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Who Is Your Favourite David Moyes Signing Upto Now?


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Tbh I would pick Yobo he is loyal and hes been a great player but if Cahill would stay injury free then I would have deffinetly picked him.

Ridiculous as it sounds I honestly don't know. Initially thought Lescott then value for money cahill, arteta, pienaar, jags, howard, it goes on. then you got yak, big price but worth it, even AJ, those goals against the shite were worth 5m each.


k we've had the odd turkey but this question makes me think that Moyes has done a fantastic job so far (and will do for many years to come).


p.s. i'm sure i've missed a few obvious one too.

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I thought AJ was the cleverest signing as he took us on another level and we still made our money back+


Timmy for 2 million is unreal as is arteta to be fair but im not going to sit on the fence and i beilve cahill was the better signing


If you ask me which singing was my fave it would be Yakubu he made last year my most enjoyable year as an evertonain without a doubt

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I'm going to say 3, because i'm finding it hard to choose just one.


Martyn- gave us some stability at the back that we never had since the departure of big Nev.

Cahill- has consistantly given his all, and has popped up with crucial, and occaisonaly spectacular, goals

Yakubu- For the first time in years we have a consitant striker who can be relied upon to score goals.

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