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  1. Looks great but Im also wondering how he will hold up in the PL against tougher defenders.
  2. So, Lukaku? Hit or miss? Anyone? Hafnia?
  3. Kinda agree but it was Spurs. I hate spurs
  4. Looking at the replay it does look like the ball crossed the line before Pickford pushed it on again. Im not sure that the goal should have counted
  5. Wtf Pickford? Im not going to be as hard as Yamar about it but that was fucking awful. Such a huge mistake. What was he thinking?
  6. Bad timing. Im at the theatre with my wife. Booked it ages ago. Ill miss the match which means we will win. Just my luck. COYB!
  7. Im not so sure we have the funds. Lots of poor signings and a very expensive viking (worth it) could have drained the bank
  8. Hope we can buy him. Fear he might be too pricey tho. Deffo worth more than 30 mil. Just don't know if Everton have the funds.
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