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Your favorite cricketer?

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Growing up in Cornwall, the team closest to us was Somerset. That meant that Ian Botham was our hero, long before he played for England. Once on the world stage, he soon proved just how brilliant an all-rounder he was. He won some test matches pretty much single-handedly. We usually think of his batting - all those 4's and 6's in an era when run rates were much slower - but his bowling was also inspired. His fielding wasn't so bad either!



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How can we not mention those brilliant commentators who made such a boring sport so interesting and funny? Brian Johnston, with his many hilarious gaffes, was a legend (with the one below being a classic). When Michael Holding bowled for the West Indies and Peter Willey batted for England, Johnston was rumored to have said live, "the bowler's Holding, the batsman's Willey". but that might be urban legend. He did come out with many others, though: "Illingworth looks like he's shitting on a shooting stick".

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Huge cricket fan - used to watch Surrey regularly.


Loved Ali Brown - totally destructive, and in the same Surrey team David Ward and the Bicknells.


Looking wider, Ambrose, Richards, Merv Hughes, Malcolm Marshall - all brutal in their own way. Some of the stuff Warne did a ball defies physics.


Cricket is a hugely mental game, so go to love Cook, Steve Waugh and of course Boycott. But also the outrageously talented flaky ones: Ramprakash, Hick and to a lesser extent Ian Bell.

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Hard question this. Loved Warne, Boon, Ambrose, Waugh twins, Merv the Swerve, Botham, I loved watching Trescothick (sp) bat he was majestic in full flow. Lara, Mullarithalin (sp)


Too hard a question this one for me.

Seems like you've got quite many favorites! :) I don't watch too much cricket but whenever I do I want to watch Virat Kohli batting. He is a very talented player these days who has played brilliantly against many countries.





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