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Fernandes Transfer Still Ongoing...


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For the love of God Mike, BREATHE.






Fucking hell :o . Thanks Mac...getting a bit light headed there.


I'm gonna be out of the country and out of computer contact on the 31st...just realised :( . And (like I've mentioned before somwhere) in the air for the whole derby :angry: . Who the fuck booked this stupid trip? Oh...er..it was me actually...but it's the wifes fault for having her stupid birthday at a stupid time of year!


Has he signed yet?

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I would like to see us go in for that american defender from belgium. chelsea are also after him. I cant spell his name but his nickname is gooch. Hes going for 1m.


Plus a possible loan deal for that Ron Aldo bloke from Madrid? He's fallen out of favour there and it could be a good pick me up for duration of the season.


To be fair I can see Moyes problem with midfielders at the right price. There arnt many to choose from.

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Supposed 6Mnth Loan then option on 50% of Ownership..What The,,,You say....Yep I have just learnt this fella is from The Dodgey Iranian stable ( Whom is allegedly a front for Boris Beresovsky's Russian Mob fortune) That Tevez & Maschereno are a part of.


:rolleyes: Never A dull moment.

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I really hope he signs - I know nothing about the player.


But, played 12 times for Portsmouth this season - so he has had a part in what has been a flying start for them.


Be described in as 'the new Makelele, similar to paul Ince, and a box to box in the mould of Roy Keane' Not a bad list of players to be compared to at 20. If he is half the player of these then would be a really good buy.


Fingers crossed on this one.

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