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  1. Place in the starting XI Successful season Portugese mananger Fan support Only few clubs can better the wages Everton will offer. Good club transfer relationship with Barcelona cons: no champions league unknowns: life in England silly transfer offer from another club I think he’ll be playing for Everton again next season, let’s hope.
  2. We already have a second left winger named Onyekuru for next season, work permint pending
  3. Still can’t believe Lookman hasn’t broken into this team yet. It makes 0 sense why he hasn’t taken more mintues from Walcott, who has been out of form and arguably our lost ineffective player for all but a handful of games this season. Something behind the scenes going on I fear, can’t see us keeping him unfortunately.
  4. Everton were terrible going forward. Hardly any possession held in our attacking half, lobbed passes for players to run onto down the channels rather than moving the ball via the midfield or playing a triangle. Ugly & unispring to watch.
  5. Everton is ahead of all other PL teams except the top 6 in those analytics. Best of the rest is true, and growing the brand overseas is a must to break the mould. I was playing Park football with some South Americans last week, and most couldn’t speak English, but many commented on my Everton shirt and said good club, Yerry Mina. Growing the fan base outside of England & Europe will be key to growing the revenue potential of the club.
  6. UEFA has released its ninth club licensing benchmarking report on European club football - highlighting how UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations have created a more stable and sustainable financial position for European top-division clubs. - Financial year 2016 - (Which includes summer 2017 transfer window) 4th biggest transfer spend in Europe - €107M 6th highest net spend in Europe - €51M 11th In PL for Revenue - €164M 25th in Europe for Revenue 27th in Europe for average yield per spectator - €32.8 17th In Europe for total wages paid, 7th in PL Represents 78% of revenue, which is second highest in the top 20 to Aston Villa. This is a worrying number, you can see why Moshiri and Brands have focused on it. Page 18 of the report highlights that Everton are ranked 23rd for website traffic in Europe (7th in PL). 49% of which is ‘foreign’. < - This is a great indicator of future revenue potential for the club. Good global reach and following. Report: https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/OfficialDocument/uefaorg/Clublicensing/02/53/00/22/2530022_DOWNLOAD.pdf UEFA website https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/protecting-the-game/club-licensing-and-financial-fair-play/news/newsid=2529909.html
  7. This moment stood out to me in the game as well. I’ve rewatched the section of play a few times to make my own opinion. After Bournemouth had worked the ball to Everton’s front 1/3 and recycled back to the halfway line. Bournemouth had 4 players sitting on our defensive line, and another in Everton’s half out wide, keeping Lookman occupied from filling the central space. Gueye then forced a loose touch on the half way line from his pressure and Siggurdson forced a short pass with his press on the loose touch. Gomes was then in position to press and attempt a tackle on the receiving player which deflected his pass. Gueye and Bernard tried to collection possession from the deflected pass but were beaten to it by 1m by a Bournemouth player. This is where it all went Pete Tong. - I’d also point out that from here to the ball reaching a free player in Everton’s 1/3, that played the ball that almost led to a goal, we are talking about just over 5 seconds. - The Bournemouth player picked a pass backward which Bernard pressed, so Gueye tracked the player wide to the space Bernard left to prevent that pass (Digne was free at this point however 10m deeper). Gomes was caught out of position in Everton’s half and the player he had almost forced the turnover on found space central to collect a pass from the Bournemouth defender. This allowed one of the players that remained forward to step up from the defensive line and pick up the ball with space to turn and run at the Everton defenders and almost play an assist. Almost. My opinion: It was smart movement by the Bournemouth players and good shape to stretch Everton, and great use of space by the young Bournemouth player who made the final pass. Why was the space there? Silva’s press tactics were in effect and Everton were 1m short of creating a turnover on the halfway line with superior numbers to drive forward. There was opportunities for Gomes, Gueye and Digne to react and position better but you are talking about scrambling play in less that 5 seconds. Communication from Keane, Zouma or Digne could have alerted Gueye to drop deep rather that cover Bernard. Possibly even Zouma or Keane could have stepped forward but this would have been a high risk move to unsettle there shape and positioning at the back.
  8. Hence I said ‘if we are buying a ready made PL player’.
  9. Prefer to wait till summer to sort out RB unless it’s lower cost players from the new scouting network. If we are buying a ready made PL player the target should be Wan-Bassaka Palace won’t let that happen until the summer.
  10. Still think that currently the best partnership is Zouma and Keane. Fingers crossed Mina comes good because he has been suspect so far. Silva will play him over Zouma
  11. 60,000 should be the minimum from the start. Without 60K capacity; You will not be considered a world class stadium. You will not be considered for UEFA or FIFA finals You will not be considered for World Cup knockout rounds Everton has long lacked the global footprint of the PL top clubs. I am still not seeing this problem been solved under our new leadership, and the stadium capacity would indicate they aren’t counting on many international supporters or fans of the game filling the stadium each game.
  12. Terrible move for a loan to the SPL. If it’s not a loan to a PL side, I’d like to see him loaned in Spain where he could hone his technical ability or Germany which is proving a great place for developing young talent at the moment.
  13. Yes his delivery wasn’t the consistent quality we have been use to this season. But I think you are all forgetting, he should have had 2 assists against Newcastle. He found Gylfi in the box who had the goalkeeper to beat after a neat touch, but chose the wrong side of the goal and his shot was blocked by a defender. He also belted a ball which found Cenk’s boot half a meter from the goal line, and it was saved. not his best day, but his teammates let him down more than his left boot.
  14. He made Fabino look like an average player against Liverpool. Completely outclassed, outstrengthed, outworked by Gomes.
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