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  1. Bid cheese Italian journo will no doubt have been an avid Everton watcher for the last three seasons....not. So it's a truly stupid thing for him to say and a bit silly to be upset by it. That aside he's suggesting that there's no "purpose and intelligence" in being a destroyer, which is equally dumb. One deluded ignorant person doesn't equal "typical press" for me.
  2. Who's saying that? I can't find it. Press and pundits alike said how good he was for us in recent years so I find that a bit odd.
  3. S e f e d n t d wouldn't have worked so I'll let you off this time!
  4. Boris will no doubt be skiving in the bike sheds should such a course arise, anything but answering questions.
  5. I can only speak from online experience as I used to play a lot of backgammon and hearts (card game) and the computer always identified the location of your opponent(s). I don't do it so much anymore but far and away the most racist language in the comments section was from Americans. It was endemic and was more often "nigga" than "nigger" but used as the "go to" insult of someone who didn't like your move; Ste is citing three examples but I could (had I taken screenshots) offer probably three thousand. Keyboard warriors obviously but very telling for me. And I was/am (to a lesser extent) good at those games so the computer was matching me with appropriate opponents, no knuckle dragging hicks because they are games of skill, so these people weren't stupid. I ended up disabling the comments option which was a shame because I had many interesting conversations with people from all over the World.
  6. I remember the 1971/72 season when we won one away game all season (at Southampton 1-0 who we also beat 8-0 at home) and only scored nine goals in twenty-one games; and we only lost four at home. So not a new problem. We had (on paper) a decent side as well eg starters v Southampton... 1. Gordon West; 2. Tommy Wright; 3. John McLaughlin; 4. Howard Kendall; 5. Roger Kenyon; 6. Peter Scott; 7. David Johnson; 8. Alan Ball; 9. Joe Royle; 10. John Hurst; 11. Alan Whittle.
  7. I got the story from an alternative source and it's truly horrific and tragic but happened before Ben was born; why even an organisation as reprehensible as the s*n felt the need to publish it at all let alone splash it on their front page is beneath contempt, it's certainly in no possible warped imagination "in the public interest". Sickening.
  8. England cricketer Ben Stokes says the Sun newspaper's front-page story about his family is "utterly disgusting" and the "lowest form of journalism". Stokes said the newspaper article deals with "deeply personal and traumatic events" that affected his New Zealand-based family more than 30 years ago. Stokes, 28, who starred as England won the World Cup this summer, called the article "immoral and heartless". The Sun told the BBC it had received the co-operation of a family member. It added that the events described were "a matter of public record" and "the subject of extensive front-page publicity in New Zealand at the time". In a statement, Stokes said the story concerned "events in the private lives of my family, going back more than 31 years" and had "serious inaccuracies which has compounded the damage caused". "The decision to publish these details has grave and lifelong consequences for my mum in particular," he said. The Durham and England all-rounder added: "To use my name as an excuse to shatter the privacy and private lives of - in particular - my parents is utterly disgusting. "It is hard to find words that adequately describe such low and despicable behaviour, disguised as journalism. "I cannot conceive of anything more immoral, heartless or contemptuous to the feelings and circumstances of my family." Stokes produced the match-winning innings as England's men won their first Cricket World Cup at Lord's in July before an incredible 135 not out in the third Ashes Test against Australia at Headingley last month saw England stay in contention in a series they eventually drew 2-2. He added: "I am aware that my public profile brings with it consequences for me that I accept entirely. "But I will not allow my public profile to be used as an excuse to invade the rights of my parents, my wife, my children or other family members. They are entitled to a private life of their own. "For more than three decades, my family has worked hard to deal with the private trauma inevitably associated with these events and has taken great care to keep private what were deeply personal and traumatic events. "On Saturday the Sun sent a 'reporter' to my parents' home in New Zealand to question them, out of the blue, on this incredibly upsetting topic. If that wasn't bad enough, the Sun think it is acceptable to sensationalise our personal tragedy for their front page. "This is the lowest form of journalism, focused only on chasing sales with absolutely no regard for the devastation caused to lives as a consequence. It is totally out of order." A spokesperson for the Sun said: "The Sun has the utmost sympathy for Ben Stokes and his mother but it is only right to point out the story was told with the co-operation of a family member who supplied details, provided photographs and posed for pictures. "The tragedy is also a matter of public record and was the subject of extensive front page publicity in New Zealand at the time. "The Sun has huge admiration for Ben Stokes and we were delighted to celebrate his sporting heroics this summer. He was contacted prior to publication and at no stage did he or his representatives ask us not to publish the story."
  9. It's come around again, bought my England shirt earlier, bring it on! 🏉🍺
  10. More than ten years old so not surprising.
  11. Utterly unsurprising...scum. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/49726913
  12. Comedy figure, won't face parliament and won't face press; after his mate Cameron "outing" him as an an opportunist pure and simple earlier, but anyone with half a brain knew that already... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-49714338/brexit-press-conference-goes-on-without-johnson
  13. Howard suffered worse in 1983, that didn't turn out too bad.
  14. I changed the title of the thread because they've dropped the "ladies".
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