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Questions about obscure rules in sport

Cornish Steve

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Actually just reading up on it it seems that the ball going to the boundary off a wide is five runs.....was certain it was only four; learn something new every day.


99% sure the ball hitting helmet is five as well though because I'm sure I saw it happen once.

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Of course it is! If you get caught from a wide ball, you are not given out because the ball bowled was wide.




Nice try Mike! B)



Rules of cricket Law 25 paragraph 2 section b says that the delivery is not a wide if, "...the ball touches the striker's bat or person."




Nice try yerself :happy:.

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Let me start the ball rolling: How can a cricketer score five runs on a single hit without running?




Think that's the penalty if the ball hits a helmet (or possibly any other item of kit) left on the pitch by the fielding team.


This is what I had in mind. I saw this rule applied years ago. The final batsman in an innings hit the ball in the air for an easy catch. The fielder removed his cap, pretended to bow, and caught the ball in his cap. To everyone's surprise, the batsman was given not out and his team was awarded five runs.

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Just a guess, I'll go for free-kick as the starting point for the other two is off the field of play.


Edit - still free-kick but because the restart of play follows a foul (a sub can take a penalty)?

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Ok, another football question: According to the rules of association football, is a square football pitch allowed?


Know this....theoretically yes because the minimum legal length is 100yds and the maximum legal width is 100yds; certainly used to be the case anyway.

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maximum legal width is 100yds;

That's just madness! Increasing the width of the pitch brings about far-reaching health & safety concerns. How the hell would someone be able to send a little, big, dinked, whipped, cheeky, curled corner over with a sogging wet casey over the extra distance? All corner takers would needs ankles, knees, thighs and an arse on them like Hulk.


And then there's the poor fucker who's got to head it! Broken neck and/or brain damage in an instant.


No, it's not that!

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