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David Beckham

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If DB came along would Everton continue to play as a team or would every ball be hoofed in to the general direction of him regardless of where other players were? I don't doubt the skill of the current team I'd just be fearful they might fall into the 'Beckham is the best' pit that the media seems to believe constantly! :unsure:

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After watching LA galaxy lose to the newcastle jets(mid table australian team) this evening, I'm not so sure...Donovan however was great, and think he'd be a much better target.


On a side note, I heard he got paid $2m Australian to play tonight...


EDIT: just read the article and it looks very tounge in cheek...will intersting to see if it pops on on the official site at all.

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One the greatest crosser of the ball for the last decade and the biggest brand in football history, the other a national hero and greatest ever player of one of the world's largest and richest countries with the fastest growing football market in the world.


Far far too good to be true.

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Right, so I'm the only one horrified by this then? Ok then.


Phew! Im not the only one...


He is a good passer which is good but I dont really know what else he will bring to the team. We might get a bit in commercial terms but surely his wages will be astronomical.


Hasnt he only just come back from injury as well?


Id much prefer Donovan.

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Looking like he'll be coming back to England on loan....




Spurs favourites....they are a bit short in the middle of the park after all :rolleyes: . Wonder if it'd have any effect on Pienaar's move.


As if, pienaar for free or the potential 2m says an 8-10m profit for any club. Beckham on loan is the marketing divisions dream.

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I just meant that would his apparent lack of first team opportunities, reduced even more if Beckham goes, have any bearing on whether he'd go now or at the end of the season.


As if, pienaar for free or the potential 2m says an 8-10m profit for any club.

How is he a profit for them? Are you suggesting that they buy him, give him a contract and then sell him on?


I see no £8/10m profit any other way :mellow: . Am I missing something?

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