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  1. and that's importance of not fucking up while your team is preparing to attack with full force. bad pass from richy.
  2. no but not because he is irreplaceable, it's just new transfers can't replace him. different skill sets you know...
  3. Bernard, Richy and DCL offers nothing and they are not in the game at the moment. Silva can try 4-4-2 or bring walcott for bernard or richy and kean for DCL I guess.
  4. Siggy doesn't look sharp and good today but still I wouldn't do that to be honest. I wouldn't give up on Siggy's long-range shot threat and other technical capabilities to DCL's unpredictable finishing, not today at least.
  5. possession-wise we are the better side but we still couldn't have turned it into something.
  6. Rather than the startin XI, I am more curious about the subs... I can't see any CBs in the subs, or am I blind? Holgate looks like a joker one over there but "what ifs" in my mind...
  7. His father declared on a radio show yesterday that turkish teams are asking about his situation at Everton to loan him at least but Cenk is up to fight for a place at Everton and will remain as an Everton player. So at least we know that he doesn't want to come back to turkey, which is the best for him IMO, but not sure about finding a place for himself as an Everton player here. Kean is young and very talented striker, DCL is not better than him especially in the box but his pace is vital in EPL so if Silva going to use 1 striker, DCL will be his second choice. Well, let's see if he can make any difference this year if he stays...
  8. He'll be a golden boy here. Very talented, if he ever gets to his full potential, mamma mia!
  9. I don't think Henry is a dead wood Mike but the problem is work permit on his case. I think he is talented and if £14m is the correct amount, it is a steal for AS Monaco. I'm pretty sure in a couple of years he will worth more than that.
  10. Such a jerk... On the other hand he is still a top class striker. So, dressing room risk is managable for me. It's a risk which needs to be taken if he is interested to sign for Everton.
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