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  1. Have to be first on MOTD barring something very special later.
  2. Not a keeper in the world would've stopped that.
  3. 250th PL game for Seamus today, I make that £240 per appearance. Not a bad investment I suppose.
  4. Jumping the gun on this as I may have a "thing" going on later, I'm going to assume unchanged. If it's different and I'm not around to change I'm sure a mod will step in but as I'm living on BHT (Britiish Hospital Time) I'll probably still be waiting at 7.00pm, that's in no way a criticism of the staff, they're supreme to a man/woman; it's a cristicism of the system.
  5. When did Gary Barlow take over at Salford?
  6. I'm full of drugs so unlikely to reach the end
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