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Season Prediction - Where will we finish?

Where will we finish?  

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  1. 1. Where will we finish in the coming 2011/12 season?

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Pretty confident that we will finish above spurs, and below man u. So optimistic 4th.

Spurs team doesn't have the camaraderie.

Liverpool have quantity but not quality.

Arsenals season depends on rvp staying fit but if they lose Nasri and Fab they wont be in it.

Us if we're consistant.

Unsure on City, hope they implode.

Solid defence, depends how 'special' Villas-Boas is to push them.

Strengthened well(Jones aside), should be a walk in the park for man u.

Shocked at predictions below 7th. Who do you think-apart from last seasons top 6-would finish above us?

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I hate being negative. I really do. But I'm finding it so hard to stay positive at the moment. Looking at our current squad (as I just have been on Wiki) I'm worried about our depth. When injuries come (as they always do) can we cope?


However, saying all that. We have got some of the younger players to look forward to.

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I like the prediction of QPR finishing in 10th. I really enjoy watching Taraabt play.


I put him in my Fantasy team. We could do worse than buy this lad.


I get most predictions wrong, hence my delight in awarding Liverpool first place lol. Having said that, I think they have taken big steps in strengthening their squad, and even Ferguson feels they are his biggest threat.

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I think 6th is fair chance for us. Last season, even with again horrible start if season, and huge injuryblows throught season, we still managed to ne 7th. If we just can fid a way without those 2 problems from last season, i see us getting higher this season, but still dont believe us to top 4. ANything under top 8 would be a huge disappoitment. We lost so many points last season for teams who are way belove us about their squad, and we got results from teams above us, city(6p)spurs(4p)rs(4p).


Arsenal is getting weaker this year. manu werent that great it has been couple seasons earlier(ofc their routin and history with Sir Alex keep them up). Chelski is middle of rebuild. Spurs is middle of transferspeculation with their best players. Rs has got stronger on the papers, dunno how high they will still be. Some1 said shitcastle is coming near us, i say thats just BS. They we lucky last season to be were they were, not lost 3 players who they cant cover, may be even 4th is going. So they can be happy if not relegated this season. Our starting11 when theyre all fit, is in my eyes comparable with every1 above us last season. Only difference is that our squad has been build with so huge amount of pounds less.

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Went with 7th as I'm an optimistic fella.


1. Manchester United

2. Manchester City

3. Chelsea

4. Liverpool

5. Arsenal

6. Tottenham Hotspur

7. Everton


I can see Aston Villa, Newcastle and Sunderland coming close though.


Now that I've actually seen us play, I'm starting to think I was too optimistic.

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