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  1. Who should replace Koeman?

    Even if I ask nicely?
  2. Longest Thread!

    She's sorted it happily for her (not so much for me; thought I might have quiet time without a 2 and 3 year old; love them to bits but smaller doses are better).
  3. Longest Thread!

    All set to do a week-ends babysitting while daughter and her partner go to London/Portsmouth tomorrow and Saturday and come home Sunday afternoon, daughter has just phoned to tell me she screwed the National Express booking so instead of being off at 9.40 tomorrow she's booked the 9.40 Saturday coach. She's currently on hold on the phone seeing if she can make the change. Dozy mare takes after her mother (I never said that OK?).
  4. Sandro Ramirez

    Missing the point people; MJB is saying Malaga were pissed the clause was low, not Barcelona.
  5. General Election

    Meanwhile, over at the DWP... SEARCH FOR PIP CLAIMANTS ENTITLED TO MORE A shameful 7 months after it lost a PIP court case, the DWP has finally backed down and changed the way it makes decisions about PIP. It has also begun searching for thousands of claimants who have lost out as a result of the delay. Until last week, the DWP had argued that a claimant could only score points for being unsafe if harm was likely to occur on more than 50% of the occasions on which they attempted an activity. But, in back March a panel of upper tribunal judges held that the decision maker should look at whether there is a real possibility that harm might occur and also at how great the harm might be. The greater the potential harm, the less likely it needs to be that it would happen on any specific occasion. It has taken the DWP an almost criminal seven months to update their guidance to health professionals and decision makers The DWP believes that an extra 10,000 claimants will benefit by £70 - £90 a month as a result of the change. Penny Mordaunt, former minister for disabled people, told the Commons earlier this month: “In the case of existing claimants the Department for Work and Pensions will undertake an exercise to go through all existing cases and identify anyone who may be entitled to more. We will then write to those people affected and all payments will be backdated to the date of the change in case law.” However, few claimants would trust the DWP to identify all those who should receive a higher award, or any award at all if you got nothing. It would definitely be worth getting advice if you believe your case should be looked at again, especially as the DWP seem to be focussing almost exclusively on claimants with epilepsy. AS FEW PIP SAFETY AWARDS AS POSSIBLE Whilst the DWP have no choice but to change the way they assess PIP claimants on safety grounds, new guidance to decision makers issued following Mordaunt’s statement show that they aim to change as little as possible. The new guidance gives five imaginary examples of claimants who will need their claims reconsidering in the light of the upper tribunal ruling. As a result, the number of claimants who get an increased award is . . . can you guess? Yes, it’s zero. Not one of the claimants in the guidance is better-off because their safety has been properly taken into account. Tribunals, however, may take a very different view. Especially in light of the utterly scornful ‘no-brainer’ opinion of DWP appeals voiced by the senior president of tribunals below. TRIBUNAL NO-BRAINERS Sir Ernest Ryder, senior president of tribunals, has condemned the the DWP for forcing so many claimants to go to appeal when it is a ‘no-brainer’ that the DWP will lose. According to Ryder, the percentage of appeals that the DWP lose has risen from 44% in 2007 to 61% now. He told a barristers meeting that the quality of evidence put forward by the DWP was so bad it wouldn’t be accepted in any other court. In relation to PIP and ESA medical assessments, Ryder said that often the tribunal didn’t “even know what the professional qualification or registration number was of the author” and that “in expert evidence terms in any other organisation you and I know of, it would be wholly inadmissible.” Ryder added that judges had done a spot check on outstanding cases and found that “60% of it is a no-brainer” that the DWP are going to lose. The Tribunals Service are now considering either sending cases back to the DWP where there is no reasonable defence to the appeal or charging the DWP for defending such cases. MASSIVE DROP IN LEGAL AID CASES It may be no coincidence that the standard of appeal submissions has plummeted at a time when only a tiny number of claimants are fortunate enough to have a representative. The number of claimants getting legal aid to help with social security appeals has plummeted by 99.5% as a result of massive cuts to the legal aid budget. Figures produced by the government show that the 83,000 claimants received legal help in 2012-13, before the cuts came in. This plummeted to a tiny 440 claimants in the last financial year.
  6. January Transfer Window

    Personally it doesn't excite me to quite that extent.
  7. Being a soft southerner away games were all I could get to for many years; luckily back then away "end" meant away end so it was never a problem getting into the ground and paying at the gate. Going to Chelsea always annoyed me though because post game Everton fans were always herded to Fulham Broadway by the plod (no offence LB) and put on the northbound platform to get to Euston. I lived in Wimbledon so wanted to go south but they'd never let me on the southbound platform so I had to go one stop north to West Brompton and then get off and go back the right way. Now home games are the only option so we have the horrific M5/M6 to cope with. Booked a hotel for the night after the Swansea game next month and wife will be coming with us; so we check in the hotel and leave her there while me & Josh go to the game. Already cost me more than £100 today so 1d on the tram sounds a brilliant option John!
  8. 2018 World Cup

    Mirrored on the pitch sadly; if a player dives or cheats in some other way successfully they are feted rather than condemned. Hate to "racial stereotype" but it does seem to be the case.
  9. 2018 World Cup

    Not heard about the lasers. As the government/military were obviously involved (jets) I think they should be thrown out and NZ put through.
  10. Finnish fan

    I can tell from his log-in that he's in Finland Pad.
  11. 2018 World Cup

    Bit out of order this. And Peru won 2-0.
  12. January Transfer Window

    I agree.
  13. 2018 World Cup

    It was a penalty.
  14. Ticket and Transport questions

    Got an email (as a member) offering tickets for the Swansea game for £30 so just got two. First game of the season so get them sorted by then please Unsy (or whoever); want to see a performance!
  15. Jordan Pickford

    Genius. You'll be selling out Wembley Arena in no time.