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  1. MikeO

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    Owner of the car I "hit" is an old friend who was there and guiding me into place, the minor scratches to his pick-up were the least of his concerns, Wife insisted on trying to give him a bit of cash but he refused as I told her he would, bit embarrassing really; he was far more concerned with our damage than his.
  2. MikeO

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    Scratched the hire car today, really hairline stuff that will T-Cut out no problem but I'm really pissed off by it. The owner of the car that I "hit" was the restaurant owner (where we were just about to eat) who was himself directing me in a very tight space. Should be fine as the drop-off is just leaving the car at the airport with the keys under the mat but I'll survey the damage in the morning. Think I've got too reliant on my cars at home having parking sensors.
  3. MikeO

    George Green

    But it's not restricted to sportsmen Mark, there are hundreds of thousands of people in the same place and worse who don't have the escape of football ability. Not diminishing the lad's troubles but there are a lot people in a worse position.
  4. MikeO

    Record against top 6

    And I completely agree in return.
  5. MikeO

    Record against top 6

    I think if you ignore the Liverpool figures we'd compare favourably against any other side outside that group (not going to do the numbers).
  6. MikeO

    George Green

  7. MikeO

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Dinosaurs too, Harry Redknapp changed Gareth Bale from a left back into a striker, stick Bainsey up front I say!
  8. MikeO

    What Are You Watching?

    I'm bang up to date but had had a few beers before I watched episode 7 last night so will watch again in case I missed something.
  9. MikeO


    Sadly that man was voted in for the same reason Brexit won. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but nationalism is (in my opinion) was what the Trump supporters voted for just the same as the Brexiters. You voted for our Trump equivalent mate so you need to carry the can.
  10. MikeO

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Not exactly full strength.
  11. MikeO

    not saying he is wrong but ....

  12. MikeO

    What Are You Watching?

    Won't mean a thing to those who don't watch Better Call Saul but I saw a car with a number plate HHM 54 today.
  13. MikeO

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Be interesting to see what sort of team Arse put out tonight, sure they'll rest a lot of players unfortunately.
  14. MikeO


    Simplified; you're an extremely rich person with multiple investments and property all over the World and fall out with your long term wife to the extent that a divorce is inevitable, one that could become extremely acrimonious because she believes she's played a big part in your success. Do you negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement, however long it takes, before the official break or do you divorce and then see what happens?
  15. Pleased to hear they responded so quickly and pleased that the £599 figure is misleading I think that the fact that it's free for member's kids probably covers the "just managing" demographic as that costs just £30 for a year.