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  1. 2017 Summer Transfer Window

    Everton pay more than Spurs and there is a 1st team place at Everton for the taking, Dany Rose to displace there. Potentially exciting partnership with Onyekuru whoever the post Baines era LB is.
  2. Idrissa Gana Gueye

    Gueye is mint on FIFA18, one man wrecking ball as a solo defensive midfielder.
  3. Who should replace Koeman?

    Ange is available. Get him in. https://www.socceroos.com.au/news/ange-postecoglou-resigns-caltex-socceroos-head-coach
  4. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    Hopping to see a 4-2-3-1 with the right balance. We need a winger, an actually real winger that runs at defences and tries to get in behind the Defense and keeps there width, to play at left mid/wing. (Bolasie would be ideal). I really don’t know who in the squad is capable of this role, Mirallas isn’t the answer, maybe Sandro or Lookman? This means Baines doesn’t need to make overlapping runs all the time, but is there as an option behind the winger. At right Mid we can play any of Davies/Siggy/Rooney/Vlasic/Lookman with the option for the player to drift in a little more but the RB must make aggressive overlapping runs to push there Defense back and link up with the RM. Make there Defense work and create space for our plethora of midfielders to work the ball up the pitch.
  5. Who should replace Koeman?

    Ange Postecoglou may be available as of tomorrow. Plays an attacking brand of football, consistently wins titles and is strong if bringning through younger players. Obviouslly a big step up... Win or loose against Honduras tonight, he has fallen out with the FFA and may not coach Australia at the World Cup. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ange_Postecoglou
  6. Who should replace Koeman?

    Get him pre-signed ready for next season. Post World Cup Joachim Löw
  7. Morgan Schneiderlin

    Not many lower on the table to sell to.
  8. Who should replace Koeman?

    Would like to see Unsworth given a month as we look for the right manager, not the available one. Any top level managers with an international side that we could pre-sign for after the World Cup?
  9. Ronald Koeman

    I’d like to see him take a job with a team in the World Cup. cue Koeman V Martinez final 😂
  10. Steve Walsh has previously been interviewed outlining the process of scouting and recruiting. A big influence on the scouting is they type of player the manager likes, and Steve Walsh doesn’t have final or all say on those players scouted for recruiting.
  11. Bournemouth (Home) Saturday September 23rd

    Is Rooney injured or something, how do none of you have him in the starting line up? Agree with it or not, he is a guaranteed starter against Bournmoth if fit. The rest of the lineup... Pickford Martina, Keane, Jags, Baines Gueye, Schneiderlin ?, Rooney, Siggurdson DCL
  12. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    Need to start our fringe players and run an alternative squad for the early stages of this cup, if there not good enough to beat a championship side, they aren't good enough. Our starters need a rest with the gruelling fixture list we have to focus on Europa and PL.
  13. Wayne Rooney

    Spurs coming up, big game hope he performs and Everton win, don't care about the rest.
  14. Chelsea (Away) Sunday August 27th

    Have a read through of Johan Cruff's first couple of seasons at Barcelona, he brought in Koeman and some big signings in his first season as well as youth players that wouldn't previously be given an opportunity due to there short height. He adopted his new style of total football, it didn't produce silverware in the first season, but then they dominated. I see Koemans players his bringing in an adaption of this, Rooney, Gylfi, Klaasen, Gueye, Davies, DCL and hopefully Ramirez. They can all defend deep, exchange positions and move forward into the box and provide a goal threat. It will take time, I hope he can make it work because his recruiting seems to be to make his variation of total football.
  15. Sandro Ramirez

    Did not look good against Chelsea (I won't judge him on that game in isolation) His first touch when the ball has been played to his feet has been poor in a few games which is concerning. His movement seems ok (from what you can see on TV), but he needs to provide more.