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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42676114
  2. Kevin Mirallas

    A un-named source quoted in the Daily Star says he "reportedly told friends"? I'll take that as gospel then.
  3. Apart from the Swansea game.
  4. Pub question

    Good enough for me.
  5. I seriously don't remember that. Stella may have played a part (and I don't mean Paul's daughter despite how off-putting she can be with her sexual demands).
  6. Good enough Shukes, some are Bigoli at punning while others are Rotini at it. (That was crap, I should've worked it out with penne and pappardelle before posting)
  7. Jermaine defoe

    She's shite at being PM so I guess she could have a go up top for us, gamble though.
  8. A saucy bid might pay off.
  9. Scouting Capisce probably, I have it from an ITK.
  10. Luke Garbutt

    Made me giggle.
  11. Luke Garbutt

    Italian with great understanding of the game.
  12. Pub question

    Never been Rubes I'm afraid so no idea.
  13. Feels like coming home every time I walk down Priory Road, love it.
  14. I'll make a point of being there Mark, hope it happens.