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  1. well... chelsea, united and arsenal following. if he stays, arsenal is the most suitable game to steal point(s) but I don't think (hope) he will survive until the arsenal game.
  2. is this match on tv? if so, which one? there is no live stream on tv in turkey, trying ti catch it on an UK or US tv. can someone tell me please?
  3. I just don't understand why he is not trying 4-4-2? There is nothing to lose... Is Everton ok for 1 point or eager to win? Richarlison was terrible and Gylfi wasn't shining as well and they are still on the pitch. There is no distribution and of course no execution up front... These substitutions are terrible IMO.
  4. I am not gonna honor some non-sense comments here with an arguably long post but if we are talking about military salute: J.J. Watt Lee Keun-ho in WC 2014 Griezmann at his best If we are talking about genocide, let's summon some native americans, armenians, algerians and jewish people. I think they have more things to say than any of us who can not understand what is a "genocide" here. Turks and Kurds (while millions of Kurds living in peace in Turkey) sharing a long past of disagreement. It started with the founding of PKK (YPG is a variant of it in Syrian borders) and their terrorist acts in the past. I am not going to lecture any of you with it but in summary both Turks and Kurds did some mistakes. Neither Turks nor Kurds are as pure as the driven snow. If you are interested, check unbiased sources online before using the word "genocide". There is another hint for you to dig in online. Why middle east this important? Iraq, Syria and others... Check out global warming, which soils will be affected most and which soils will be the source of "water". Why seperatist Kurds are being supported is easy to see then. Stop making naive comments. Anyway, I hate discussing politics. I hate politics, guns and warfares... Stupid humanity will be self destroying itself soon. Regarding Cenk's and other players' military salute... Bullshit and self-seeking act. Nationalism are being raised again in Turkey as it is being raised in EU and US as well, so it is a definitely self-seeking act but it doesn't and shouldn't make them guilty.
  5. he did score but he was horrible in general. of course he is lacking in match fitness, can't blame him too much. he plays national games to national games nowadays. he plays way better 2 upfront is the only thing that can be mentioned.
  6. https://www.givemesport.com/1511818-every-premier-league-managers-odds-of-being-the-next-coach-sacked-this-season guess who is #1? 😅
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/oct/10/jose-mourinho-rejects-lyon-chosen-another-club everton? ac milan? any other clubs?
  8. hoping for top 6, stucked in the bottom 6. meh. you know what? silva makes, he-who-must-not-be-named, look like a better option for the team...
  9. From what I've seen so far, neither DCL nor Cenk and even Kean doesn't fit his tactics. He doesn't want the striker to score but open spaces for attacking midfielder(s) and wingers, a goal from the striker is a bonus but not the main objective of his tactical approach. Maybe Kean can adapt to this but I don't DCL or Cenk will ever adapt. So, in my opinion, I don't think it will be a long term deal for him. Eventually, supporters will be looking to the score than the game on the pitch. (or prospect) I still do not understand why Kean is not a starter already or Cenk deserves another chance as a starter if Kean is not ready. Well, I don't think Cenk will turn another chance into gold but still... DCL is not the answer after scoring a header weeks later. From my perspective, a good manager should know what he has and make plans accordingly. Has he ever tried to play good old 4-4-2? Nope. Like it or not, Cenk is still an asset and maybe not the whole season but in some games, it can be a solution and can save points. Even DCL-Kean duo can worth to try... When the wingers or Siggy is not able to score, there is less chance for Everton to win the game and he has no other plans. I don't like his substitutions either...
  10. and that's importance of not fucking up while your team is preparing to attack with full force. bad pass from richy.
  11. no but not because he is irreplaceable, it's just new transfers can't replace him. different skill sets you know...
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