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Portsmouth V Everton


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A match that DM would probably prefer to play 4-5-1 and we've only got (possibly) three fit front line midfielders..VDM (if he can be called front line after one performance, but that's another thread), Carsley and Davies. Faddy will play mid again but then if Pip's not fit does he play Beattie and go 4-4-1and a half or maybe even give Vidarsson a start?


Tough one but at least the defence is looking solid...it'll need to be, but I'll take a 1-0 win..late (as late as possible) thirty yarder from VDM :D .

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Could do with winning this as would then put us ahead of Pompy and give us a little breathing space for the rest of December.


Midfield is very week as Osman also out of the Pompy game.


Would expect VDM to play if fit and wouldn't surprise me if the only change is Neville (if fit) for Osman. If not then Davies will be back in.

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desperate times call for desperate measures.


if VDM is fit play him. faddy will play on the left. davies maybe i dunno.


but with cahill, arteta, neville (possibly) and osman out. i reckon we will either play vidarsson in a four man midfield or alternativly try a 4,3,3







thats not gonna happen but its a suggestion

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to be honest i'd take 0-0 if someone offered me it now but with chelski on the horizon need all 3 points




it will be a 442 me thinks usual suspects at the back at the moment with


faffy cars davids vin diesel


in mid and aj and bt up front


think faddy will need to play well and try an leave cars and davies to sit and clean up leaving vdm and to run at the defenders

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Difficult game considering the injuries we have this week.


But still looking at the line ups some of you have posted - three or four years ago we would have only dreamed of having a starting 11 like that to put on the pitch - so although a few of our usual starters are unavailable - still a team that could get a result.


It's not like there are there is going to be two or three youth team players starting.


I tend to think a few set backs also helps some of the players kick on and just put that little more effort in- the team spirit really shining though so to say.


Definately a game where 3 points could be picked up - but considering how well Portsmouth are doing and our injuries I will settle for an away point at this time.

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the line up shows we are lacking quality in depth. our first choice 11 would beat most teams, we lose about 5 players and our squad is not near good enough. ok i know 5first team players is a big loss, but we should be able to replace maybe 3 of them with some sort of quality

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