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  1. MikeO

    Bad news

    Horrible feeling that, I feel for you.I was only 33 back in 1993 when I had pneumonia and a pulmonary oedema which put me in hospital for a month; literally took me half an hour to get the strength to get put of the bath. Even my cancer adventure didn't come close physically, during that I just kept falling asleep in the bath and waking up in tepid water. Really hope all is confirmed asap, my dad was misdiagnosed in 1994 and by the time they discovered his real problem is was too late to do anything about it; in the hospital's defence it was an extremely rare syndrome that was very difficult to spot.
  2. We're only four points (should be two) off the European places so I wouldn't write if off just yet.
  3. Children's programmes on the BBC are shown on CBBC nowadays Bill, not prime time Sunday evening on BBC1. It's aimed at families (but not at grouch-bags). List of BBC kids progs has animated versions on it but not the real thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_BBC_children's_television_programmes#D
  4. Nope. Never kid's TV. "The programme was originally intended to appeal to a family audience as an educational programme using time travel as a means to explore scientific ideas and famous moments in history." Seriously those that have missed out on the joy of it from 1963 are the losers in my opinion (not singleing you out Bill because I respect and accept your view).
  5. Someone hold my coat, we need to take this outside😂
  6. Well you can just fuck right off then.
  7. Say what you want about Jodie Whittaker (who I personally don't mind in the role) and the current "companions" (who really do need binning) but that episode of Dr Who yesterday was outstanding! Brilliant story-line opening up many questions for future stuff. Rated at 8.2 out of 10 on imdb when a lot of her episodes have been 3/4/5 and up with many episode ratings for past docs. Even if you have stopped watching do yourself a favour; hold your nose, ignore the three stooges and give it a try. Josh had stopped watching completely but he loved it also.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-51271287 "The StandUp4Brexit group says the £272,000 raised...." What's the betting speedo Mick will beat that total on his own? Started with a £50,000 target and already on £158,487. https://www.gofundme.com/f/speedomick-1000-ml-charity?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
  9. I'll ask Louis to investigate.
  10. My uncle was a helicopter engineer, first in the forces and then working on the ones ferrying workers to and from North Sea oil rigs; always said he'd never let his family fly in one of them (strangely his eldest became a diver and flew backwards and forwards to the rigs for years). Still safer than driving a car though! https://www.newsmax.com/us/kobebryant-helicoptercrash-airtravel/2020/01/26/id/951379/
  11. MikeO

    New PC

    I'd just be dubious about the price, never had a problem with ebay, something not right there though (don't ask me what). When my son was researching his a couple of years back we couldn't find much "decent" that would give you much change from £1000, he ended up spending more than that; £450?🤔
  12. Tragic for someone who was a legend. That said would be equally as tragic if it was a guy who only ever played one game.
  13. I can do that John no problem. I'll send you my email address in a personal message.
  14. Moving on from that I had a newspaper headline which read (in big letters) "ENGLAND OWE IT TO EVERTON" on the wall in my studio at work in the '86 World Cup when "crab" Wilkins and golden boy Robson were out of the side in Mexico due to injury and suspension and we got Reidy and tricky Trev and we were transformed (along with Stevens and Lineker) in the group. Bobby Robson great manager but the changes he he was "forced" to make were totally obvious for every Blue; all very sad that the serial cheating Maradonna cost us what could have been a second win.
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