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  1. Sir McGiven

    Hirving Lozano

    He is more like an "inside forward" kind of player on the wing. His style reminds me, Arjen Robben. You know, cut inside from the wing onto the opposite leg. You are right about time and space but he is too young, he can adapt his style to English football. He is very fast on and off the ball. It is always a threat even in the PL. I think it can be very deadly when Lozano on the left wing and Walcott on the right wing. Cenk&Niasse can drill into gaps or can create gaps for the wingers.
  2. Sir McGiven

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    This. I wouldn't give a chance for him to move Everton if weren't signed the contract with Brands and the club is possibly open to working with his agent, Mino. Those famous "Passes, goals and skills" videos can be found on YouTube but my admiration for him coming from this; https://streamable.com/84qjw He is reminding me the days where Nasri was a potential superstar, just the days before he turns into one. He is a technical player. Fast as fu** (Real speedster, on and off the ball...) His passing, finishing is good. He can play in multiple positions when needed. (Right Wing, Striker) He is a winger but playing more like an inside forward. You know, cutting inside from the wing to the box. He is just what we need.
  3. Sir McGiven

    Paulo Fonseca

    It's Shakthar. Easy money, easy reputation.
  4. Sir McGiven

    Mini Raiola

    I don't like Raiola either but since Marcel rumoured for the DoF role, I was expecting him to bring Lozano with him. He has an amazing potential, he is a left winger which the club desperately needs one and Raiola represent him. If they are bringing him here together, I don't mind. I would love to see him under Everton shirt before any other major clubs getting interested in him. It can be a good benefit for Everton and profit in the future.
  5. Maybe I can send my requests to Everton and Everton Turkey accounts on Twitter.
  6. Sir McGiven

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Lozano would be a perfect addition to the team. I agree with that. If he can bring him to the club, it can be a massive boost to the left wing.
  7. Sir McGiven

    Thanks feck - its all over!

    EPL account on Facebook has shared the news and seen other club supporters' comments on it. Same old shit, of course, it looks like a success story from a distance. I want Sam to move United if Mr Bus Driver get sacked or Chelsea after Conte just to see if they'll be pleased with his football. I'll have my arguments saved until that day to discuss them how Fat Sam is successful while managing those clubs. I have never seen such boring football matches in my life. Goof ball... Really? Goodbye Sam, good riddance.
  8. Sir McGiven

    Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    I've realized this topic too late, hopefully, next year I can contribute more and without Fat Sam, more predictions on Everton's winning. Thanks, Steve and apart from that, I am a huge Excel freak. To see that table you are working on giving me satisfaction, ha!
  9. Sir McGiven

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Not sure about the British law on this subject but in my country, even if it is the part of the contract unless the employee is not fired due to crime/misdeed etc., you can not limit a person like that. Law protects the right of the employee. Especially in this business, the term of "rival company/team" is a wide description. It would have been unfair to any manager even if it is limited by given period of time or not. I don't think either Everton or Silva should be blamed here. It's just butthurt of Watford, to avoid criticism maybe.
  10. Sir McGiven

