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  3. Wouldn't disagree with that. I've said it before but I'll say it again; I hope City and Liverpool both win their last three games, that way it'll be us that cost them the title at Goodison. Would make me very happy.
  4. I'll be honest I'm more arsed that Liverpool don't win the league.
  5. They play Watford next so that'll either hit one of them hard or (ideally) a draw and a win for us at Palace would put us back into 7th with a much better goal difference than either of them. Fingers crossed.
  6. I think he's too good to not play CL football and will be off. I hope to god I'm wrong
  7. Holgate, not good enough. Kenny, not good enough. Beni, not good enough. Davies, kept out by two exceptional midfielders. Vlasic, not good enough. DCL, it’s taken until the last few months to get good enough and still has work to do. Debutants, we haven’t got anyone in the U23s ready to push into the team yet.
  8. Matt I don't know what the stats were for him but they will not be pretty..... he literally can not control and pass a ball. They were taking the piss out of him doing triangles round him after he miscontrolled the ball. That shot from a squared ball was a joke.
  9. Ah, the Football Manager/FIFA generation then. Now I get it. Makes sense now.
  10. Sorry Matt, https://www.myheritage.com/ is the one I've been using. The DNA test gave me two close matches (along with a couple of thousand "3rd to 5th" cousins) and I upgraded this morning for full records access. Already found out that my grandfathers two brothers who were both younger than him died well before he did, 1935 and 1948 while he struggled on to 1957, I have a picture of the three of them in uniform going off to fight in WW1 and that Archie (my grandfather) and his brother Harry married women who were cousins. Also have an address where the family lived from the 1921 census which looking at streetview has been knocked down (or maybe bombed out in WW2, it was in Harrow). The match on my mum's side I have to be cautious about, it's a lad in his twenties who's the grandson of my mum's brother, but I know his daughter had drug problems and had kids taken into care so he may not even know who his mum is for all I know; she's OK now and I talk to her occasionally but I'm trying to work out how to deal with that one. Fascinating stuff though but time consuming, and I'm sure the further back I go the harder it'll be. Definitely recommend it though.
  11. You ask for exceptional, it’s not that he does anything exceptional. He does everything very simply, very easily. And he does it often and consistently. Can you name many other players who do all of the simple things well and pretty much every week? You are looking for him to stand out, that isn’t the point. It’s that he should blend in. He should not be seen, he should just pop up, get the ball back, move it on and disappear again. You just don’t understand that. If you don’t understand the benefit of doing things simply and often then I don’t think you understand teamwork.
  12. Dreadful cameo from him tonight (and I've taken stick for saying this in the past but fuck me he's overweight). I watched the game with 2 United fans and it was interesting to watch them explode with the same anger I used to when Lukaku would do that 'thumbs up' gesture to the player who'd just created a perfectly good chance for him (only to have him piss it away). Lingard must have been thinking "never mind your fucking thumbs up, just bury the damn chance!"
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48038743 an important message and one that’s a little close to home for me.
  14. It’s also you’re welcome, Mark, as well as absoluteLY but I think Mike let you off with them
  15. Sorry for the brief downtime just now (if anyone noticed), just installing a minor upgrade, normal service has been resumed.
  16. City were in complete control when he came on, it was a silly sub. I understand why United fans are so frustrated with Pogba, he was absolutely shite. To quote a United friend; “Pogba is like having Gerrard and Lampard on the same team, without having either of them”
  17. Sodding update lost my response. Which site Mike? Been talking about it with me mum
  18. He changed the game for United tonight. They went from looking like scoring to looking like not scoring when he came on.
  19. That was a tough watch..... fookin unbearable. Let's hope we can push wolves and make them need to get a result at anfield
  20. I think we have to win our last three in order to claim 7th. It will be hard with Spurs in the mix.
  21. 2-0 city ... game is not over. United hungry.city need a 3rd
  22. fantastic goal from bernardo silva. all is right again
  23. same here, i'm hoping city get into fifth gear here
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