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  1. Lib dems are unionists first and their biggest promise is to remain in the EU. They wont be able to deliver that. Second best thing would be a second referendum. Labour has promised that so it makes sense that the Lib Dems work together with Labour to deliver a second referendum. if the tories would promise to hold a second referendum to get the Lib Dems support it would be a different story since the tories and the lib dems have more common ground to stand on. So you might believe that the lib dems would do anything for some power, I dont see it that way, I believe its their duty to their voters to work with the party that offeres them to most influence to get their politics done. Brexit or remain is the biggest question in UK politics. Im pretty sure that the lib dems wont change their stance on that.
  2. As long as tories dont get a majority. I cant see them forming a government with the dup again and they wont join forces with the brexit party. lib dems wont work with them as long as they want to leave the EU. i can see a labour, lib dem coalition with a second referendum.
  3. Lol Golf is good, thats why we produce so many good golfers from our tiny country.
  4. apart from being far from a communist country, (im a local lib dem representative) Sweden does have a lot of social networks and welfare systems. We like to leave no-one behind in the system. Swedens a big country, you bring the companies and work and we will find you somewhere to live
  5. He can afford his own fecking ticket...
  6. Its about time that Holgate got some credit for his past.
  7. Estonia isnt a part of Scandinavia
  8. Id say norwegian from Gatwick to Arlanda. I fly between Sweden and the UK at least 3 times a year to visit my mum. (Sorry Greta)
  9. Im watching West Ham - Crystal Palace live tomorrow. Couldnt convince the others to go to the Burnley game. Figured I could check out West Ham form instead
  10. This is the referendum we all have been waiting for.
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