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Oviedo interview

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http://aldia.cr/futbol-costa-rica/legionarios/Legionarios-Bryan_Oviedo_0_164383589.html (Spanish language)

“Quedar fuera me afectó bastante, me sentía triste al no estar en la Selección. Solo espero jugar con el Everton para volver pronto”

Being left out of the national team (la Selección) [for the Gold Cup] has affected me, I was saddened not to be part of it. I hope to play with Everton and return soon.

”Tengo mucha ilusión, porque tengo una gran oportunidad de mostrarme al entrenador (Roberto Martínez). Sé que debo sacrificarme y dar lo máximo, quiero jugar. Espero en Dios que Baines se pueda ir y yo comience a ser constante”

I am very excited, because I have a great opportunity to show the coach (Roberto Martínez) what I can do. I know that I must give sacrifices and work hard. I want to play. I hope to God that Baines goes and I can consistently start [matches]" he said.

“La parte de adaptación ya la pasé, yo jugué varios partidos la temporada anterior. Ahora sé que tengo que consolidarme”

The adaptation process has finished, I played several games last season. Now I know that I have to establish myself.

“Quiero tener regularidad y experiencia, eso es importante para mí, de eso no hay duda. Hay que volver a la Selección”

"I want to play regularly and gain experience, it is important for me, no doubt about it. I must return to the national team "

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I didn't get the fact that Moyes spent money on him and left him on the bench, while Baines got no rest.


I think he is very exciting once on, and would like to see more of him.


This. Exactly this. I thought the fee was a little too high in retrospect given the amount of playing time he DIDN'T get.

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Maybe a little far out here, but he impressed me on the wing. Could he play as the left forward in a 433?

I've thought the very same thing in all honesty Steve.


He seem's to have all the right qualities to very well in that position and although we've not seen a great deal of him i still think he's to good player to be sat on his arse each week.

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