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  1. So the extra t in isn'tt is still an issue then
  2. You're all wrong about Lindelöf lol. Im fully expecting him to take a regular spot on Man U this season. The reason for his sometimes poor form is that Mou wants him to play in a way that he isn'tt used to playing. Mou inherited him but he was signed to play his way. Mou changed that. One season in now and the lad is smart, talented. Extremely comfortable on the ball, something we have missed in the back four. Yes the price is steep but I think that he is worth around what they paid. (I don't think they will turn a profit on him, thats just paper talk)
  3. Swedish news sites are saying that Silva is a big fan of Victor and that Everton are looking to buy him for 40 mil. They are quoting the Daily Mirror https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/manchester-united-defender-victor-lindelof-12672508 would be an amazing signing. He is much better than he has been at manchester united. A rock in the swedish back 4 and he needs a coach that believes in him.
  4. Peter H

    William Carvalho

    Get him in before the world cup. If he plays a blinder his price will go up.
  5. Peter H

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Im cautious. There are things about him that remind me a lot of RM and we know what he was like. Im hopeful but slightly underwhelmed. I am however happy that we have him in now so that he can concentrate on building his squad. Lets see how it plays out.
  6. Peter H

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Pellegrini type name, not Pellegrini. Ok how about Laurent Blanc? Or Luis Enrigue? Bigger names that can attract bigger players. Both have amazing points average per match. (Yes I know its easier when you are at Barcelona and PSG but still)
  7. Name available since Last club points per game last column is current rumored clubs Luis Enrique 48 years Jun 30, 2017 FC Barcelona LaLiga 2,03 2 Peter Bosz 54 years Dec 9, 2017 Bor. Dortmund 1.Bundesliga 1,49 - Laurent Blanc 52 years Jun 22, 2016 Paris SG Ligue 1 2,16 - Ralph Hasenhüttl 50 years May 16, 2018 RB Leipzig 1.Bundesliga 1,55 - Sam Allardyce 63 years May 16, 2018 Everton Premier League 1,36 - Vincenzo Montella 43 years Apr 28, 2018 Sevilla FC LaLiga 1,61 - Mauricio Pellegrino 46 years Mar 12, 2018 Southampton Premier League 1,52 - Eduardo Berizzo 48 years Dec 22, 2017 Sevilla FC LaLiga 1,62 - David Moyes 55 years May 16, 2018 West Ham Premier League 1,46 2 Mike Büskens 50 years Apr 26, 2017 FC Schalke 04 1.Bundesliga 1,63 1 Slaven Bilic 49 years Nov 6, 2017 West Ham Premier League 1,70 - Markus Weinzierl 43 years Jun 30, 2017 FC Schalke 04 1.Bundesliga 1,37 1 Fran Escribá 53 years Sep 25, 2017 Villarreal CF LaLiga 1,34 - Voro 54 years Jun 30, 2017 Valencia CF LaLiga 1,60 - Paul Lambert 48 years May 18, 2018 Stoke City Premier League 1,42 - Frank de Boer 48 years Sep 11, 2017 Crystal Palace Premier League 1,96 1 Rui Barros 52 years Jan 21, 2016 FC Porto Liga NOS 1,50 - Alan Pardew 56 years Apr 2, 2018 West Brom Premier League 1,42 1 Marco Silva 40 years Jan 21, 2018 Watford Premier League 1,79 1 Bülent Ünder 69 years Nov 25, 2014 Galatasaray Süper Lig 1,70 - André Schubert 46 years Dec 21, 2016 Bor. M'gladbach 1.Bundesliga 1,51 - Valérien Ismaël 42 years Feb 26, 2017 VfL Wolfsburg 1.Bundesliga 1,76 - Eusebio 54 years Mar 18, 2018 Real Sociedad LaLiga 1,38 - Martin Schmidt 51 years Feb 19, 2018 VfL Wolfsburg 1.Bundesliga 1,34 - Siniša Mihajlović 49 years Jan 4, 2018 Torino Serie A 1,46 - There are more here https://www.transfermarkt.com/trainer/verfuegbaretrainer/statistik Personally id prefer someone like Luis Enrique or Laurent Blanc over Silva.
  8. Peter H

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Cant we do better? West Ham got Pellegrini. Thats the type of name we should be linked with.
  9. Peter H

    Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Great job Steve. Next season I might predict every game. (depending on if the club lets me down again by hiring someone like Moyes) Stopped predicting because of Allardyce. There was no way of predicting how the team would play each weak which made it pointless.
  10. I know its not been a good year so far. At least Djurgården won the cup. So one title in the bag. League is only 9 games old so theres plenty of time to climb up. Only 11 points to the lead. lol
  11. Sam Allardyce is set to leave Everton in the next 24 hours, thats all i needed to hear to come back to this site. Been staying away because I'm so pissed off at the club for letting it go this far. (have been watching the matches but its hard to be positive when this giant turd is in charge of the team)
  12. Peter H

    Emil Forsberg

    Deffo played his last match for Leipzig. Tweeted ”thanks for everything” and wont feature in the last 3 games of the season due to suspension. Where will he go?
  13. Peter H

    Theo Walcott

  14. Peter H

    Arsene Wenger

    Seems like BS to me but I wouldn't say no to it if it was true. As long as he doesn't adopt the arsenal transfer strategy. I think he is tactically astute and promotes an attractive football. The players seem to like him. He is miles better than RM or Allardyce.