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  1. MikeO

    Longest Thread!

    97 year old should not not be driving, madness. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46912691
  2. MikeO

    Southampton (Away) Saturday January 19th

    Said it before but back in those days I was totally relaxed if we conceded first, just thought, "OK you'll pay for that" and more often than no "they" did.
  3. MikeO

    Southampton (Away) Saturday January 19th

    Fighting to keep that image out of my brain.
  4. MikeO


    It's a nutjob, this sums it up quite well... https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/dec/22/remainers-condemn-jeremy-corbyn-pledge-to-push-on-with-brexit The Scottish National party also rebuked Corbyn, with the party’s Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, calling him “the midwife to the delivery of the [Tories’] Brexit plans”. “Jeremy Corbyn has finally come off the fence he’s been sat on for the past two years,” he said. “But unfathomably he’s come down on the same side as Theresa May. The Labour party is incapable of providing opposition to the worst UK government that most people can remember.” The Liberal Democrat leader, Vince Cable, added that Corbyn “refuses once again to take the blinkers off”, with the party’s policy indistinguishable from the Conservatives’. “He is ignoring the concerns of his own supporters and the economic damage experts warn Brexit will do to the UK economy,” he said. “On Brexit, you simply cannot put a cigarette paper between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.” The only hope appears to be the minority parties, but they are (obviously) in a minority. Labour members support Corbyn for many reasons (most of which I agree with) so the Brexit stance is just one of many policies they take into account, he should be taking his members opinions into account on this as they're so loyal to him in general but this is the defining decision for our future right now and he's wimped out on it so far.
  5. MikeO


    He "attacked the governments Ulster policy and said that troops should be pulled out of the province". What happened next? We talked to the IRA, brokered a peace and took the troops out. Not defending the IRA for a moment, or indeed the unionist extremists on the other side (the people currently propping up Mrs May, leader of the party who called Nelson Mandela a terrorist) but one man's terrorist is another one's freedom fighter.
  6. Food wasn't really an issue for me as it was being pumped direct into my stomach overnight, but they might have had a quieter pump.
  7. I don't think we should be trying to compete for players that are only interested in a pay cheque, which is the only reason why anyone goes to China.
  8. Think I'm right in saying that the private sector over here is all not-for-profit as well, my in-laws often went private and sure it's easier lying in a comfy single room than it is hearing someone die opposite you on a ward (actually happened to me in 1994, he had visitors a few hours later who hadn't been told and just saw an empty space where his bed had been). For my recent issues though I couldn't have got better treatment anywhere.
  9. A lot of doctors/consultants over here work in both sectors incidentally. One private healthcare provider (Nuffield) actually uses the fact as a positive on their website, "All of our consultants also work with the NHS and are experts in their field." Just wanting to emphasise that NHS care is not inferior to private over here, you may have to wait a bit longer for non-essential stuff and you're unlikely to get a private room (though I have more than once), but you'll probably end up under the care of the same bloke as if you'd crossed the road to the private place.
  10. http://www.evertonfc.com/evertontv/archive/2019/01/14/ruaircs-dream-goodison-debut
  11. I pointed out a fact, you responded with a fantasy, 'nuff said.
  12. That's just plain absurd, I speak for myself. Romey and Matt (most obvious example) disagree all the time. I really resent the post because it's patently untrue and I wouldn't have expected such a daft response from an otherwise sensible contributor. Funniest part is suggesting that Mark goes with the flow, try telling him that. Very disappointing mate and you've lost a lot of respect from me for it.
  13. And they don't even agree with each other, according to Palfy Gana is "the best of a bad bunch" (best being the operative word) while for Pete he's "the worst player ever to wear the shirt" (worst being the operative word) so quite how the two consider themselves in the same camp is beyond me.
  14. MikeO

    Southampton (Away) Saturday January 19th

    No more than one replay anymore.
  15. MikeO


    Northern Ireland is still massively segregated along sectarian lines and there are still Protestant and Catholic areas (among "peace walls") so I don't think the DUP MP's were worried about losing their seats, they were worried only about losing the ridiculous power they've been given by propping up the Tory minority. Tories were the ones worried about losing their seats getting behind the ABC (anyone but Corbyn) movement. You know the irony? Corbyn wanted Brexit, May didn't; 80% of Labour voters want to stay in the EU but the vast majority still support Corbyn while his fellow MP's hate him. We're in a lose/lose/lose/lose situation at the moment and I really see no way out of it. May's party have voted for her tonight but they'll still be lining up to slag her off again tomorrow, I just give up.