keep ticking away and picking up these points no matter how nerve wracking they get.

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