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  1. 36 minutes ago, SpartyBlue said:

    It’s an assumption but it’s not ridiculous. He came for Carlo. We know that. Carlo is gone. It’s not “ridiculous” to do the math there, as a start. Beyond that he got out of town last season before we were even done. He’s made several (not just one) comments that give an impression of a player who isn’t particularly interested in the club. Rafa’s recent comments on James aren’t difficult to interpret. It’s unlikely James will ever say “I don’t want to play for Everton. I want to play elsewhere” but the club and Rafa will know this. If you need it spelled out for you then I guess you’ll never be convinced until he’s out the door. Turning down a pay cut to play in Turkey isn’t exactly an indication of his commitment to our club. 

    First sentence; it’s an assumption. 

    Which comments did he make that have an impression of a player who isn’t interested?

    Rafas comments aren’t difficult to interpret. Again, not what he’s said, but how you interpret what he’s said.

    All just your own thoughts and you’re giving the lad shit because of your own thoughts, not because of anything factual. 

    I know we all have our own opinions on everything, but the vitriol toward a player because of nothing based on fact or for anything that happened on the pitch is just not fair. 

    Edit; I also keep seeing his attitude brought up, but no one has said he’s got a bad attitude. Not even Rafa. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Palfy said:

    Most of the stuff posted on here is opinions even if taken from the media. 
    When it was reported by the media that he said he didn’t know who we were playing next, nearly all his supporters on here dismissed it as rubbish know evidence some even said if he said that he can fuck off, then the evidence comes out with him actually saying it and a slightly different stance takes place.  I’ll believe what I want and say what I want and if it doesn’t fall inline with your beliefs and the player you think he is then tough fucking shit mate.  

    After what was quoted from them comments was actually listened to and with a bit of context people’s views changed. 

    You can keep believing everything you read, but you only believe the bits you read that suit your own agenda. So there is no point in you even reading it. I’m pretty sure if James did anything or said anything that was actually worth getting mad about then us who have defended him will turn on him. But if he came out and said he wants to fight for his place and turned down moves away because of that, I doubt you would take the blinkers off. 

    If he starts to play now, and does a good job for the team, I hope you give him the support he deserves, just like any other player. 

  3. 45 minutes ago, Palfy said:

    Steve they’ve been posted on here and talked about enough, like everyone no matter what side of the divide you are on you will choose to dismiss or accept what ever suits your beliefs, same for you same for me. I been asked to show evidence of what I read when I have it’s been dismissed out of question, but I have to some how accept what they believe and post is gospel. 

    No, they haven’t been posted here. It’s all just fan opinion and nothing from the man himself other than saying he wants to play where he is wanted and asking his fans on twitch who we were playing that weekend. Apart from that one comment when he didn’t know who we were playing, but then realised when told it was Leeds, what other comments has he made? There aren’t any. 

    You’ve been asked to show evidence of what you’ve read. But what you’ve read is also just other fans opinions. And you have taken that as gospel. It’s dismissed out of question because it’s just someone’s opinion being talked about like it’s fact. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Palfy said:

    When he started posting shit on the media and muddying the waters after Ancelotti left,  why should Evertonian’s accept some of the things he’s said and done. We are a piss in the ocean on this site when it comes to the number of fans who follow Everton and use forums to voice their opinions many aren’t of your opinion, the player you talk about isn’t the player we have now the player you talk about changed as soon as Ancelotti walked out. 

    Please show me what he posted. Please show me how he muddied the waters. Please show me the things he has said and done. 

  5. 9 hours ago, SpartyBlue said:

    Why would we say this? It’s clear he wanted to leave. By trying to move him on we were doing what he wished. It’s not a stretch to ask him to show some professionalism. Again, he didn’t even know who we played next. He doesn’t care at all about the club. Publicly making that known, as he has, is an unnecessary distraction. While you’re here you are an Everton player. Behave as such. 

    Why is it clear he wanted to leave? And if so why did he turn down the offers he had over the summer?

    How do you know he doesn’t care about the club? Based on one sentence when he asked who we were playing at the weekend in a conversation with a fan on Twitch?

    Ridiculous assumptions. 

