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Nicky Maynard

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""Maynard plays for Crewe Licker, do your research properly""



OOPS... I'm talking about the wrong fella, seen something about a fella we've been linked with, saying he was happy to stay, Might have been Giles Barnes ..... Ipswich or Derby ???. I'm having another "Senior Moment". :D Bye.

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Nope not Giles Barnes Licker, that would be Billy Clarke.



It is Giles Barnes, he's just scored twice for Derby tonight, has said he's flattered by all the interest, but he's quite happy to stay at Derby.

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Am i supposed to know who that is?


Crewe youth product (striker) tipped to follow the likes of David Platt and Dean Ashton to the top but he ended up going to Bristol City where he's continued to score but has had a few injuries. Many still rate him. A lot of people only know of him because of this goal (link below)... and because of this think he is better than he actually is. Pretty much all I know of him is what I've just typed...


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£10million!? His contract expires next season. They'd be looking at half that.

Thats still a gamble Louis 5 million on an untested striker! We shouldve kept The Yak at least you know what you had with him a fucking lazy goalscorer. Makes it worse when the Mancs paid 6 for that Mexican kid the one that sounds like that small car!

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