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Ok let's see what we have and I can add something into this as a part of a brainstorming. It will be a fantasy at the end. Goalkeepers Pickford, Stekelenburg, Robles I would stick to Pickford as he has shown some signs that he can be the one here. Stek is old, don't think he'll ask for a move due to lack of first-team chances so good sub in any case. Robles is a huge disappointment, doesn't matter either he moves or stay. He can be replaced with a young GK. Centre Backs Keane: In my country, we have an idiom (or maybe a lay terminology) for the people like him. The boy is clever but not making any effort so he looks like a dumb. I think it fits him. Got potential, doesn't give a damn, inconsistent. Can't trust him. Jags: Consistent, gives all he can under any circumstances. He is so old now, can't trust him again next year, good as a sub tho. Williams: I'll not even honour him by giving a comment. Holgate: Good as a sub, he has a potential but more as a CB than an RB. Funes Mori: He needs a mentor who can let him focus on his skillset. In normal conditions, he is a good enough CB for Everton IMO, either as a starter or a sub. Sign at least one proper CB. Left Backs Baines: What a left back he was in his prime. He still can be useful but as a sub. Can't trust Martina or Garbutt. Garbutt: A big question mark for me but obvious that he can't be trusted. 2nd or 3rd option. Definitely needs a starter addition here. Right Backs Coleman: He is still good enough. He can handle RB as a starter. Jonjoe Kenny: Loan him out. He needs experience. Cuco Martina: Free transfer. He can remain in the squad as a 3rd option RB. I would dig the market for a 2nd option RB. 27-28 years old one maybe, until Kenny develops himself as a better RB. Defensive Midfields Morgan: He is not giving his 100% for a reason, don't know why but he is a good midfielder. I think he needs to be more focused than he'll start performing. He deserves at least 1 more year. Gana: I think he has some skills but I find him a very risky option because of his lack of positioning and passing abilities. He is a living and walking example of a Pros/Cons chart. He is not the major problem of the squad so, maybe he can perform better under another manager with a different set of tactic. Needs 3rd option, can be covered up in the squad or from the youth team. Central Midfields: McCarthy: Not sure when he'll be recovered from his injury but I want to see him healthy and what he can offer. Beni: I would loan him out next year. Davies: He has a huge potential. Loan him out to a Championship side or a lower Premier League side. He'll be way better after some years but he needs to play consistently in a challenging league. Rooney: A good sub or he can leave. His legs are crying for help, still a passer but not enough alone. One more experienced midfield who has stamina while youngers still developing would be great. Attacking Midfield: Davy: He deserves more chances. He used to be a promising one, quality. He can offer more with a better treatment. Gylfi: One of the best players in the current squad. He'll be more effective as an Attacking Midfielders instead of Left Wing. Left Wings: Bolasie: Sell him for any price while you still can, probably it'll be less than what you paid but at least save some from your loss. A still living headless chicken. Vlasic: Needs experience either as a sub or as a loaned player. I would keep him as a sub. Lookman: Trust him, let him show what he can bring to the team. If he is not a good starter, use him as a sub. Right Wings: Walcott: He'll be good enough. Sub here, please. Strikers: Tosun: He'll never be the 30 goals a season guy but as I mentioned in another topic, he can bang 15-20 in a season with a proper service. He is not so effective outside the box but he is good inside the box. He is good with link-up plays, he can switch positions to create surprising attacking sets. He has a skill set, it is up to the manager to use his tools. Depending on that, he can be a huge disappointment or a success. Niasse: He can have a spark in tired opponent defenders' asses. He is definitely not a starting striker in any case but a super sub for the second halves. DCL: Not good enough for this level yet, doubted but still hoping he'll be in the future. Loan him out for more experience. Sandro: Bye bye darling. Rest: Onyekuru: I don't think he is there yet. Keep loaning him out. Mirallas: I don't think even Olympiakos will use their buying option. Sell him whatever price. Get rid. Besic: Not sure about him. Galloway: Not sure about him either. Conclusion: Priority for me as below; CM - CB - LB - LW
  11. I don't know most of the mentioned names in this announcement but here to say something else. I've seen the same announcement in other Everton forums (not a member but reading them all) and it is really annoying to see some people are getting angry about new chief executive just because that position is taken by a woman. One says "Fuck off Moshiri, are you out of your mind? A woman really?" and the other says something more disgusting. Many posts like this... Well, at the beginning I signed myself up for this forum as it appeared first on google search but I am glad that I am here instead of the others. Thanks, Google. I wish the best for them no matter what their gender is.
  12. Sir McGiven

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    Turned off stream around the 70th minute, couldn't handle it more. I've just come back to see if Allardyce himself of someone from the club announced his leave but looks like nothing yet, I'm off. Wake me up when Allardyce is gone.
  13. Sir McGiven

    3 wants for next season

    1. Manager 2. Midfield 3. Attacking football