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Burnley (Away)


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Burnley Away on Sun 15.00 uk time 16.00 CET time


After the great performance against Sigma, i think he should keep the same team, unless we get a right winger in an we drop Osman. Feeling alot more confidant now, Even tho they beat Man u yesterday.

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Really can't see there being any easy games in the prem this year.The Burnley result against Man Utd being what we can expect this season.Wigan won away at Villa then lost at home I think to one of the new boys, I think :huh: anyway, point being any win will be great.Tonight was excellent, but then it had to be didn't it, I think Burnley will be much harder.I'm sure the Lescott saga has given Moyes an insight into this type of situation, it's not over yet and could go either way, but dropping him tonight was justified.Selecting him to play against Burnley and him and the team playing well will be a risk, but if it pays off will be a masterstroke.

Beating Man Utd will have Burnley thinking we could be easy, I really hope that's how they feel.Expect a few mind games from Moyes, because I think as last saturday proved the mental state of the team is hugh, and I really don't think Burnley will have a clue as to which Everton they could be facing.........I haven't got a clue!


Hard game, and a clean sheet similar to tonight would go a long way to putting Arsenal behind us....and maybe a little bit of magic from Rodwell.God, to lose and be bottom with no points would be a sickner.Hell of an important game, as will the one after it will be.


Can Lescott ever play again, would playing him against Burnley be a masterstroke or a disaster?


1-0 either way.....please let it be us!

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We did alright without Lescott against Olmouic (I still can't spell it.. sorry)


But we may need some form of cover for the defense, and if he is not involved it is a bit tricky.


Burnley will have their tails up after the Manure match.


For myself, I find it hard to forgive the lads after the display against Arsenal. It was not so much the defeat, or even the size of the defeat. It was the manner of the defeat. The Euro game has gone some way to towards forgiveness, but to really push the bad start away, they really need to hammer someone in the premiership. a 1 - 0 win may be a win but for me it will not be enough unless they show the passion and commitment I have come to expect.



So for me I want (and expect from them) at least 3 - 0 and maybe even more.

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It looks like Lescott won't be playing so we'll have a patchwork quilt of a defence with Neville playing CB again. I'd have hoped that Moyres would have rushed a CB signing through before this game as Burnley will be a lot harder to beat than Sigma. They'll still be buzzing from the Man Utd win plus just playing in the Prem. Could be a tricky tie, expecially at their place.


If we get an early goal to settle the nerves I think we should take the points. We looked shaky in the first 20 minutes against Sigma so if Blake gets at us we could fold.


I'll go 2-1 to us, King Louis to carry on finding the onion bag

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haha...i think ur right, im enjoying the banter on here :lol: whats ur hopes for today then???


Some decent football, a goal or two and a cleansheet.


Steady and controlled.


Nothing fancy, just a win on the form sheet and confidence to take into our next games.


You? :P

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Not confident about this one, I think that if this game was a month or so away we wouldn't struggle to much but I feel that with the atmosphere's surrounding both clubs at the moment we could find life very hard today.


2-1, not sure which way though. I think Saha will get on the score sheet at some point today though.

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