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Tottenham (Away)


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Spoke with some spurs fans about our game next week.


Everton - (The Toffees)

efc-white.jpg Versus spuds.jpg Tottenham - (The Spurs)


Everton suffered their worst ever defeat at the hands of Tottenham losing 10 - 4 at WHL in season 1958/9

Tottenham Hotspur were the first club in the 20th century to achieve the League and FA Cup Double, winning both competitions in the 1960–61 season. They also became the first British club to win a major European trophy—the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1963.

That same year Everton won the league, and continued to run neck and neck with Spurs well into the 70s, and like ourselves Spurs have always been synonymous over the years for playing good football.



1 .... I know its only early into the new season at the moment and everybody is jockeying for position, but what was your expectation before the season started, and has it changed. ?


artyb ... I had no expectations before this season started...I just go with the flow, one game at a time and all that. You are heading for depression if you think your team are going to do well every year...ask a L'pool fan.

graeme in Spain ... Top four in Prem, and a couple of good cup runs - preferably in CL and FAC so no change there.

ahx00 ... We improved our squad and what with Lpool struggling, I was expecting us to be fighting for 4th again with Man City. It hasn't changed too much, although early on in the season I was a little frustrated with us dropping points against teams we should be beating.

yiddo_4_life ... With L,Pool in a mess and the likes of Man U struggling on and off the pitch, 4th spot is within our reach again this season, providing we dont drop many more points to the teams expected to be further down in the league. This hasnt really changed since the start of the season, the only problem is Man City picking up points, even when they're playing badly, which is worrying.

zzz ... top 4 or better at the start of the season, have had a stupid amount of injuries to the first team but as long as crouch stays on the bench and is used as a plan b or a circus attraction we still got a good shot.


2 .... Out of the four excellent strikers you have, which two do you think makes the best partnership. Harry seems to favor Crouch and Defoe, rather than Pav and Keane are you happy with that. ?


artyb ... I Don't give a shit who plays, just as long as they score.

graeme in Spain ...We only have one class striker and he is currently injured. Pav can do a job up front but the other two are a waste of space. If you include VDV as a striker that would be different.

ahx00 ... Excellent is a strong word.. Defoe is by far our best striker and i'm excited to see him line up in front of Van Der Vaart, but our strikers are generally underperforming at the moment.

yiddo_for_life I think our strike force is the area we need to improve on, at the moment 1 up front with van der vaart behind is working well, but if you ask any1 on here, they'll probly say that they would prefer vdv with defoe and/or a new striker come jan.

zzz ... Defoe in front of Van der Vart is going to be special.


3 .... If you could swap any two players from the EFC squad to replace two of yours, who would you choose and who would they replace. ?


artyb ... Jagielka for O'Hara and Cahill for Keane, I know it's a midfielder for a striker, but Cahill can play both but Keane can't...FFS he can barely play as striker... In fact I'd even take Anichebe for him.

ahx00 ... I'm not sure who i'd replace, but I think Cahill and Rodwell are fantastic players and i'd love to see them in Spurs shirts.

yiddo_4_life ... Rodwell looks a fantastic talent for the future and i would have him for Woodgate, who unfortunatley will probably not play anymore, i'd also have Cahill for Keane.

zzz ... You could have Crouch and Keane for Arteta and Yakubu.

King Spur ... I'd swap Jack Rodwell for O'Hara and a fully fit Yakubu for Pava.

Graeme in Spain ... Who would I give you? Keane and OHara in exchange for Jagielka and Cahill. I know its not like for like but our two are not worth a place in our squad while your two are and they will give us cover in areas where we need it.


4 .... the problem with taking part in Europe is that it usually has a negative effect on your form for the prem games, how far do you expect to go, and will it make a difference to what position you might finish in the Prem. ?


artyb ... Apart from the Wigan game we've done OK so far so theres no change.

ahx00 ... Last 16 would be nice. I never really thought about it because then I wouldn't be disappointed lol. It's our first season in the CL, we should just learn from it and go as far as we can without sacrificing league form.

yiddo_4_life ... 2nd round is realistic and anything more i see as a bonus. the likes of chelsea, manu, le arse and before us L,pool, have had problems with champions league hangovers, but we have a big squad and some strong players, so if we find the balance we should be ok.

