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  1. No exit polls so no indication yet what happened but this is an interesting read; I know pollsters have been hopelessly inaccurate in recent times but it concludes, "While the Brexit Party will pick up the plurality of the seats within the British EU Parliament delegation, the latest Panselbase poll suggests that 54 percent of voters want to remain the European Union." If that's the case then I hope Boris (or whoever) respects the views of the people.
  2. Thanks for the insight Steve, such a sad state of affairs. As you know I'm not a Christian with a capital "C" but I like to think my approach to life is largely christian with a small "c".
  3. You'll be out on the town celebrating tonight Mark I'm sure, obvious your excitement is palpable.
  4. Replacement will be worse though, likely BoJo, who is really as embarrassing as Trump is. Difference is only that Johnson is undoubtedly a man of intellect even though he comes across as a buffoon, whereas Trump is a thick twat whose buffoonery just confirms the fact. https://www.newyorker.com/news/our-columnists/donald-trumps-business-failures-were-very-real "...between 1985 and 1989, a period when the economy was forging ahead and Trump was busy portraying himself as a billionaire with the Midas touch, his core businesses—apartment buildings, hotels, and casinos—somehow managed to lose $359.1 million. That was only the beginning. As the economy weakened, in 1990 and 1991, Trump’s core businesses racked up losses of $517.5 million. And, between 1992 and 1994, as the economy recovered, they lost another $286.9 million."
  5. Personally I'd be delighted if we kept the same kit and avoided fleecing the fans, though everyone does it now and probably the fans want/expect a knew model. "When I were a lad" I just wanted a blue shirt, the important thing being blue cuffs rather than white. Parents scoured so many sports shops.
  6. Part of our routing over here was flying over Basel and the Alps Matt, pilot mentioned it specifically; sadly too much cloud to see anything this time. When we flew home last September weather was perfect and we didn't see a cloud at any time, love looking at the mountains from above though they'd scare the shit out of me if I was standing on one.
  7. Enjoy Matt, I did a "tour" of my two local bars earlier and had four beers. Three were "on the house" and the other was "pay me later" because he was eating lunch, love it here so much. People are great.
  8. No I'm just going by Pete's thoughts and the Sky link; I'm on holiday ffs don't ask me difficult questions.
  9. OK but even if you struggle to tell the difference between Geordie and Scottish (poles apart in my view even though close geographically) why the jeers? That's the big thing that I don't get. Also there seems to be no denial that the comment was made so pretty much an admission that someone said it, which is pretty stupid when the UKAD people were doing what they're employed to do. So whoever called them c***s failed to grasp that concept. If it was an Everton player (one or more) involved I'd be embarrassed
  10. 'As the players left a team meeting, Snodgrass was accused by two officials of asking "Have you c**** got nothing better to do?" in an "aggressive tone" and was "much louder than the jeers from the other players".' Why were the players "jeering" though when it's a part of their routine to do this stuff? Whoever said it the UKAD staff were just doing their job, we all have stuff we'd rather be doing than our job most of the time but we have to do it to keep the family fed. And Carroll is a geordie so how would his accent be confused with a broad Scottish one? Think the fact that West Ham "reluctantly" excepted the penalty and decided against appeal says it all.
  11. Vote tomorrow people, whatever your persuasion (unless you opt for Farage in which case you're banned). Needs a decent turn-out to have any relevance.
  12. I hope you're playing next season also Rubes because at least then I'm sure not to come last.
  13. Another disturbing fact in an increasingly frightening World it seems then. I'd love to be 19 again but in many ways I'm glad I'm 59, the future is scary.
  14. Read a long article on "prosperity theology" in the US on the plane today, about Joel Osteen mostly; fastest growing arm of Christianity over there according to the article with more traditional congregations falling. Be interested to hear what our American members views are on that, @Cornish Steve in particular. Sounded a bit frightening to me, but I've obviously only read the one piece, never heard of it before.
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