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  1. I don't know if there is another statement from Juve but they have released a statement for their defender, Rugani not a striker. Well, at least for now. Italy also going to close all restaurants, pubs, markets etc. except hospitals and pharmacies. Rest of the NBA season has been postponed and a Utah Jazz player tested positive as well. (No name mentioned yet) On the other hand Tom Hanks said he and his wife (or just girlfriend?) are tested positive. Things are getting serious.
  2. he keeps suprising me actually. not totally but it's good to see he is improving than I was expecting, still can't see him being a top team striker though.
  3. Out for 6 months after a serious knee injury in the training according to the Atlethic. Looks like he is going to miss the Euro 2020 as well and not sure anymore that Palace will buy him at the end of his loan contract after this injury.
  4. here is the goal: https://streamvi.com/watch.php?video=1579361919 he scored 2nd right after but ref given foul, which is maybe not a foul. there is no clear angle to see the interaction... well, in general, he plays with confidence, pretty active and running with pace interestingly. holds up ball, links up with zaha and ayew.
  5. Oh, I see. I thought it is 4-4-2 because of the graphic. I am not able to watch the game as I couldn't find a stream and it is not on Turkish TVs.
  6. finally 4-4-2! neither sam nor silva were brave enough to give it try. (If I am not mistaken, Silva tried it in a couple games but that's all) let's see how will it work.
  7. I was just able to watch the last 10 min. of the half. - Is Iwobi injured in the game? - So the Ancelotti rumours was true then... Hmm...
  8. well... chelsea, united and arsenal following. if he stays, arsenal is the most suitable game to steal point(s) but I don't think (hope) he will survive until the arsenal game.
  9. is this match on tv? if so, which one? there is no live stream on tv in turkey, trying ti catch it on an UK or US tv. can someone tell me please?
  10. I just don't understand why he is not trying 4-4-2? There is nothing to lose... Is Everton ok for 1 point or eager to win? Richarlison was terrible and Gylfi wasn't shining as well and they are still on the pitch. There is no distribution and of course no execution up front... These substitutions are terrible IMO.
  11. I am not gonna honor some non-sense comments here with an arguably long post but if we are talking about military salute: J.J. Watt Lee Keun-ho in WC 2014 Griezmann at his best If we are talking about genocide, let's summon some native americans, armenians, algerians and jewish people. I think they have more things to say than any of us who can not understand what is a "genocide" here. Turks and Kurds (while millions of Kurds living in peace in Turkey) sharing a long past of disagreement. It started with the founding of PKK (YPG is a variant of it in Syrian borders) and their terrorist acts in the past. I am not going to lecture any of you with it but in summary both Turks and Kurds did some mistakes. Neither Turks nor Kurds are as pure as the driven snow. If you are interested, check unbiased sources online before using the word "genocide". There is another hint for you to dig in online. Why middle east this important? Iraq, Syria and others... Check out global warming, which soils will be affected most and which soils will be the source of "water". Why seperatist Kurds are being supported is easy to see then. Stop making naive comments. Anyway, I hate discussing politics. I hate politics, guns and warfares... Stupid humanity will be self destroying itself soon. Regarding Cenk's and other players' military salute... Bullshit and self-seeking act. Nationalism are being raised again in Turkey as it is being raised in EU and US as well, so it is a definitely self-seeking act but it doesn't and shouldn't make them guilty.
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