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  1. Sir McGiven

    Henry Onyekuru

    He scored 2 times today for Galatasaray.
  2. Sir McGiven

    Apostrophe test.

    9/10 for me, it was an easy one
  3. Sir McGiven

    Video Game Thread

    My opinion is; Having a PS 4 for its awesome exclusive games + a PC build for steam games. I am not a big fan of Xbox franchise... Regarding the Battle Royale discussion: CoD > PUBG Mobile > PUBG > Fortnite for me.
  4. Sir McGiven

    Cenk Tosun

    Good first touch, OK finishing strike. I do agree with Bailey, a better keeper could have easily saved it. Still, it will be a great confidence boost for him. Glad the boy scored one by his standards.
  5. Sir McGiven

    Crystal Palace (Home) Sunday October 21st

    that’s what I want to know as well.
  6. Sir McGiven

    Samir Nasri

    I hope we're not. He was sh*t even in the Turkish League.
  7. Sir McGiven

    Who do you want as our main striker?

    In the last 5 years, there are only 3 strikers who were able to reach 30. Salah, Kane, and Suarez. Salah and Kane did it last year. So yeah, I'd prefer your way StevO.
  8. Sir McGiven

    Who do you want as our main striker?

    isn'tt "30 goals in a season" a bit too optimistic?
  9. Sir McGiven

    Cenk Tosun

    Premier League is something different. Cenk is still a good player and can do a lot better than this in a more posession based team but neither Sam’s nor Silva’s tactical approach is suitable for him. It’s his bad luck that the manager who bought him was a huge joke and his replacement’s tactics doesn’t suit him. I will not be suprised anymore if he is getting sold and doing great again in another club. This league and this year’s bad form has damaged his confidence, no question. He was dominating Champions League last 2 years at Besiktas (not comparing him to Messi or Ronaldo’s goalscoring of course) and now he has just lost his place at Everton. It should be hard for him. Still, he was the one who said “EPL is my dream and I don’t wanna miss this offer” then left Besiktas in January for Everton. We struggled after him, dropped all the way to 4th place... He gave his everything for us and just because of that we loved him and there were no bad feelings when he was leaving. As he wanted to come here that badly, he should have worked harder than this. He didn’t to be fair and deserves to be benched for a long time until he is ready (If he can ever be) But some Everton fans are really biased and blinkered about him. He is still a good striker. If a player is not good at Everton it doesn’t mean he is shit or vice versa.
  10. Sir McGiven

    Cenk Tosun

    It's Besiktas mate but I don't think any Turkish club can afford his price at Everton. As he is German-born, maybe some German clubs can be interested though.
  11. Sir McGiven

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    and obviously neither dcl nor niasse are world class.
  12. Sir McGiven

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Neither of them was/are number 10s but DMs, still they are exceptional. Neither Morgan nor Gana have their passing ability, not even close. So, unless you have 2 DMs who can defend and pass the ball, it is useless.
  13. Sir McGiven

    West Ham (Home) Sunday September 16th

    I think the biggest problem is the individual (also as a team) inconsistency. Except for Richarlison and the red card, no other player looking like they can offer a consistent performance on the pitch every week.
  14. Sir McGiven

    West Ham (Home) Sunday September 16th

    Cenk definitely needs a heads up and break. 2 easy to convert chances he missed is not gonna help him today. If he plays and scores it is OK but otherwise, it'll damage his morale as well. Richarlison is going to get his place upfront next week I think. On the other hand, the connection between the midfield and strikers are terrible. Gana is ruining passes, Gylfie not getting enough passes, Kenny is definitely not a replacement for Coleman.
  15. Good call there. Europa League is way too overloaded with 48 teams.