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  1. Scanning that briefly it looks like a fascinating piece of work which I'll definitely look into further when I have some time so thanks for the heads up. I've read Rough Crossings by Simon Schama which is brilliant/horrific in equal measure and also visited some places in West Africa which were "setting off" points; it's completely absurd that it's such "recent" history and is still an issue. Can't claim credit for it but I read a comment the other day which basically said how can there be racism when there's only one race? The human one.
  2. Wasn't to do with capital punishment, was for "Hopefully the National Guard gun them all down, nothing of value will be lost" on CNN crews.
  3. Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic springs to mind. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52861993 I thought that the 2m thing was about how far potentially infected "droplets" could travel on a sneeze or a cough from an infected person, as far as I understand it it won't leap more than 1.9m under its own volition. I may be wrong. Wife is planning to leave the house for the first time in ten weeks tomorrow, and I've bought masks because she'll feel safer. Problem for me has been that I have a permanent cough so have to explain more times than I can recall that it's been there for six years and nothing new.
  4. Just in the wrong thread.
  5. I down-voted the idea of gunning people down, not sticking up for CNN.
  6. This makes my head explode!
  7. Your interpretation of it suggests that Sunderland is somehow going to benefit from it whereas even the Telegraph makes clear that all it'll do is hopefully keep what they already have. "Sunderland will become Nissan's European manufacturing hub as a result - making it highly likely to stay open and protecting 6,000 workers, along with another 27,000 jobs in the supply chain." Great news for them without a doubt.
  8. I'm not pinning it on Brexit, I was just pointing out that they're not, "closing their Barcelona plant and moving it to Sunderland" as John suggested.
  9. Going to be at a neutral ground it seems. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52846694
  10. Good news probably but it's not quite as black and white as you describe it John. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/may/28/nissan-sunderland-factory-safe-but-plant-in-barcelona-will-close-coronavirus The decision will mean the loss of 2,800 jobs in Spain but removed a short-term threat to most of the 6,700 jobs at Nissan SunderlandBritain’s biggest car plant in, . However, the carmaker said it would seek to “improve efficiency” at the factory in the north-east of England as it revealed a plan to reduce annual spending by ¥300bn (£2.3bn) worldwide. “In western Europe we will maintain production of our core models in Sunderland and improve efficiency,” said Makoto Uchida, Nissan’s chief executive, through a translator. Unite, the trade union representing British Nissan employees, demanded assurances that the plans for efficiency savings at Sunderland did not include job cuts or changes to workers’ contracts. Steve Bush, Unite’s national officer for automotive, said: “We are seeking clear assurances from Nissan that the cost-cutting measures spoken about will not impact on our members’ jobs, terms and conditions or other benefits at Europe’s most efficient plant, Sunderland.” Nissan has previously warned that jobs at Sunderland could be under threat. A no-deal Brexit would jeopardise the “entire business model for Nissan Europe” because of the threat of 10% export duties on the majority of the plant’s production. David Bailey, a professor of business economics at the University of Birmingham, said options for Nissan in the case of a no-deal Brexit could include refocusing on the UK market. The plant could also bid to build vehicles for Renault and even Mitsubishi under their three-way carmaking alliance. The three alliance partners on Wednesday said they would employ a “leader-follower” model, with Renault the leader in Europe. Nissan is in talks over a proposal to build two models for Renault at Sunderland, according to the Financial Times. However, Bailey said the French government’s €5bn (£4.5bn) emergency loan guarantee to help Renault through the pandemic may mean it is less likely to allow production to move to the UK. The French government owns 15% of Renault’s shares. “[Sunderland] will still have to compete for investment,” Bailey said. “That will be a brutal competition.”
  11. If you look at deaths per head of population Belgium is "top" of the league with 82 deaths per 100k people, then Spain with 58 and us with 56, Italy 55, France 43 and the US 30; but if you look at it regionally in America you get New York up at 150. Even then there are different takes on how people come to their numbers .. "Belgium, for instance, includes deaths where coronavirus was suspected of being present but was never confirmed with a test. Some US states record deaths this way, but not all." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52771783 We'll probably never know the real figures.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52833725 Apparently all London teams have to play their matches in Durham and Barnard Castle.
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