  6. 16 hours ago, Palfy said:

    Don’t give him away Shukes how can it be equal when he said the management has shown less desire for him to be here than he has shown to be here, complete bollocks he’s wanted out since Ancelotti left, so how has is desire been greater to stay here than clubs desire for him to leave when he wants to leave, he’s talking a different game now because he’s not got his move and needs to play if he’s got any chance to move in January or find a decent club next season. Rafa has said he is part of the club that he can play and make a difference because of his ability, but where Rafa is different to Ancelotti is that Rafa has said you work get fit and you fit into the team the team is not going to fit around you, completely different to Ancelotti’s theory of not getting him fit not asking him to work and trying to fit the team around him. But anyway Btay with his post above has just shit his own bed and provided the evidence that his desire to stay wasn’t greater, his original post was born not from fact but from his own belief because he is a James fan which is perfectly fine until you start to make the player more important than the club. 

    how do you know James wants to leave? You keep saying this over and over like it’s a fact. You don’t know what James wants. None of us do. But he hasn’t said he wants to leave. His agent hasn’t said he wants to leave. He’s turned down other offers, they may be lower wages, but if he really wanted to leave surely he would take the pay cut?

    nice paraphrasing of Rafas words though. Or making up Rafas words. I’m not sure which is more accurate. 

  7. 2 hours ago, patto said:

    I never mentioned Allan in the penalty incident that was you. 


    On 07/09/2021 at 17:41, patto said:

    He may have had lessons but he doesn’t speak English why do you think there was so much confusion over the penalty just watch no one speaks to him he may have had all good intentions in the beginning. 
    Allan seems to be the one organising things on the pitch. 

    You brought Allan into it. Maybe I mistakenly thought that you were talking about him in the penalty incident because that’s what you had just said. Your posts can often be very confusing and I don’t know what you’re talking about, so maybe I got it wrong. 

    2 hours ago, patto said:

    Do me a favour and show me Richarlison speaking English there must be 1 if your so obsessed with him speaking English. 
    I don’t care what language he speaks he’s not Captain material he’s to sulky. 

    how would you like me to show you him speaking English? I’m not obsessed with it, you’ve just wrongly jumped to the conclusion he can’t speak English because you’ve not seen him do an interview in English. 

    I agree he shouldn’t be captain, but not because he’s sulky, I just don’t think he’s mature enough to put the team before himself. 

  8. 3 hours ago, patto said:

    What is wrong with you why then did you proceed to tell me they both speak Portuguese what’s that got to do with the situation. 

    Nothing is wrong with me. What’s wrong with you?

    You used the penalty situation as reason for Richarlison not speaking English and mentioned Allan being involved. So I was making the assumption that if Allan was involved in the conversation with him they would have that conversation in Portuguese. 
    Please, clear up my confusion. From the penalty incident what made you think Richarlison can’t speak English? 

  9. 2 hours ago, patto said:

    I do know what they speak in Brazil. 
    Allan also speaks to the referee if someone is being booked or has given a foul away 

    All of which is not relevant to you saying Richarlison doesn’t speak English because of the penalty incident. 

  10. 2 hours ago, patto said:

    He may have had lessons but he doesn’t speak English why do you think there was so much confusion over the penalty just watch no one speaks to him he may have had all good intentions in the beginning. 
    Allan seems to be the one organising things on the pitch. 

    So because of the penalty you came to the conclusion he doesn’t speak English?

    Didnt Allan talk to him about it? Portuguese is both of their native languages, why would they speak English in a heated situation like that?

  11. 13 minutes ago, Palfy said:

    I’m sure Rafa could get more out of him but the player has got to be willing to listen, Rafa had him Real Madrid and dropped him but I’m sure he would have tried to work with him before that happened. 

    During the season Rafa was at Real Madrid (he only did the first half of the season) James played 32 times. One less than Verane, one less than Ramos, one more than Bale. 
    So, either Rafa played him quite a lot or Zidane managed to keep him fit for the whole second half of the season. I know which is more likely. 😂

    It seems only Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema scored more goals than him too. 

    8 goals in 32 games, from a sick note, who wasn’t fancied by either of his managers that season. 

    edit; Ronaldo scored 51 goals in 48 games. Ridiculous!!

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