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  1. Tottenham Hotspur (Away) Saturday January 13th

    What a gap on left wing. I mean it is even a huge gap for PL standart.
  2. The Funny Pictures/Videos Thread.

    couldn't decide if it is a joke or...
  3. Arda Turan

    In the meantime; Turkish newspapers also telling that Everton may decide to make a move for Oguzhan Ozyakup as well. I don't think it is a true story (he is from arsenal btw if someone remembers him from their youth team). In my opinion, his strength is not suited for the premier league but gets along very well with Cenk, almost telepathically and his technique and vision good enough. Still, he is not a strong player, can be beaten with light shoulder touch. Probably it is fake news. (narrated by trump) He plays as MC (Nr. 8 kind of MC) or AMC. P.s: Wow, i became "Daniel Amokachi", he retired at Besiktas by becoming a club legend. Proud. swh
  4. Arda Turan

    i sent this to another topic here, let me paste it here as well with some additions;
  5. Cenk Tosun

  6. Liverpool (FA Cup Away) Friday January 5th

    one of the lamest penalty call i've ever seen in my life. shame.
  7. January Transfer Window

    Actually, according to my footballer wages research online and if my calculations are correct while converting GBP to EUR, Draxler earning 100k Euros weekly at PSG. Any marketing, brand, sponsorship etc. kind of deals are not included. Lukaku used to earn 90k GBP (approx. 101k Euros) from Everton. I don't know if these kind of contracts includes any other variables but if not it matches. Still, in case of a transfer move from PSG to Everton for a player like Draxler caliber will cause a little bit "boost" on wage expectations for sure. On the other hand as the figures are not as different as chalk and cheese, it could have been worth trying by a simple enquiry to his agency as long as PSG side is ok for this move.
  8. Cenk Tosun

    i don't think he will be suitable for us right now, keep it i'd rather demba ba with only 1 leg functional.
  9. Cenk Tosun

    major turkish newspapers has also started to say "it is done" and changed their website headlines just right now, looks like it is a done deal now. take good care of him. he was great servant for us and may do the same for you. also our manager has declared that he is gone and they are considering their options on cenk's replacement.
  10. He used to be a very good, promising player. He shined when he was playing for Galatasaray then his Atletico Madrid years were huge success under Simeone but can't tell the same for his Barcelona "days" He is not in a good shape, not sure even he is practicing or going to trainings. He can still be a useful transfer but signing him during the Jan. transfer window is a huge risk as he needs to reshape himself but it requires at least 3 months for him to get in a good shape as far as i can see him on Turkish media. He can play as AMR - AML and AMC. As Rooney playing more like MC-AMC, you won't need him on that position, he struggled as MC at Barça so counting it as "not an option" He can be a good substitute but probably his wage will be huge for a substitute player as he is earning a lot by doing nothing at Barça and Barça also stated that they need some cash to sell him as they spent 34m. for his transfer but there were nothing in return for them. It was a shit experience for both sides. He still could have been star player for Atleti side and Barça could do the same without him on their roster.
  11. Cenk Tosun

    Additional info on this: Besiktas chairman Fikret Orman has just returned from South Africa, it was a family trip and most likely he didn't care about anything else during the trip. He is back now and finalized Domagoj Vida transfer also stated that his board were running the negotiations on behalf of him so far but he is now back in business and will lead the transfer talks regarding Cenk Tosun. He also indicated that there is a 35m. (i think in euro) offer from China but he is not taking it seriously as Cenk doesn't want to go China and wants to play in a better league than Chinese League but Everton needs to higher the price a little bit more (no amount mentioned in this statement so still Everton's offer is not clear) and for Cenk's sake Besiktas is also ready to make some sacrifices. From what i understand, whatever price has been offered by Everton is a bit low for Besiktas and the chairman says "step a bit forward and we'll also come closer to you to meet in a common ground". P.S.: There is another story circulating which indicates RB Leipzig offered 28 m. euros for Cenk, they want him at the end of the season but they are up to finalize the transfer now. Also AS Rome and Valencia mentioned as they are monitoring his situation.
  12. Cenk Tosun

