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  1. https://www.skysports.com/f1/news/36306/12029055/lando-norris-from-f1-rookie-to-2020-star
  2. Sounds like he needs a hug Aidan mate (or an elbow bump), get yourself to Finch Farm and sort it, it's on you now.
  3. We were 2-0 up against Leicester at half time and second half we tried our best to lose it so I'm not following the logic for that one, Southampton I agree with though.
  4. No but the point is that a win tonight (looking quite likely) will take them out of the bottom three on GD even if you include the deduction, and given their recent form a good shout that they can stay up.
  5. And we thought we were bad. Wigan 7-0 Hull....and it's only half time!
  6. Cor blimey they don't mess around with those "swabs"! Two right to the back of the throat, one on the left and one on the right; choke inducing. Then one up each nostril that bring tears to your eyes! Done though, apparently won't hear anything from them if it's "clear" so I'll be free to go into hospital oh Thursday for them to stick a few more bits and pieces in my orifices, joy. Strange though, I was expecting it to be a hive of activity but I was the only "patient" there.
  7. Doesn't mean they're not valid though, otherwise there would be no point in our existance as a forum.
  8. Always good to rely on the experts😂
  9. This popped into my head today, love it!
  10. Overated by who? Pundits are lining up to have a pop at him and have been for months; the only person (Ancelotti aside) whose opinion matters is Gareth Southgate and so far he's stuck with him.
  11. No you didn't, lackadasical posting
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