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Man Of The Match V Aek Athens


MOTM v AEK @ Goodison  

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    • Tim Howard
    • Dan Gosling
    • Joseph Yobo
    • Sylvain Distin
    • Leighton Baines
    • Tim Cahill
    • Jack Rodwell
    • Steven Pienaar
    • João Alves Jô
    • Marouane Fellaini
    • Diniyar Bilyaletdinov
    • Leon Osman
    • Aiyegbeni Yakubu

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Current Player of the Year standings....

Rodwell 63


Pienaar 46


Saha 30


Distin 19


Hibbert 14


Fellaini 13


Baines 6


Cahill 6


Yobo 4


Bilyaletdinov 3


Neville 2


João Alves Jô 2


Osman 1


Howard 1


Gosling 1


MOTM winners....


Fulham (A)...Sylvain Distin


Wigan...(H)...Jack Rodwell


Sigma Olomouc (A)...Steven Pienaar


Burnley...(A)...Tony Hibbert


Sigma Olomouc (H)...Jack Rodwell


Arsenal (H)...Steven Pienaar

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Give mine to rodders. Pienaar feli and billy could have easily got it. Billy with his great crosses and Pienaar with his work rate and his play and feli with his all round performance an braking up play all played well. But ive give it to rodders for not putting 1 foot wrong an his passing today found every man. What a prospect we have got on are hands. Altho i will admit tha Aek was awfull and couldn't defend for crap. Great performance well done the blues

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Tough call, Billy was excellent and his distribution was second to none, peanuts was excellent as well on both flags and had bags of energy, Rodders was neat and tidy in the centre of the park i dont think he gave away possession once, for me though the MOTM was Baines again he got up and down that left hand side all night, linked in well with Billy and Peanuts the lad just gets better and better he has to be in the next England squad.

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Yobo. Showed maturity and leadership for once, though I'm happy share the award with Billy. What a player that Russian is, simply a joy to behold. His delivery is like Hinchcliffe but better, his grace and skill is like a mix between Limpar and Sheedy. I'm very pleased with his display, hope he isn't stiffed by Moyes negative tactics in the future.

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Tough decision really, and for all the right reasons unlike last Sunday!

Bily, very impressed with him for his first game, great control of the ball and a quick passer and a very good delivery, probably would have got my vote if he had played the full 90.

Baines, his best performance so far this season

Pienaar, great work rate, always troubling AEK wherever he was on the pitch and a cracking goal.

In the end I gave it to Rodwell, again seems unflappable and his composure and passing was the catalyst for most of the good things that they did last night.

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I thought Billy was completely class, his movement, passing was all amazing, as was his crossing.

Also thought Pienaar looked so much better on his natural side, an the goal showed that.

Rodwell was awesome.

Yobo played well.

The whole team had a really good game.

I've gone for Billy, really made us look like a class team.

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Rodders seems like he has played with us for years.

Sat watching the game with mates who are Arsenal fans and they couldn't get over how well Rodwell plays in front of the defence.


Mention to Distin, looks very good in defence and confident on the ball.

Billy was great too, nice option having him on the left and Pienaar on the right.


Now we just need to transfer this type of play to the Premier League.

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Billy get the nod for me for sheer class and quality of delivery. It's going to be great when Arteta back and we've got 4 great dead ball specialists pinging the ball in for TC and Fella. Especially i the Europa legue where the defenders won't be able to get away with holding and shirt pulling.


Rodwell and Baines for me cannot be seperated for 2nd place.


Yobo and Distan excellent, cannot be seperated for 3rd spot.


And a special mention to AEK fans, awesome noise. Shame they all looked like geordies with no tops on........................

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billy look very tidy and 3 assists were a bonus.

Distin is just a rock, great him and yobo bagged one each, yobo looks good with him.

Cahill and fallaini looked real quality in the middle.

Baines pissed me off with his refusal to pass to billy (maybe pissed off he lost set pieces to him)

apart from a shocking miss kick that could have cost us a goal, gave it to rodwell for simple running the game.

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Fellaini gets my vote.



Blimey Romey - ahead of Rodwell, Pienaar and Billy?, I thought he was better than he has been but for me he is still sooo one paced he looks laboured. He looked tidy enough although he doesn't tend to pass the ball forward. Once or twice he was muscled out of tangles which I found strange, still has a way to go for me. It's a case of looking for small victories with Felli at the moment which is a little tough to take when you consider he was our key signing last year. let's hope he continues to improve and his lack of mobility is less of a hinderence.


I thought Rodwell was outstanding, his pass completion must have been 100% and that includes switching 20 yard passes to the flanks over opposition heads. He broke up play, takes the ball either foot and basically ran the show, 18 years of age, the lad is priceless for me at the moment, a true genuine world class midfield prospect. You could see that they were afraid to let him have the ball at the 25yrd range in fear of his shooting from the previous euro game. To own the midfield and have such evident command over his team mates at his age puts him ahead of Gerrard at the same age. I would say even now he is on par with Michael Carrick, Carrick may be slightly ahead with his through balls etc, but Rodwell tackles better and is a bigger threat in the air.

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It could genuinely go to Noah's brother Ever E Baahdi for that performance.


Gave it Rodwell though. He looked like a giant amongst mortals for me. Composed on the ball, always looked like he had so much time. Picked his passes well and drove forward when he got the opportunity.


I thought he, Fellaini and Cahill all really complimented each others play.


Notable mentions for Gosling and Jo aswell for me.

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After a long hard think on this I went for Pienaar, but there were a number of players who could have got it.


Not over sure on Felaini though. I did notice that a few times if the ball was more than an inch from his foot he let it go and just strolled around. Not a major criticism as you can't expect him to run around at top speed for 90 mins.


Overall a great team performance and one that I feel very happy with.


Now lets do it in the premiership.

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