    ok, i am informing the club at the moment. we are sending cenk to you for free + we will pay 10 m. pound for you to sign him immediately. this is called "negotiation", either you can take it or leave. same rule, same standarts everywhere, you can not insult anyone on this. premier league is way way better than turkish league, it is a fact. everton has better history than besiktas, it is a fact. everton's history is older and better than besiktas, it is a fact. if you put everton in turkish league for a season, they will be heaviest title contender easily. but this doesn't effects the negotiations. let's check other facts; besiktas is in reluctant seller position. everton desperately needs a proper striker, lukaku still hasn't been replaced yet. it can be cenk or someone else, doesn't matter at this stage. besiktas playing in the CL and surprisingly reached to the next stage. we'll play with bayern munich, chances are low but lower if cenk leaves. that's the reason of being reluctant seller. if besiktas rejects the final offer and cenk keeps playing for besiktas we can be knocked-out against bayern but we can still sell him for at least 20m. in the summer transfer window. but if we face another surprise and somehow besiktas knocks-out bayern and if cenk scores in this match-up, what happens? what do you think? cenk is besiktas fan since childhood and leaving for his dream league or keep playing for his fav. team doesn't matter for him at the moment, according to his comments. still, he wants to play in PL if besiktas wants to sell him for the club's benefit. the most important point here, "if besiktas wants to sell him". so it is not going to be a story like "cenk wants out and angry as besiktas refused to sell him" as soon as the transfer confirmed, he will be the most expensive turkish player and club will receive a massive amount for a turkish club. it will help our current financial status. at this stage, trying to get more is legit. google: profit maximization. no need to be a butt hurt racist. it is a business, it goes through many negotiations. everyone playing their cards. it will be done or not eventually. still hoping everton to sign him for his sake. he always has been good for us, performed whenever we needed his service. he is 26 years old and time to take himself to the next level.
  13. Cenk Tosun

    Hey there, another Besiktas fan from Turkey. I have an Irish colleague who is a big time Everton fan, whenever we meet he likes to talk about Premier League and Everton. Because of him i am following Everton for a while now as i enjoy those moments where we discuss PL. I told him and i can tell same here; 1) Of course it is a gamble. We signed him for free 3 years ago. He was a promising striker back then, he couldn't make it into first 11 until last year and still goes on this year. There is no guarantee that he can adapt himself into PL style of football but it is valid nearly for all foreigners outside of UK. I can say, i am pretty sure he can success if he manage to adapt. Additionally in the beginning of his career, he trained in Germany. (Ein. Frankfurt 2007 - 2011) I think his disciplined culture is from Germany as it is hard to find a disciplined national player in Turkey. (By saying disciplined who pays attention in trainings, takes care of himself after the trainings, before and after match day etc.) 2) The reason he couldn't make it that he was behind Demba Ba, Mario Gomez and Aboubakar. Usually they were the main strikers but as he indicated in his interviews, he never stopped, he took advantages of learning from those experienced strikes and a young gun like Abou. Besides the season, he kept working with his private coach during the whole summer time. 3) He has started to shine last year where he scored his magnificent goal against Benfica. (Voted as the best goal of the group stage last year) As you can see, he is now rumoured for some PL teams. It is a good indicator for us to see how he developed at Besiktas because i don't even remember who was the last footballer signed by a PL team from Turkey. (I think it was Alpay from Fenerbahce to Aston Villa in 2000 for 9m euros) 4) He has a good first touch, in my opinion it can be very crucial to success for the strikers/attacking midfielders in PL. He is a solid finisher. He can play as AML, as well as a striker. 5) He is ambitious but this ambition is not leading him into trouble. I mean, maybe sometimes but it is rare. 6) He is a great personality on and off the pitch. tl;dr If he can manage to adapt in to PL style of football, he can make an impact for Everton. He is a good signing for the rumoured price. As soon as the transfer announced, i can only hope the best for him as we enjoyed his time in Besiktas and hope glories for the Toffees and less heart attacks for my colleague Brian. Take a good care of him. Oh and sorry for the typos and grammer.