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  1. Agree with this. Most our chances come from crossing, but it is to relatively static attackers creating low quality chances or most of which are cleared by defenders. It frustrates me how little movement and interchanging of positions there is in and around the attacking penalty area for Everton. This was clear to see last year, and I haven't seen much improvement in the first 2 games. How often do you see an Everton player making a dummy run to create space for another player in and around the penalty area. Maybe I'm missing it, but I feel that we are static and predictable in most attacks if the opposition isn't chasing the game.
  2. 'I watch my Copa America final goal every night!' - Everton and Brazil hero Richarlison reflects on a year to remember Twitter link to Interview
  3. Almost like the system is working against him... Or people with a passport the same colour as his.
  4. If Zaha is still playing for Crystal Palace by the time this fixture comes around...
  5. Especially now Kean is official.
  6. To find a positive. He brings the mentality of a club that wins to our dressing room. The standards of a club that wins. Does he have the hunger still, maybe we will find out.
  7. I could see Walsh proudly parading him out to Goodison, arm over Fabian's shoulder, a smile ear to ear, a proud speech about buying players in there prime to push the club up the table as he signs a 100k a week 5 year contract. Luckily that ain't going to happen with Brands at the helm next rumour please
  8. Pickford Digne Fighting for a spot; Richarlison Keane Gueye Gomes & Bernard are close, and need to show a little more in there second season in the premier league. Sigurdsson is a funny one, has the technical ability, but seems to play more as a second striker for Everton rather than #10, would love to see him get involved and influence the play as much as Erikson.
  9. Came on in the second half for Firmino with Brazil up 2-1 and a man down with G Jesus sent off. Did a job, held the ball up well, kept it in the corner to run the clock. Oh... and slotted home the 3rd from the penalty spot to seal the game. Made up for him, rest up, big season ahead.
  10. Brazil 3 - 0 Bolivia Richarlison started on the right of a front 3. Earned Brazil a penalty (handball from his pass) for the first that Coutinho converted. Played the ball into the penalty area for Firmino to cross to Coutinho to head into an open net for the 2nd. Taken off in the 82 min for Willian. Good performance overall from him. Happy days, continues to improve as a player.
  11. Last 3 games are against teams that have a high chance of been in a relegation scrap. 4 of the sky 6 in a row, twice through the season. Some tough elements to this draw.
  12. Would be happy with this as a loan, to compete for our CF position with Calvert-Lewin. https://royalbluemersey.sbnation.com/2019/6/13/18677193/everton-transfer-rumours-juventus-moise-kean-news-latest-teenage-striker
  13. As a neutral, can’t help but chuckle that 2 ex-Everton places cost England a place in the final. pickford was class
  14. Welcome to Everton. Good signing, will push Pickford, I think he’s not far from his level from the bits I’ve watch of him. With Joao coming through we have excellent depth. Well done Brands
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