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Things you would rather do before appointing Mark Hughes as manager

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After hearing that Monsieur Hughes was interested in the vacancy, and would be free 'so to speak', I wondered what could cause an Everton fan less pain, and thought we should make a list in case Bill needs to ask our advice.




1: Put my left testicle in an angry Fire Ant nest and my right testicle in jar of Piranha infested acid. shaking%20fist.png

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I would do the same as Avin but glue the jar of fish to the Pier Head and send the ant nest off on a moon rocket....... without application of anaesthetic. At the same time I would submit to an enema with a hot barbed wire Christmas Tree.


If it was the choice of Hughes as Manager or having to support the Reds.... Bring on Hughesie

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Avram Grant?


you'd rather do avram grant? so would i if it kept hughes away to be honest laugh.png


(yes childish i know)




crackin thread av rofl.gif




edit: just seen above that he answered by sayin this already..can someone delete so i don't look silly :P

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Who the fuck is Susan Boyle.


Hughes isn't such a bad individual. Was a great player and club servant for mostly Manchester United and was involved elsewhere, and of course spent a season here, but you're right, not a name you would want directly associated with the Everton job. Won't be giving the man ridicule though.

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