Graeme in Spain ... Worried about that at first, but we seem to be getting the hang of it pretty quickly.



5 .... Do you see yourself ousting L,pool or Arsenal from the "Top four" or is it more likely to be Manchester City squeezing in there. ?


artyb ... The Pool have pretty much fecked up getting top 4 for a while, Utd could be heading the same way, and we gave the gooners something to think about last season, but you know one game at a time and all that...

ahx00 ... Liverpool, shocking squad. Seriously The Pool will be lucky to finish mid-table with that squad, especially now Torres is dreaming of a plane back to Spain, so we should finish ahead of them.

yiddo_4_Life ... i dont think it premature to write L,pool off and as it stands its very close from 2nd to 5th so it will probably be close again this season. Man citys form is slightly worrying, but i expect us to be fighting still come may.

zzz ... L,pool aint got a chance of the top 10 let alone top 4. Arsenal have always got a chance as they can always dive their way through games which is a shame as they can play sum nice football at times.

graeme in Spain ... City are looking good value for a top four as the squad seems to be gelling a lot quicker than most of us expected. I would still expect L,pool and Everton to be contenders for top eight finishes but both are already off the pace, so we need to get the better of ManU or arsenal.



6 .... And finally, How do you think the game will go and what do think the result will be. ?

ahx00 ... Tough game, but we usually do ok against Everton, 1-0 Spurs with Van Der Vaart showing his class again.

yiddo_4_life ... you were fantastic agains L,pool and with us going to inter away mid-week, youve got every chance. however these are the matches we should be winning. if our last home matches are anything to go by, you'll take the lead, but we'll fight back in the 2nd half. tough match, tougher to call but i say 2-1 to us.

zzz ...don't think our defence will be able to hold you for 90 minutes but i think we have too much speed and technique to be locked out either, as i dont expect you guys to put 10 men behind the ball and try to win on the break or from a set piece. Bear in mind if you really really want to win, thats what you should do.

Graeme in Spain ... . Depends on which team turns up - on both sides - as we can be brilliant or dire - same as you. Being as it is at home I will go for a 2-1 victory to us.

artyb ... Who knows...we should pip it at home, but then I thought we were going to win at your place last season and that was with 15 minutes to go..

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They seem to be high on last years success still and optimism running free. Honestly, as much as i'd love to say theyre talking tot, I think theyve got a point and we will be brought back down to earth following our derby high. Not optimisitc, 3-1 to them.

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Whats wrong with Spurs? (other than Redknapp)


Do you think that this is good for us? I mean, it means they're shit but will they come out fighting for when we come to play them :( ?


Who knows but either way you can't be happy with 4-0 down at half-time..

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That was quite a finish....hopefully will have taken something out of them :unsure: .


Coleman and Neville/Hibbo will have their work cut out dealing with Bale :( .



Just what i was going to say, we might have to stick all 3 of them on him, he's one hell of a player.

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he'll be fucked...no danger! van der vaart is the man to sort for me...wish felli was around :(


Hes a kid, theres no way that will affect him enough to stop him being a danger unfortunately.


Im really undecided on how that will have affected them mentally, than being concerned about how theyl do physically. Getting so close after trying so hard and still failing? Can either be soul destroying or, considering they did what they did against the current champions, seriously up lifting. Im sticking with a defeat because im worrried its going to be the latter they are feeling...

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That was quite a finish....hopefully will have taken something out of them :unsure: .


Coleman and Neville/Hibbo will have their work cut out dealing with Bale :( .


Could be cracking battle between Coleman and Bale, how many people can I dribble past in one match.

Think forcing Bale onto the back foot could be our only answer, don't fancy hibbo or Neville up against him on current form, need a performance from Seamus like his sub cameo against them last season.


Perhaps more worrying, are we gonna be able to field anything like a midfield?

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Creative? I can't do that Romey, they don't allow me to have pointed objects in here. :lol:

Then use a crayon. :P


On a more serious note, our confidence should be high after the last few results and as long as we go with a positive attitude then we should get some positive result. 1-1 beckons for me.

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