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  1. Sir McGiven

    ATV Irdning (Pre-Season - Game 1)

    Thanks, guys. Definitely, it is not giving an opinion on the team, looks more like a warm-up act before the show.
  2. Sir McGiven

    ATV Irdning (Pre-Season - Game 1)

    is it possible to see the highlights? probably 20 min. long, looking at the score.
  3. Sir McGiven

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    He can be a very useful rotation player for them especially if he is agreed that role. In that case, very good addition and later they can sell him to a lower reputation league for a good price. Maybe to a Russian side, Turkish side, Chinese etc...
  4. Sir McGiven


    Well, I think Croatia is a great team and of course, Modric and Rakitic are the ones who make the difference for them but England side is looking better and better after many years "as a team". What I fear is the referee. We know him, he is one of the most reputable UEFA referees, in Turkey he is one of the most hated ones. (Doesn't matter if you are Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Besiktas or any other team's fan) His judgement being easily affected in the domestic league but he is a way better referee in Europe, still, one thing doesn't change about him. He likes to be under the spotlights. My nation is not competing in the tournament and except Mbappe kid, I don't like France team at all. So, I would love to see it's going home. I hope Mr Cakir will be fair to you guys and best of luck.
  5. Sir McGiven

    Yerry Mina

    I refuse to not get excited about him I think he is not technically gifted, he is not going to be a modern ball-playing defender but will be more like a traditional central defender and a set piece threat, it'll be enough. He'll be good if this transfer happens.
  6. Sir McGiven

    Ademola Lookman

    Werner? One of the most overrated forward in the football history. Didn't you see him creeping in Germany group stage matches? He is a coward, constantly avoids getting in contact with defenders, last year he left the game in the first 10 minutes while Leipzig playing against Besiktas in CL declaring that he is uncomfortable with the stadium noise. Puff through him and he'll fly like a foam. In case of an exchange deal, I would rather have Forsberg instead of him. At least he takes responsibility on the pitch.
  7. Sir McGiven

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Loan Out: Garbutt, Onyekuru
  8. Sir McGiven

    Henry Onyekuru

    Turkish media says that he is now in Istanbul for the medical check and will be signed by Galatasaray afterwards. Different opinions on the details, some says it is a transfer move for 8 million pounds, some say Everton couldn't get a work permit for him so it is a loan move.
  9. Sir McGiven

    The Funny Pictures/Videos Thread.

    https://9gag.com/gag/aDoRMB9?ref=fbp maybe this direct link can help Mike
  10. Sir McGiven

    The Funny Pictures/Videos Thread.

    It is a quite big screenshot but worth to read. Vote for the Robert guy dear American friends P.S.: For those who don't know how to make it bigger, right click on the picture, "open it in a new tab" and then zoom in.
  11. Sir McGiven

    Jordan Pickford

  12. Sir McGiven


    Another perspective; I wonder if Sam still thinks it is his England side and envious atm, ha! Well done Jordan!
  13. Sir McGiven

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Wouldn't be Yerry Mina a good CB for Everton? Tall, his jump reach is good as well, fast enough for PL as far as I see, passionate... He is linked to Fenerbahce (loan deal) however it could be a good addition to Everton as well. Turkish media says the deal is done but Spanish sources say he doesn't want to play in Turkish League and prefers EPL, so it can be a good deal.
  14. Sir McGiven

    Domagoj Vida

    He is a CB but also can play as RB. We signed him for free last year and he was with us for only half of the last season. So can't tell everything about it but he was kind of slow to me but I still think he is a decent defender, my only concern is his pace. (Talking about Turkish league, of course, so double my concern for EPL)