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  1. Sir McGiven

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    and obviously neither dcl nor niasse are world class.
  2. Sir McGiven

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Neither of them was/are number 10s but DMs, still they are exceptional. Neither Morgan nor Gana have their passing ability, not even close. So, unless you have 2 DMs who can defend and pass the ball, it is useless.
  3. Sir McGiven

    West Ham (Home) Sunday September 16th

    I think the biggest problem is the individual (also as a team) inconsistency. Except for Richarlison and the red card, no other player looking like they can offer a consistent performance on the pitch every week.
  4. Sir McGiven

    West Ham (Home) Sunday September 16th

    Cenk definitely needs a heads up and break. 2 easy to convert chances he missed is not gonna help him today. If he plays and scores it is OK but otherwise, it'll damage his morale as well. Richarlison is going to get his place upfront next week I think. On the other hand, the connection between the midfield and strikers are terrible. Gana is ruining passes, Gylfie not getting enough passes, Kenny is definitely not a replacement for Coleman.
  5. Good call there. Europa League is way too overloaded with 48 teams.
  6. Sir McGiven

    Cenk Tosun

    Referred tweet is deleted, here is a link for those who wants to see: https://streamja.com/1m9p Wow, and we've made a comeback. 2-0 to 2-3
  7. Sir McGiven

    The Real Football Fan Show

    It happened in 1999, the center of the earthquake was my hometown where I used to live and also affected 3 other cities including Istanbul. It was officially declared as 7.4 but many believe it was way worse than what's declared. Those were the darkest days of my life, everywhere was covered in dust, people were shouting to get help, others were shouting to hear something from their beloved ones under the wreckage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1999_İzmit_earthquake Also experienced one in Guatemala, 6.9 it was. Earthquakes are scary I can say. Not possible to stay calm no matter how much you were getting ready for the day. It is freaking, while the ground shaking, you hear freakin' strange voices.
  8. Sir McGiven

    The Real Football Fan Show

    Well, we are still expecting a strong earthquake but the today's science can only give a time range. Some seismologists are more pessimist as they are expecting it to happen in the following 5 years with a hit over 7.0 Richter scale. Some are more optimist, they don't think it will be over 7.0 and they expect it in the following 20 years. Long story short, nobody knows a shit It can happen tomorrow or 20 years later. Only one thing is certain, that fault line is tense for years and it will break at some point and it is a huge fault line with a strong background. According to the "unbiased" projections of the expected earthquake (with mediocre parameters), it will be a huge downfall for the nation. Millions of people expected to die right after the hit (Istanbul's population is over 20 million at the moment) and more in the following days as projections tell us for a couple days it won't possible to leave or get into the city. Not even mentioning huge weigh on the already sunken economy..
  9. Sir McGiven

    The Real Football Fan Show

    Well, it is a good city to travel for a couple days or a week but as I was a resident, I've had enough of it and moved to a smaller city. The weather is good nowadays and possibly following 2 months will be like that. Not so cold, not so hot and not raining much. As the economy is going downhill as well, if you are considering to see Istanbul, it is your chance. 1 GBP is 8,24 TL as of today. So it is gonna be cheap.
  10. Sir McGiven

    The Real Football Fan Show

    If they do, I'll post my round ticket from Istanbul to Heathrow to them then I have my own opinion on the team and no shy of verbalizing it
  11. Sir McGiven

    Man of the Match v Huddersfield

    Zouma, can't wait to see him pair with Mina or Keane.
  12. Sir McGiven

    Huddersfield Town (Home) Saturday September 1st

    True that mate, I didn't mean to justify the draw. It should have been a win for our side. I just can't handle Huddersfield-like dirty sides.
  13. Sir McGiven

    Huddersfield Town (Home) Saturday September 1st

    Not to defend Cenk as I am Turkish but while I was checking this season's highlights again, I realized something... First of all, as everyone realized it already, his off the ball performance is perfect. Making correct runs and creating gaps, swapping the role with the wingers to confuse defenders etc. etc. What I realize is, besides this off the ball role of Cenk, he is not the first or even second option to pass. All the crosses go high to the far post, all the through passes goes to wingers or back to Siggy. It is not he is not running, he is running and shows himself for the pass. It is not like nobody likes him in the team, looks like it is vice versa. Which leaves one and only option, Silva doesn't want them to pass the ball to him unless there is no other option. It must be a tactical thing but weird. Checking the highlights again and again, many runs of him going to waste and he is reacting to it. It is ok as far as someone else scores but when the game is locked, it happened twice this season, you need another plan to score. Think about today, Richarlison is suspended and beside the fact that he scored, DCL was pretty poor on the left side. Walcott is injured and left the pitch. Why don't you pass the ball to him? I am not sure how can I do but I'll cut the parts that I've mention from the highlight if I can for today's game. Lookman twice denied to pass him the ball and has lost the possession afterward. I mean, @markjazzbassist is right, it is like Martinez era. Silva needs to find a way to deal with it. Honeymoon is over Mr. Silva, wake up.
  14. Sir McGiven

    Huddersfield Town (Home) Saturday September 1st

    That Huddersfield side did nothing but lying on the ground whole game.