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Who Impressed In The Celtic Game?

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I thought anichebe looked good. aj showed one or two flashes in the first half but was subdued in the 2nd.


davies had a cracking shot that took a brilliant save to keep it out.


but generally a good performance as weve still got nearly a month to go for our season. celtics starts next week!

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our perforance was worse that garbage, ill go through the line-up


howard - didn' do anythign wrong, fairly solid

naysmith - mof god why is he a professional footbalelr? seriously hes the shittest player ive ever seen

weir- didnt do much

stubbs - solid enough but not great

neville - i cant see why people like him, hes atrocious, if he was half as good as his brother hed be a lot fucking better than he is now, in other words hes complete bollocks


carsley - past it, he did absolutely nothing useful

arteta- isnt realyl fit yet, had a few glimpses of quality but overall wasnt great

osman - hes awful, hes got skill but he cant run his stride is shorter than a chinese mouse hes a liability

davies - i thought he did ok in the second half, most thigns went thriough him so i was fairly pleased with his progress


AJ- great turn, looked dangerous

Beattie - fat, slow and a waste of a shirt, number 9? give me a fuckin break


subs :

boyle - looekd good actually, promising, few good runs

lescott - hmmm bit iffy but ok, cant relaly take much from hsi performance

kilbane - least he looked hungry unlike the rest, 1 thing that hidners him tho, he has no ability

buckley - i liked him, he can run at players and hes confident on the ball, no1 else in the team did that all game

anichebe -hmmmm his off ball running is fairly poor he relies on strength too much, so wen hes getting marked, hes useless, but he did do a few useful things

cahill - didnt do much


am i missing anyone? anyway, we were pathetic, and our midfield was a load of shit, but whats new ive been sayign this for a while, its lightweight, and overrated, we need to get some players in

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there isn't that many good, players i think we'll stay up but europe, think again

we just got beat by a scottish club who got hamemred 4-0 by DC united



As Java wrote in his original post Celtics season starts next week whereas we are still a month off ours.


Your optimism shines through Craccer, i'm not getting into another one with you but Leon Osman pulled the strings against both Bury & Preston and was outstanding considering we have only been back training 2 WEEKS!


I didnt watch the game today due to work commitments but i think you are comparing us to the cream of europe with your analysis of our squad which is unrealistic. For a team that has finaly pulled its self clear of crippling debt and lowered the age of our squad i dont think we are doing too badly.

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osman cant run though , he cant, he has quick feet, but his strides are that small, he's a waste of a place i nthe starting line-up he isn't good enough, if he can pull strings agaisnt bury and preston, good for him, maybe he should play them more regularly

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I gotta be honest, CraccerC, i thought it was no where near as bad as you make out. IMO ur doomongering, belew par as the performace was it was still alot better than we have become used to over the last 4-5 years.

Your analise of the game is completly flawed, You only managed to nail 2 points IMO, we played celtic & AJ was full of running.

AS fish said we have another month to get match fit so give them a break & get on our side.

But this is just my view.

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hwo can you possibly call it flawed, not as bad as i make out? name a clear cut change we created, i cant name a signle player on the field that was decent, bar Johnson. it was pathetic, it was a waste of slot on channel 5, we were disgraceful, im embarassed

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osman cant run though , he cant, he has quick feet, but his strides are that small, he's a waste of a place i nthe starting line-up he isn't good enough, if he can pull strings agaisnt bury and preston, good for him, maybe he should play them more regularly


I have to at least partly agree about Osman, he's got quick feet and an abundance of skill but has got the pace or length of stride to get away from anyone one he's beaten them. Plus he needs to gain a bit of physical strength to enable him to hold the ball up.


I was impressed with Davies though (never thought I'd say those words), he looks an improved player but guess it was only a friendly.


All in all, not gonna get too depressed about this result, would like to have seen AJ on for longer but agree that BT needs the run outs to lose the flab.

As for Anichebe, I'll probably be pillored for this but I don't think he'll make it as a Prem player, looks like a big lumbering CF in the Amokachi/Heskey/Akinbiyi mould. Hope I'm proved wrong but first impression is such!


Anyhoo, not all doom and gloom, remember pre season friendlies are just that. If we're prepared for the Watford game in 4 weeks that's all that counts!

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It wasnt that bad cracker you miserable turd, have you ever been to a game?


Its a pre-season friendy, and im not going to repeate some of the comments above but I agree about davies and osman doesnt have any pace, fook me, anyone with an eye in their head knows that. Whats new


GET FOOKIN REAL. are you sure your an evertonian


And your sig is so last week

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I dont think it was a bad performance.


Considering, like has already been said, we are a month off our season.


I think that we let ourselves down with some of the passing, it was a little short and somewhat sloppy at times.


I don't know where the comment about Beattie being fat come from. I personally thought he looks better now that he ever has in a blue shirt. I thought that he linked up well with Johnson also.


Johnson showed what he is capable of, and when he settles properly into the squad I think the line up of Beattie, Johnson, McFadden and Anichebe will be a successful one.


I thought that Celtic looked the weaker team. They defended very deep, played around in their own half, and got a decent attempt and decent goal.


I was impressed with Boyle...he looked bright and keen. Lescott had a decent game and defended strongly (incidentally I did not realise how big and imposing he actually is...weird hair though! hehe). When he links up with Yobo I think we will have a solid back there! Plus, with Howard in goal we have a good formula there. I think he had a brilliant game and made several precise reaction skills.


