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Blackpool (Away)


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Thought i would get this baby up and running. I was very impressed with the baggies against Blackpool and although Blackpool won, i actually thought WBA deserved something out of it. Blackpool have one or two stand out players (Charlie Adam)i think we will have far too much for them. I am expecting a comfortable 2or3-0 win.

Yak, Cahill on the scoresheet.

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Not really had a chance, though i thought I was only updating the stats! Busy few weeks for me coming up, surprised ive managed to get on at all today....


dont suppose anyone else managed to do it?


edit : just opened up a thread on the link Bill gave in his other thread. Will post the results before the game on Saturday.

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Ok, responses from Blackpool!


1/ Holloway was recently quoted as saying he wouldnt be sad if Blackpool went straight back down. Where do you think you will finish?

2/ Easy enough Q - if you could swap 3 players of ours, who would you have?


3/ Danger men - who do you guys fear from us and who do you think will give us trouble


4/ Do you think youve missed Coleman so far this season? Are you surprised/impressed/not bothered by the impact he has made with us so far?


5/ Simple Q again - what will the score be?



1/ 14th (or higher)

2/ Coleman, Arteta, Cahill

3/ Fellatio (or whatever his name is!) - only because all our team will have bust noses from his flying elbows and Coleman


4/ He was superb for us and I would have loved him to come back but no I dont think we have missed him and yes he's looking good for you

5/ 1-0 to us - you haven't let many goals in so far this season so I dont expect a goalfest!



1/ I reckon we will be mid table around 13th 14th

2/ Jags, Baines, Cahill

3/ Coleman will be one as, like he did for us has threatened down that wing. also cahill and arteta

4/ I have always watched Everton when on tv as my house mate is a everton fan. He has done well and has took on board what he learn't here. I would love him back

5/ 1-1


1/ 15thish

2/ Howard, Yakubu and although I can not stand the arrogant ****, Cahill as he knows where the net is

3/ Coleman and Cahill

4/ I dont think we miss him much, as Eardley has stepped up, but would have loved to have him back as more of an attacking mid / winger. Knew he would come good for you this season.


5/ 2-1

Thanks to Billyboy Blue for kicking them into action, whoever he is! rolleyes.gif


Stats from the BBC:




• Everton are unbeaten in their last five games against Blackpool.


• The last league match between the sides ended in a 0-0 draw at Goodison Park on 24 April 1971.


• Everton's games have produced the fewest Premier League goals this season (18), while Blackpool's have yielded the most (36).




o.gif Blackpool


• Ian Holloway's men have lost five of the six league games in which their opponents scored first, drawing the other. They have won all four matches in which they opened the scoring.


• The Seasiders have netted seven goals in their four Premier League games at Bloomfield Road.


• They have scored in each of their last 28 home games in all competitions. The last time they failed to score at Bloomfield Road was a 0-0 draw with Derby on 18 August 2009.


• Luke Varney has committed more fouls (22) without being booked than any other Premier League player this season, according to Opta.




• David Moyes' men are unbeaten in five league games.


• They have won 152 fouls, more than any other Premier League side.


• It is 34 games since Everton lost a top-flight match by more than one goal (a 2-0 defeat to Liverpool last November).


• Tim Cahill is one goal short of 50 in the Premier League.


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