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Man Of The Match


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    • HOWARD
    • YOBO
    • DISTIN
    • BAINES
    • CAHILL
    • OSMAN
    • ARTETA
    • SAHA
    • sub. RODWELL
    • sub. YAKUBU

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Current Player of the Year standings....

Fellaini 268


Pienaar 152


Heitinga 136


Saha 109


Cahill 97


Rodwell 94


Bilyaletdinov 78


Hibbert 71


Coleman 70


Baines 64


Howard 61


Donovan 54


Osman 44


Distin 40


Yakubu 24


Duffy 23


Yobo 20


Neill 15


João Alves Jô 10


Neville 9


Vaughan 8


Gosling 6


Arteta 6


Nash 3


Senderos 3


Baxter 3


Agard 2


Anichebe 1


Forshaw 1


Akpan 1


MOTM winners....


Chelsea (H) Landon Donovan


Liverpool (A) Johnny Heitinga


Wigan (A) Tim Cahill


Sunderland (H) Marouane Fellaini


Birmingham (H) Steven Pienaar


Manchester City (H) Marouane Fellaini


Arsenal (A) Marouane Fellaini


Carlisle (H) Marouane Fellaini


Burnley (H) Steven Pienaar


Sunderland (A) Marouane Fellaini


Birmingham (A) Leighton Baines


BATE Boresov (H)...Shane Duffy


Chelsea (A)...Johnny Heitinga


Tottenham (H)...Seamus Coleman


AEK Athens (A)...Steven Pienaar


Liverpool (H)...Marouane Fellaini


Hull City (A)...Johnny Heitinga


Manchester United (A)...Johnny Heitinga


West Ham (A)...Johnny Heitinga


Benfica (H)...Marouane Fellaini


Aston Villa (H)...Diniyar Bilyaletdinov


Tottenham (A)...Tony Hibbert


Bolton (A)...Louis Saha


Benfica (A)...Sylvain Distin


Wolves (H)...Diniyar Bilyaletdinov


Stoke City (H)...Johnny Heitinga


BATE Borisov (A)...Tony Hibbert


Portsmouth (A)...Tim Howard


Hull City (A)...Leon Osman


Blackburn (H)...Louis Saha


AEK Athens (H)...Diniyar Bilyaletdinov


Fulham (A)...Sylvain Distin


Wigan...(H)...Jack Rodwell


Sigma Olomouc (A)...Steven Pienaar


Burnley...(A)...Tony Hibbert


Sigma Olomouc (H)...Jack Rodwell


Arsenal (H)...Steven Pienaar

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Bainesy for me, was probably our only real threat for most of the game. Some of his runs today were incredible. That and their fullbacks sucked... :lol:


Timmy Cahill a close second. Back to his best, great performance. Really disappointed he's injured, much less confident of a result against United now.

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Cahill for me, although it was close between him and Baines. Both were tremendous in giving us some dimension and that heel from Cahill for the Pienaar goal was superb.


I also thought Distin had one of his better games for us (bar the sending off). He cleared a lot of play and his service was definitely better than both Yobo. Neville was unsatisfactory yet again...when will we see Coleman?


Pienaar, Mikky and Osman all put in good shifts, just couldn't really create any brilliance for us today.


Both Saha and Yakubu looked like they wanted to score today, which was nice. Some very neat play especially from Yakubu. Would be glad to see more of that in the league. Saha surprised me with his work rate today, nice to see him to a bit of midfield work.

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Cahill was very imposing in the mid-field. And while our fullbacks aren't that great, true, your left side was terrible tonight. Izmailov pretty much did what he wanted there, which is something Moyes needs to look at for the return leg. Then again, Izmailov is possibly gonna leave to Russia soon...

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Good games from Cahill, Pienaar and Osman.Baines for me whilst not brilliant with his final ball is a massive pain in the arse to opponents and his linking play with Pienaar is at times brilliant.


Baines for me.

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Cahill for me I thought he was superb, shame he got the calf strain really as he deserved a goal. His link up play with Saha was right brilliant for the 2nd game running.


Baines and Osman were close contenders, Saha, Howard and Yakubu did well.


Neville, Arteta, Pienaar were average and didnt really do too much throughout the game.


