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  1. Manchester City (Home) Saturday March 31st

    First of all, defensive formation lets City (or Pool after that) destroy Everton. Tactic should be designed around 4-3-3 IMO. But let's talk about City without being off-topic... City's formation is 4-3-3 almost in every event. Explosive striker, Agüero is upfront and he is being supported by magnificent wingers around him also, one of the best midfielders De Bruyne - Silva/Gundogan in the league. On the other hand, while they are defending, their formation sometimes turning into 4-4-2. They love to build up their play from the defense which includes their goalkeeper as Pep known for his admire for the goalkeepers with decent kicking/passing the ball abilities. So the first thing that needs to be done, pressing City's defenders and force them to use long balls as Liverpool was successfully doing that to them. Mark them tightly, press up front, cut their pass roots as they will be looking to pass the ball to the supportive midfield who will be De Bruyne, Silva/Gundogan. As I mentioned, Liverpool did it and forced City to use long balls more than they've ever done and caused mistakes, lost balls etc. The handicap here is Everton doesn't have any all-around midfielders. Gana can be good defensively but lack of attacking skills. Rooney is good when he is attacking. Davies, I'm not sure if he can handle this game, to be honest, and he was looking tired last week. They closing-down starting from their forward line, tireless attackers and midfielders are their advantages. However, it can be surpassed by using long balls and Rooney can be efficient. Walcott, Bolasie, and Cenk can get decent scoring chances. Key markings should be on Agüero, De Bruyne and Silva/Gundogan, rest is manageable. Their set-pieces are also dangerous because of De Bruyne's set-piece skills, in those cases, markings and man-sharing in the box should be thorough. Stoke City game is a good example of it. Half-assed man marking in the box caused a conceded goal. In conclusion; cut their pass lines, keep a close eye on their key players and pressure all the time. Let them feel you inhale and exhale on their back. Use your lungs, run m...f... run but also use your brain! Try long balls to surpass their oppressive pressure and try to get a lucky shot in the box or outside the box. Or there is another way, Set your formation to 5 - 4 - 1 and pray to concede less than you imagine. Defending blindly is stupid as Fat tried it against Arsenal but defending smart is a good weapon against a stronger side than you.
  2. Bond 26

    Assasin's Creed was pretty bad. His acting is good tho. Tarantino for a Bond movie? You should be blood-thirsty mate He was classy af and was looking good as an Agent in U.N.C.L.E. I think he fits better than any other candidates.
  3. Cenk Tosun

    So, he gave an interview to one of the biggest and oldest newspapers (Milliyet) in Turkey. Let me try to translate the relevant parts of it; P. S. Please excuse typos and grammar mistakes if there are any. P. S. #2 Oh I've missed some parts at the end. Below;
  4. Man of the Match at Stoke

    Rooney was better than anyone else IMO but my vote goes to my fellow Turkish lad Cenk, just to celebrate his first more than 1 goal scored game.
  5. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    A good away win to take home even though Everton was pretty bad. Good game for Cenk on the second half (still think that foul which turned into a conceded goal was pretty stupid) and great double salvo. Rooney was good in general.
  6. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Stupid foul there by Cenk, gosh.
  7. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Poor half-time for Everton. Stoke: 5 shots (2 on target) Everton: 2 shots (0 on target) ***** Stoke: 10 headers won Everton: 2 headers won ***** Everton only trying to play from the right wing and it gives Stoke the option to cover that wing easily. On the other hand, they are playing mostly on the left wing but at least they were producing more than Everton. (based on heat map) Pass successes are equal (%77) for both teams however we've seen a lot of easy, inaccurate passes on Everton side. ***** Expecting 2 upfront by calling Davies out and getting Niasse in or keeping the same formation and subbing Cenk and Davies, getting Niasse and Klaasen in. DCL for Bolasie is also likely.
  8. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    it should be yellow IMO, I don't think it was intentional but hopefully, it'll be a wake-up call for the team. They were terrible so far. Bad passes, bad first touches...
  9. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    that was a clear penalty as the guy's arm was wide open and didn't even try to hide it as far as I see on replay.
  10. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Definitely bad start from Cenk...
  11. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    f... it was a poor marking by Stoke defenders, Davies should have buried it.
  12. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    i don't know if sharing links approved mate, forgive me if it is not allowed, if it is not allowed admins can delete it then. but you may try this:
  13. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Well, understandable line-up. I mean Gana has both haters and supporters but as he was consistent in Sam's mind, that makes this line-up understandable. I could criticize this as being defensive again if it wasn't an away game and Siggy wasn't injured but I have nothing to say now. Bolasie deserved a chance this game with his performance last week. Good to see Cenk, Walcott, Coleman, and Baines together as well. How long will Siggy be out by the way?
  14. Phil Jones

    he is kinda prone to injury. according to the records, he was injured for 651 days in his career and his last 3 injuries were worrying ones. 59 days - 45 days and 56 days, each one. means, whatever he has, getting worse... as long as he is healthy, he can be a good addition but around same prices, I think Everton can easily find someone else who is less prone to injury. I do not say he is a shit player but you know, you want to see your team ready to serve on the pitch.
  15. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    You know I used to play Championship Manager while I was younger in 90's, one of the very early games of Championship Manager series. I think I was 10, 11 years old. Back in that time, my mind was working like "Sign any player who scores against you, so they can score for you as well." It didn't work out of course and I was looking at the screen with around 10 strikers in my squad, ha! Those statements of Fat's and your comment on it reminded me that. Good old days.