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Have to say I would love this guy here. I was wondering why we wouldn't be interested, as he is versatile, works his nuts off and scores goals... and lets be honest, £6-8m for him is nothing. I know we are looking at defensive players alot, but with Yak coming back to fitness, Vauhgny never fully fit and Chebe's still not back, this guy could operate in about 4 different positions for us.



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I like him but am not sure if he is exactly who we need right now, if he can play on the wing then great but I wasn't too sure if he can effectivly opperate there. I would not be adverse to the signing as he'd really improve the squad as a qhole, giving us extra midfield and attacking options, but as a priority signing i'm not so sure... saying that though I guess that any signings in general would be a priority!

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I allways thought he was a lazy bastard.......and didnt think he was good enough just just ignore the fact....

The one thing he is not his lazy. Even in a piss poor team he worked his bollocks off. He is not a wide player but more of an off the front man like Cahill and Felli but far more creative. If we get him for 6-8 million its a bargain and i think he could be an icon at Goodison. If we get rid of Vic for 3-4 million your looking at a net outlay of at the most 4 million. For a player like that snap him up!!!

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Tuncay is a class player and would be a great signing, however he would be at the top of our wage barrier and also we have to think where he would play for us. Middlesborough tried him on the wing but he didnt really cut it and when they moved him to the centre (his natural position) he was a lot better.


I would sign him in a second simply because he can play anywhere across the top of the pitch however the shite across the park are also in for him and I think he would go to them over us simply for champs league football!!


Fingers crossed!

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we should still go in with an 11th hour bid, we need bodies in the squad, what has happened to all the money we got for finishing 5th and getting to the final, plus the lescott deal, and what has happened to the senderos and benega deals


As Evertonians, this you will never know...

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