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Important thread about tea

Peter H

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Do you:


1) Pour the milk in before the water and then squeeze the teabag or

2) Pour the water on first and then the milk?


Don't drink anything hot any more (tea or coffee) and when I did it was black coffee or chamomile tea, no milk involved.


As a kid my parents always used to use leaves in a teapot (no bags) and pour the milk into the cups first.

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These days, I drink only Chinese green teas and occasionally some wulong. I'm not a fan of pu-er tea (the one that matures with age) or, increasingly, red tea (what we tend to call black tea in the West). It's just not appropriate to put milk in such teas.


Growing up in Cornwall, though, the kettle was always on. Family members would be drinking Typhoo tea all day long. Always they put milk in the cup first. Teabags? You must be kidding! Only tea leaves.


By the way, for serious tea drinkers, have you ever considered the IngenuiTea brewer? Basically, the tea escapes from the bottom only when it rests on a cup. Very clever.

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Guest rusty747

I have absolutely no idea. At home, and at work, I have these fantastic 'voice activated' tea making facilities - aka my lovely wife and the cabin crew respectively.

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