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  1. I don't think there is an highlight performance tho Digne was the one who deserves amongst them all.
  2. Is it just me or Lookman loves to play with the ball and holds it more than enough?
  3. He is good enough mate, it looks like he just doesn't fit to EPL due to lack of pace. He is not a "top" striker but good enough player even for CL-side teams. He has proven that already. Maybe it is better for him to sail the ship in the summer. He could have performed better in Germany or Spain. Premier League is on another level, he wanted a challenge and failed already but I don't think he regrets that. Everton's judgement on him can be questioned tho... Scouts should have analyzed him more accurately to see if he fits PL football or not. It's not his fault, it is not he is not trying as well. It's just not working, not in this league.
  4. He is definitely way better than Fat Sam but he is still couldn't convienced me that he is well enough for Everton. His substitutions are always late and not correct (IMO) most of the time. I missed some games this year due to struggling in life but whenever I watch an Everton game he made me think this way.
  5. Arsenal started to close down higher on the pitch, it gives them the oppurtunity win the ball back early and also control the game. I hope Silva is aware...
  6. somebody should tell lacazzette that he needs to stay up to play football.
  7. Maybe it's just me but I am starting to hate Richarlison and his exaggerated skills... He is skilled it's for sure but not as much as it's being told everywhere. He is also selfish and most of the time careless...
  8. I've just been able to turn on the stream and have seen Cpt. Everton scored already. Good for Jags!
  9. He did it against a considerably weaker team but he scored no matter what and he played really well. Last week he created a goal and now scored a double. Turkish National team fired Lucescu lately and hired Senol Gunes (Cenk's gaffer at Besiktas) who changed the tactic and implemented 4-4-2. So Cenk was a piece of 2-men striking force of the last 2 games and he was looking more comfortable. He played full-game where Turkish side closed down on the oppenent's half most of the time and he also missed a sitter but the match was 4-0 already, probably he did not care much and did try to make a more fancy move but it didn't work. Here is a highlights video if anyone interested: https://footy11.videostreamlet.net/player/html/4ev8MpoFbi?popup=yes&autoplay=1
  10. I am watching EPL since 97 when Turkish televisions started to televize it here in Turkey. I was admiring the Man. United side, you know that famous generation, it was a dream team for me and I was influenced. Then I became neutral, it was joy to watch quality football without becoming a fan but there were some teams I've never liked. Liverpool was always one of them and I enjoy whenever they lose the chance of becoming champions and I still enjoy it. Today they have taken a hit and it was really enjoyable to see that caused by the Everton. They were terrible upfront and I think the main problem was Origi. Firmino, even though I don't like him, is quite irreplaceable for them. Salah was poor and Mane was only a threat because of his pace and that's all. The other thing is Henderson. Whenever he starts, Liverpool's powerful attacking force is flying away. Their only luck is VVD. He is single handedly organizing their whole defence, directing them. He is a fucking beast and the best complete ball-playing defender in the league. Everton on the other hand was good enough but it could have been better if we were a bit more lucky alongside of the hard work. DCL worked hard but still not good enough against top 6 teams, Cenk on the other hand is not the answer as well unless his performence gets better but it doesn't look likely. I don't like Richarlison's and Walcott's recent performances. I don't understand why Morgan becoming a part of this team again. At the end of the day, it was a good day for the blues. Well done.
  11. Van Dijk is a fucking beast... He is alone keeping pool in the game while they suck up front.
  12. I am not sure if Silva aware of SOS signal that the team sending for a while now, or not.
  13. No he hasn't. I hope it is only one those regular under-performing days for him.
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