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  1. Fixed: Heavily linked: Ancelotti, Emery, moyes Reportedly out: Poch, Rafa, kovac, marcelino, Gallardo, v pereira Quiet: Arteta, Howe, Dyche, Wilder, Ten Hag, Jardim, Postecoglou
  2. Yokohama operate on the 10th highest budget in the J League, and when Ange took over in the previous season, there were bottom 3 on the table. They also hadn't won the league since 2004.The City Football Group outside of Europe does not dominate there leagues as a rule. Unai Emery could be ok, but there is no excusing this season with Arsenal. It has been terrible. Number of shots Arsenal have faced in each PL game this season:Newcastle: 9Burnley: 18 Liverpool: 25Tottenham: 13Watford: 31Villa: 14Man Utd: 16Bournemouth: 10 Sheffield Utd: 8Palace: 10 Wolves: 25Leicester: 25Saints: 21225 shots faced across 13 matches!
  3. Interview with Ange and opinions from ex PL players Thomas Sorensen & Michael Bridges. https://sport.optus.com.au/articles/os2541/thomas-sorensen-david-moyes-id-rather-have-ange-at-everton Opinions from Harry Redknapp. Sometimes club owners take a gamble - that was the case with Arsenal way back (with Wenger) and for somebody like Ange Postecoglou to get an opportunity at a good European club, whether in England or elsewhere, you just need that leap of faith,” said Redknapp. When you win a title in Japan you’re going to get noticed, especially with a club that’s part of the City Football Group (owners of Manchester City). The Socceroos breezed past Redknapp’s men 5-1 in a one-sided FIFA World Cup qualifier, leaving the quick-witted and convivial 72-year-old impressed with Postecoglou’s free-wheeling ideology. “They were far too good for us and while you’d expect a home team to attack, I liked the way they approached the game,” he recalled. “They played out from the back, the passing was slick and they really took the game to us. “I liked what I saw and he’s obviously taken that with him to Japan and found a winning formula there, playing the way he wants to and leading a team that scores a lot of goals (a J1 high of 68 this season). “Why couldn’t he come to a place like England, if that’s what he wants to do, and do well at a high level?” https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/postecoglou-could-make-jump-to-premier-league-says-redknapp
  4. Many players turned down playing for Moyes at United. His transfer window was a disaster.
  5. I'm just going to keep mentioning Ange Postecoglou hoping Marcel checks the forum's at bed time for a giggle. Interview with Ange on his philosophy https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/manchester-city-to-face-postecoglou-s-marinos-in-japan Man City pre season post game comments https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/guardiola-and-sterling-heap-praise-on-postecoglou-s-yokohama
  6. To get Pochettino, which I hope Everton do. Money can talk. https://www.90min.com/posts/6372559-the-11-highest-paid-managers-in-european-football
  7. Ange Postecoglou is now 1 game from wrapping up the Japanese J1 league in his second season, with comfortable the highest goals scored in the league. This was a team he started managing half way through last season that was bottom 3. Every club (and national team) he has managed he has stamped his attacking football on, and won leagues and trophies, while entertaining. This guy is coming to Europe, it's a shame he won't be on Evertons radar, because this is a guy that could do something special for Everton with our talent and resources.
  8. Ange Postecoglou Currently top of the J League (where Arsene Wenger came to Arsenal from), in his 3rd season. Has a distinct style of attacking football, plays youth, has won trophies and leagues with just about every club he has managed. Has experience at the world cup with a team severely lacking in quality. Big step up obviously, but left field. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ange_Postecoglou
  9. A foul, that lead to a serious injury, should be a red. It'sthat simple for me, yellow or not for the foul. Example, you pull a player's shirt back to stop a fast break, in turn the player trips on his own feet, and knocks himself out head into the turf. Red card. Goodluck on the recovery Andrè.
  10. Can somebody please investigate the FA for corruption and bias already. How did the red card get overturned when a player has a broken ankle. WTF
  11. Kean stays far more central when in the attacking 3rd in comparison to DCL's movement generally. dangerous, raw, obviously exciting. Richarlison, wow, the man continues to add to his game, serious player we have. Getting comfortable on the right wing and we have seen some fierce left footed shots. Capabale of 20 goals this season.
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