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Everton V Man U


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Well, this is a big one, in which we normally dont do to well


Its backs to the wall time (not just because Ronaldo is around) or will we nick a cheeky point


Or even, we might see the performance of the season so far and grab all 3 points. I WISH

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According to the beeb on Sunday Ronaldo was injured when he was subbed. Whether he plays or not it's likely to be an exercise in damage limitation I fear. No-one has made us look silly for a long time now and it'd be a shame to go back there. I'm gonna go for a 1-1 (though I suspect my Anusol Cup tip may be different :unsure: ). Twenty-five yard screamer from VDM equalizing Saha's opener :P .

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im started to brick it with nervousness and excitement now!cant wait to get in the pub tomorrow, neck a few and start cheering on the blue boys, my royal blue tinted glasses say itll be 2-1, but the realistic part of me says itll be 3-0 to them, lets just hope we give them a fight eh, as long as the performance is good im not bothered given the way manure have been playing this season

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Yeh furk it - 0 - 1 To Us...In an absoltue Old Fashioned Bloodbath.


Lescott after lacing The prima Dona's all night Arrives (ala de ja vu) @ the back post nailing the winner, whilst taking himself, Van der Saar & Pip's Bro bursting Thru the back of the net with him.





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