Yobo and Distin are a walking disaster. They may only have scored from a penalty which was as much Rodwell's fault as it was Distins but at times it looked as if Sporting would just waltz through, but luckily they were crap. Im not 100% sure it was a penalty as there wasnt any real contact, Distin semi lunges to get a potential block in (no trip)and muscles him off the ball. Outside the box with the ref closer Im not sure it would be given tbh.


Donovan was average as well and while I thought his play was good enough for the most part he pissed me off towards the end when we were begining to get under the cosh and he couldnt be arsed running 5 yards to close a guy down. Its all well and good doing it at the start of the game when your fresh but you also have to do it towards the end and it led to them getting a couple of dangerous balls in, one of which was well defended by Baines. Its just a little thing but it makes a lot of difference.


Not too sure how we will fair over there. Looks like Senderos will start which might bring some composure to our back 4, but Yobo scares the shit out of me and the two together scares the shit and piss out of me. Could be a long night, but would we have it any other way!

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Baines for me, Osman was looking sharp, Cahill is looking a different man since he got back on the score sheet the other week but Baines is really a man possesed going forward, taking players on, chasing down that wing, linking up the with the attack and looking to get crosses in all the time.


If we'd just play Coleman we'd have two fantastic attacking wing backs like that!


saying that I thought Neville did a few handy things when he pushed forward a bit with a lovely pass which set up cahill for peinaar's goal.


Good to see Rodwell getting a bit more time, we'll be needing him back and in form with Fellaini out for so long.


One thing, I really wish Baines and more so Arteta would let Donovan have more set pieces. In swingers should be on Donovan (corners) and free kicks for crossing should be on him more as well. Arteta's has always been a bit inconsistant on set pieces, especially corners while not all angles suit baines.

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Ossie without a doubt for me. Was a toss-up between him and TC at half time but Tim wasn't as effective in the second half.


Pienaar, Donovan and Arteta very disappointing.

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I thought Osman probably shaded it from Cahill and Baines, he was excellent last night. I don't understand any criticism of Yobo and Distin last night? Early in the season they were terrible, Yobo looked totally out of sorts, but last night both were excellent - particularly Yobo imo who made a lot of great sliding tackles and used his pace to great effect. When players play badly then ok they deserve some stick, but players don't deserve stick just for the sake of it. Distin has done ok in most games I've seen him play recently, whilst Yobo (before he lost his place in the team due to injury last season) has been a great servant for this club. Yobo is potentially brilliant and just needed to get his confidence and concentration back following a difficult summer. Supporting players gives them more confidence, not criticising them for doing nothing wrong. Look at Osman - play him in his correct position and he'll justify his place in the team. Play him on the wing and he's not very good but at least he won't moan about it and he'll still always give 100%, yet people get on his back first chance they get. When players are lazy then have a go, when they try their best then give them support. Rant over :)

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Osman without a doubt, fantastic.

Baines was nearly there, if only he had finished that ace run in the 1st half with a goal.

Cahill looked very good until he got injured, chased everything.

Saha had his lazy boots on.


Have to say though, thought Moutinho was shite (and small) and glad we didn't break the bank for him. Never been a fan and certainly not now.


Oh and the atmoshpere was so bad.

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Baines for me. Displayed bags of energy at both ends of the field and crosses beginning to improve and one last ditch header late on above the tall substitute was timely and vital. Osman ran him a close second, he has improved his displays immensely in the past few games and getting back to his best. Remain calm as although we may be under the cosh over in Lisbon, we are certainly capable of getting a goal or two, especiall if Moyes takes off his defensive blinkers.

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Really? I thought he worked hard for the side tbh. He did lag towards the end but I thought that was due to tiredness and Moyes should have brought him off sooner.


Thing is, for me a striker should chase balls going towards to opposition goals al the time. Maybe Saha is just showing his age/fitness but so many times last night he didn't chase the half chance balls (unlike Cahill). In the Chelsea game though, he seemed to chase everything. However, his finishing is immense something I would always want in the team.

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Updated now. Had eighty-seven votes for the Chelsea game and forty-nine already for this one....good numbers and the overall votes are well up on what we had in previous seasons :) .

Question now is whether anyone can take the Player of the Season off Marouane now his contribution is finished. Happened last year when Pienaar took it off long time leader Jags after his injury.


Fellaini is 116 points clear of Pienaar as it stands with Heitinga another sixteen points back. Keep the votes coming.

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