I think we were really unlucky to walk away with a 1.0 loss. The chances we had! What with Johnson's turn and run into the penalty area, Arteta's near misses from set pieces, Beatties shot across goal, Stubb's attempt, Davies shot...we should have made them count.


I think it looked positive and given a trip to the US and a month of training - we have the season to look forward to. I just hope we get a result at home on the 19th to build confidence for the next home game!.

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Guest blueboy122

i agree wit ZED y u putin the team down i thought we played ok a bit rusty here and there bt moyesy will sort that out.wa u sayin bout p.neville hes nt even half ov wa is brother is open ur fuckin eyes lad he double the player and can play double the postions.sorry bt ur rong there and the other opinions about the players preformances.beattie nt fit to were the no.9 shirt hes played twice init and they were in pre-season!!!


any naysmith and carsley had great games and u say how is naysmith a footballer!


i dnt no wa game u were watchin lad bt it werent celtic-Everton!!

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craccers analysis is about what i'd expect from a liverpool supporter with eyesight problems.


he must have watched a different game to me.


the side showed some great touches and very fluent moves. still not match ready but theres nearly a month to go, whereas celtic are ready to kick their season off next week.

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Not bad and not great but i've no worries at all.

Thought Lescott did ok after a shaky start,

thought AJ put himself about ok and will come good. Shouldv'e scored a couple.

Actually thought Davies did well and looked interested.

Thought the defence looked confident knowing Howard was in goal which counts for a lot.

Thought Osman did well too & Arteta.


Basically I thought we played with 50-75% effort so it's hard to make a judgement.

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Just got back from Celtic now I thought Johnson played well, Davies wasnt bad apart from where he shit out of a header at the end. Mikel Arteta showed his class as usual. That was about it really. Didn't think Buckley played that well though. May I say Everton fans are the worlds best. Thousands there at Celtic. Fantastic going all the way up there for a friendly:P

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Howard - Did pretty well i thought


Naysmith - Really Bad can't say anymore

Weir- Never really saw him

Stubbs - solid enough but not great

Neville - Nev did well, spec his run up to goal, he never dunt hat before!


Carsley - Did'nt think much of him really today

Arteta- One Word- Quality, hes immense

Osman - Ozzie did well today, he took on two defenders and won the tackle

Davies - Queit in first half, did'nt do to bad 2nd half


Johnson- Did well when he was playing- tried hard

Beattie - Was ok, bit lazy really


Boyle - Never seen him play but he was ok

Lescott - Dodgy tackle but looked pretty good

Kilbane - Tried as usual but did'nt do to well

Buckley - He's quick, and wants to play, Moyesy should keep him

Anichebe - Strong and tackled well i thought he'll be good in a few years

Cahill- Probably nackered from World Cup but he didnt do very much



Everton were the better team and should have won i thought, we were strong and had a good team out, Naysmith was dreadful though lol Celtic can have him!!

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Guest blueboy122

wa the fuck u on lad.didnt u see him breaking down celtics play cutting the ball out and giving it to osman and arteta!!


u fuckin kopite

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Fooking Hell - It was only a pre season friendly , not much more than a gloryfied training session - players have only been back for 3 weeks. Not even worth the time and effort of writing up a report on all the players.


Though, on this early evidence I think AJ and Beattie are going to compliment each other nicely on the front line, once their timing is in. Defenders are going to have to defend a lot better againts us this season, that for sure.

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Howard - had a good game and commanded the penalty box well

Naysmith - did ok but hoofed the ball a bit too much, and didnt really do anything in the oppositions half

Weir - Scared the shit out of me everytime the ball came near him. Please Moyes dont let him start the season

Stubbs - Did well, but didnt have that much to do

Neville - I thought he had a good game IMO

Carsley - Cant say i noticed him that much

Davies - The best game ive seen him have for us, worked his socks off

Arteta - Bit sluggish, but did ok

Osman - I thought he had a really good game, cant have any complaints about his performance

Johnson - He actually disappointed me apart from his bit of skill to create his chance because he gave the ball away too much

Beattie - Looked lazy at first, but did alot more as the game progressed



Boyle - Played well when he came on, no complaints

Lescott - Seemed to be a bit shit when it comes to positioning :unsure:

Kilbane - Bollox, enough said

Buckley - Quick, but looked a bit clumsy and gave the ball away most of the time

Anichebe - Looked good, could do with going out on loan to a Chamionship team IMO

Cahill - Pretty non existent when he came on

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Confused now....really positive report in the Post, was everyone watching the same match?





we had a few spells were we did take control and looked alright but lacked any sort of creativity, so it was pretty useless, they opened us up a couple of times and on the basis that theywere more structured and creative they deserved their win, mcgeady tore us to shreads

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lescott looked pretty good as well. i reckon that with him and yobo at the back we should have a pretty firm defence.


anichebe was impressive. he's young and onlyon the fringes of the first team but he looks promising. its good to see some of the academy lads coming thru.


i just hope that vaughn gets over his knee repair. a promising youngster whose gonna need a lot of determination to get back to full fitness and into the side.

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we had a few spells were we did take control and looked alright but lacked any sort of creativity,


what a brainless wanker!




brainless wanker? says you, mr. can never make a decent post, how is that brainless, name 1 time we created a good opportunity as a team rather than an AJ turn, pre-season or not, dont even try adn deny we weren't creative, you're a fuckign joke


as for the post above me, lescott, made a coupel of hurried clearance but got better, i still think stubbs wil lstart the season and lescott will ease in, stubbs is more reliable, atleast for now


brainless wanker yourself, and btw you're font aswell as your persona is annoying as a motherfucker

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